“By the Time Catastrophe Hits, It Will Be Far, Far Too Late to Do Anything About It”

John Halstead

New California Sate lawsuit: filed in Superior Court of the Sate of California: Governor Gavin Newsom orders unconstitutional (statutorily deficient) ballots to be printed and mailed – link

No-Brainer Predictions For 2021 For Collapsitarians With Brains

This will no doubt be the easiest video I make the whole year as I repeat my yearly catalogue of no-brainer predictions for the New Year, with one minor updated twist.

Sen. Josh Hawley Objects to Electoral Votes, Trump’s New SCOTUS Lawsuit, Judge Abrams Gardner in GA
  • link Counting Electoral Votes Procedures at the Joint Session, Including Objections by Members of Congress: Updated December 8th., 2020 – Congressional Research Service


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