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Robertson Building, in Toronto, Canada, raided by the DOJ.

Clear and viable track to victory for Trump.

Enemies of the State – A false dichotomy – Trump supporters make cracks in The Narrative


Expose the voter fraud.



Donald J. Trump gets the Globalist’s agenda. Rudy Giuliani fighting for a fair and free election.

“I love the smell of insurrection in the morning.

Paul Preston


Rudy Giuliani, one of Trumps lawyers, former mayor of NYC, fights for a fair and free election for the President – for the right for meaningful inspection of mail-in ballots. The State Supreme Court offers no justice for his case.

“It’s moving ahead. I think we’re doing well.”

“We got some major victories in the last couple of days.”

[Victories in Nevada, Clark County: regarding the lawsuits: the judge turned around an election from the Democrat to the Republican candidate due to irregularities – so bodes well for Trump]

[Confusion in Michigan, Wayne County: 2 Republicans agreed to certify on condition of an audit of the ballot – apparently they were harassed – unfortunately they certified and then attempted to rescind]

[Wisconsin lawsuit: 60,000 illegal votes, absentee ballots – the cheating in PA is the template for the rest of the country – ballots in Philly and Pittsburg submitted in secret – without Republican poll watchers ]

“Those ballots [in PA] are blatantly illegal and should be struck.”

[140,000 absentee ballots in NV with signatures that cannot be identified]

“Justice Alito made in quite clear that if you got a ballot after NOV. 3rd, it had to be segregated cause there not sure they’re legal after that.”

[There was back-dating on ballots received after Nov. 3rd.]

“We are probably going to lose a few of these and then take it to the Supreme Court.”

“The PA Supreme Court was a 5-2 decision like the FL Supreme Court decision was for Bush v. Gore.” [Trump lost this one. It is being appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.]

“No one reports what we’re doing.”

“We are filing a lawsuit a day.”

[There’s a media blackout. Pretend it’s not happening. Call Joe Biden president.]

Rudy Giuliani

I am against censorship. With censorship democracy dies. I am tired of listening to so many of my acquaintances talking about how America is in decline as though it were not their own ideology gutting the nation.

I thank you for taking the time to look at my blog post. This series is about the ongoing theft of Donald J. Trump’s win in 2020, a crime against the entire planet. – Jim

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Fraud v3-2


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