The Asterisk Presidency – a blog post about a rigged election – “[…] guilty people try to hinder investigations.”

“The Supreme Court would not contest [the election] through an expedited hearing. They’ve made something that important go through the process.

Virtually six months to the day all of a sudden the real reports start coming out. We now have a minute-by-minute following of what went on in the State Farm Arena in Atlanta Georgia.”

From the consultant for the Secretary of State, who said there were no problems, you’re getting minutes.

The Secretary of State, before the election and during the election, got a tremendous number of e-mails about problems going on in DeKalb County that sounded like fraud, looked like fraud and probably the ultimate was even when you saw on TV that they [sent] the poll watchers away and the media were sent home. Somehow four women were still processing ballots. His data show there were five scanners still processing ballots – And I don’t care who you are, I can’t find a fifth person in that room. He was indicating that that was an offsite party.

The electoral college has spoken.

The real issue/danger for the Democrats is that if one of these elections is cancelled and has to be re-voted by law [which] means that the democratic senator is out of a job, or at least temporarily out of a job and this means the end of the democratic majority in the senate.

Chriss Street, NCS Vice President – Interview with Paul Preston 6-27-2021

The rigged election is having real results.


link to the epoch times DOT com – over 500 election fraud cases are pending in texas courts – attorney general – “Socialism pays well to the power companies.” – Paul Preston in regards to utility rates with the lack of wind power in Texas. link to the epoch times DOT com – 542 percent increase in convicted sex offenders arrested at border –

Susanoo Subduing Spirits of Disease

By Soga (窓鵞), copy of work by Katsushika Hokusai (葛飾北斎) – British Museum, Public Domain, link to wikimedia commons # 90048593

New California State

link to Twitch Video for NCS#51 – Conference Call – 6-27-2021

But wait, there’s more…

link to Air Strikes in Syria and Iraq: Biden Wants to Be a Wartime President – ADDED 6-28-2021 – link to ukagencybuildingcollapse…. – link to the gateway pundit DOT com – 2021/06 – sen ron johnson hearing mother disabled daughter breaks crying sharing covid vaccine destroyed daughter’s life video – link to sgt report DOT com 2021/06 michigan plaintiff william bailey files a motion for reconsideration following new evidence of antrim county ballot fraud – link to agenda 21 radio DOT news – 2021/06/30 – new york city mayor’s race plunges into chaos as 130000 test run votes lead to unprecedented discrepancy – link to Joe Biden Lost Afghanistan, but the Legacy Media will Blame Trump – link to Rogue News Twitch from 6-30-2021 V., GUS, and CJ


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