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La guerra tiene muchas caras diferentes. – Yon ** Las hambrunas globales están llegando. ** HOP : Presión osmótica humana *** La sombra de la Luna, y los cohetes para viajar allí durante el eclipse. *** Día de Visibilidad Transgénero *** Celebran DÍA DE LA VISIBILIDAD TRANS el día de RESURRECCIÓN DE CRISTO Semana santa /pascua 31-03-24 – link2source *** No solo son las pandillas: Bukele se enfrenta ahora al desafío de la economía salvadoreña – link2source *** La Puerta de Ishtar era la entrada principal a la gran ciudad de Babilonia. *** Puerta de Istar: fue una de las 8 puertas monumentales de la muralla interior de Babilonia. *** Ciudad mesopotámica de Babilonia y su reino, Babilonia. *** 7 trabajadores humanitarios muertos en un ataque aéreo ****

************************* TRANSGENDERISM **************************

link2sourceJonathan Diller Transgender Day of Visibility VP Sweepstakes – Trailer Trash Tim –

link2source – Trump attends wake of slain New York officer, calls for ‘law and order,’ to show contrast with Biden


link2source – NOBODY ELSE HAS POINTED THIS OUT, UNTIL NOW! (Ships hitting bridges, 3 so far)

link2source – BIDEN INSTITUTES TRASGENDERISM AS THE STATE RELIGION OF MYSTERY BABYLON – The shadow of the Moon, and the rockets to journey there during the eclipse.

************************* California ***

green leafed plant
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link2source – Election Rhetoric Storm and California Slippin’ Away – Victor Davis Hanson – Joe Lieberman R.I.P., inflation and election rhetoric, California’s exodus, cash economy, water issues, and attitudes of the state’s (lack of credibility) – 04-02-2024 – water for municipal consumption but not for agriculture

***************** Geopolitics; Gaza, Putin, Bombing Iran Israel War *****************

‘A Declaration of War’: Israel Accused of Bombing Iranian Consulate in SyriaOne observer said Israel is “trying to provoke a war with Iran to get the U.S. directly involved.”link2source – Common Dreams DOT org – news – Iran Israel War. – Iran warns retaliation after Israeli strike on consulate in Syria; protesters burn Israel, US flags (WATCH) – link : newsable DOT asia net news DOT com – world – Iran warns retaliation after Israeli strike on consulate in Syria AND protesters burn Israel, US flags *

10th suspect in Moscow terror attack arrested. * Moscow court puts 10th suspect in concert hall attack under pre-trial custody – By Reuters – April 1, 202411:23 AM CDT – Updated a day ago – link **

link2source – ON THE BRINK OF WAR – Financial Turmoil Explained – 04-02-2024

link2source – ALEX JONES [1 OF 4] TUESDAY 4/2/24 • IRAN VOWS REVENGE, NEWS, REPORTS & ANALYSIS • INFOWARS * Rising Geopolitical Tensions * BTW, None of this is real. * Israel’s war on Gaza live: ‘Outrage’ after 7 aid workers killed in air raidlink – Aid organization says 7 workers killed in Israeli strike in central Gaza – World Central Kitchen pauses operations; IDF says it’s ‘probing tragic incident’ as US urges swift investigation; Australian, Polish, UK, US citizens confirmed among dead – link

************************* Babylon

Istar Gate: was one of the 8 monumental gates of the inner wall of Babylon. – Blues of Babylon: The Ishtar Gate – link2sourceNADINE WALDMANN, 6 NOVEMBER 2023

Babylon, the ancient Mesopotamian city (modern-day Iraq) existed from the 18th century to the 6th century BCE. Since that time its legend has generated many myths – the Hanging Gardens, the Tower of Babel, and biblical interpretations added to the mystery of the city. 

link – https://www.dailyartmagazine.com/ishtar-gate/


Ishtar, in Mesopotamian religion, goddess of war and sexual love. Ishtar is considered a member of the special class of Mesopotamian gods called the Anunnaki.

link – Britannica, The Editors of Encyclopaedia. “Ishtar”. Encyclopedia Britannica, 26 Feb. 2024, https://www.britannica.com/topic/Ishtar-Mesopotamian-goddess. Accessed 2 April 2024.

************************* **************************

Mesopotamian city of Babylon and its kingdom, Babylonia.

link2source – ancient-origins DOT net – ancient places asia – Ishtar gate deities 001868 : The Ishtar Gate was the main entrance into the great city of Babylon, commissioned by King Nebuchadnezzar II (Nebuchadnezzar II (/nɛbjʊkədˈnɛzər/) (605-562 BC), (regarded as the empire’s greatest king), as part of his plan to create one of the most splendid and powerful cities of the ancient world. link


link2source – NTSB Confirm Baltimore Ship Black Box Reveals Something Shocking. * Francis Scott Key Bridge


link2source – The Enrollment Cliff & More – Epi-3471 – Jack Spirko * 04-01-2024

link2source – The Clock is Ticking: Peak Prosperity Podcast Explores Risks & Big Money Strategies –

link2source – WE TRIED TO WARN YOU – The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters – 04-01-2024


link2source – ALEX JONES [2 OF 4] MONDAY 4/1/24 • COL DOUGLAS MACGREGOR GEOPOLTICS | H. PEARL DAVIS WAR ON MEN – our country our choice DOT com * Collective Punishment in Gaza Unleashed by Isreal’s Prime Minister : link2source – Israel cannot carry out ‘collective punishment’ of people in Gaza: Lavrov – Speaking at the Doha Forum, the Russian foreign minister calls for international monitoring of the situation in Gaza. : Sergey Lavrov told Al Jazeera’s diplomatic editor James Bays the unprecedented attack by Hamas inside the Israeli territory did not happen in a vacuum. ***

link2source – ALEX JONES [1 OF 4] MON 4/1/24 MICHAEL YON BORDER INVASION UPDATE | COL DOUGLAS MACGREGOR GEOPOLTICS 8 * War has many different faces. – Yon * Global famines are coming. * HOP : Human Osmotic Pressure *

link2source – BTC – Bitcoin – ‼️Col Douglas Macgregor & Brain Rose: Discuss The Fall Of America *

link2source – The Bridge Disaster, Message from Mexico, and the Know-nothing Testimony – Mar 29 2024 – Length: 1 hr and 8 mins – Podcast – Victor Davis Hanson * Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc for the news roundup: Key bridge collapse, Diddy home raid, Trump bond reduced, Obrador’s warning, skier on climate change, and changes at Boeing. * DEI Disaster *

link2source – NATO’s Gloomy Future as Ukraine is on the verge of Collapse | Ray McGovern

link2source – Turkey elections. Russia demands SBU extradition. Havana mystery solved. Putin Tinder trap – Alex Christoforou

link2source – MARKET REPORT MONDAY APRIL 1ST 2024 * Financial Turmoil Explained * America Now a ‘Failing Nation’ – according to Trump’s Easter Message.

link2source – Nobody really knows why gold is rallying. * Gold Rally Continues as Rate Cut Expectations Rise – Nobody Special Finance

link2source – Francis Scott Key Bridge – Trump Trial Kathy Hochul Jon Stewart Ronna McDaniel – Trailer Trash Tim 03-31-2024


link2source – America’s Inexorable Slide Towards Banana Republic Status. – maneco64

link2source – An incredibly redundant system aboard the container ship. Dali size containership steering system. How it’s designed to not hit Francis Scott key bridge – Steam Man 03-31-2024


Juan Merchan:

Juan Manuel Merchan[1] (born 1962/1963)[2] is an American judge and former prosecutor currently serving as an acting justice of the New York State Supreme Court in New York County (Manhattan). He is the judge for the 2024 criminal trial of former US president, Donald Trump.

link – Wikipedia contributors. “Juan Merchan.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 31 Mar. 2024. Web. 1 Apr. 2024.


link2source – Silver Is Being Set Up For A Meltup (Will This Be The Trigger?) – Smart Silver Stacker 03-31-2024

old town of dresden
Photo by Levent Simsek on Pexels.com

link2sourceErnst Jünger and Mechanized War as a Boundary Condition – Nick Nielser


link2source – http://www.archive.org/details/clariodusmetricaOOedinuoft

The romances of chivalry, either in verse or prose, constituted so large a portion of the literature of the middle ages, that, after innumer- able revolutions in taste and fashion, they must still be regarded as ob- jects of a liberal and well-directed curiosity. Of the literary recreations of our ancestors, they supply various and ample specimens ; and they abound with illustrations of the manners, customs, and habits of think- ing, which prevailed during the respective periods to which they be- long. The early poets of romance confounded the manners of every preceding age with those of their own ; Hector of Troy they represent in all respects as such a knight as Amadis of Gaul ; and their want of skill in history and chronology thus becomes conducive to their fidelity in delineating the costumes and usages of their own times.

In the ancient dialect of this part of the island, there were many metrical romances which the negligence of our ancestors has suffered to perish, and some curious specimens have fortunately been rescued from the common wreck. Several of these are generally known to the readers of Scotish poetry, and a few others are speedily to be recom- mended to the attention of those who love and preserve antiquities. The romance of Alexander, of which only a single copy, and that in some degree mutilated, is ascertained to exist, is now reprinting for the members of the Bannatyne Club ; and the romance of Clariodus, which is likewise of great extent, is at length presented to the members of the Maitland Club. It is printed from a folio manuscript which be- longed to the late Lord Hailes, and which after his death was transferred to the Advocates Library. Nor is this manuscript without some muti- lations ; it commences with the eighth folio, and appears to want one or two pages at the conclusion. It seems to have been written about the year 1550, or somewhat later ; but the composition is evidently of a much earlier date than the transcript, and may at least be referred to the close of the preceding century. The author’s phraseology is more antiquated than that of Sir David Lindsay, and makes a nearer approach to the phraseology of Henry the Minstrel. Of a poet who has thus furnished us with so extensive a specimen of the Scotish language and versification, we can scarcely hope to retrieve the name : it was not to be expected in a manuscript curtailed of its title and colophon ; nor am I aware that the author of the romance is mentioned in any existing record of our literary history. To the work itself we find an apparent allusion in Stewart’s abridgement of the Orlando Furioso ; which so far preserves the character of an original production, that the writer has not rigidly confined himself to the text of Ariosto, but has occasionally introduced new thoughts or illustrations.

link2source – Clariodus, a metrical romance: printed from a manuscript of the 16th century – plainTEXT


It’s not just gangs: Bukele now faces the challenge of the Salvadoran economy. – El Paise

FAA’s diversity push includes focus on hiring people with ‘severe intellectual’ and ‘psychiatric’ disabilities – link2source

link2sourceAlastair Crooke: Crocus Concert Attack Is a Turning Point – Judge Napolitano


And, if you only remember one thing today: Fight Bidenism, be your own diversity hire!

Just consider; when was America NOT at war with itself?

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