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Trump is a Fighter

“The disappointment you’re echoing is something many Trump voters feel, and, they must not feel. They must not give way to depression or pessimism. Those are death in this situation.

Dick Morris

And Then…

The Californication Process: “Dominion counts your votes.” – Paul Preston

David Valadao – wiki link

David Goncalves Valadao – born April 14th, 1977 – An American politician, U.S. Rep. for California’s 21st. Dist. 2013 to 2019.

Joe Biden’s “Office of The President Elect” – Louder w/ Crowder

Senator Ted Cruz – wiki link: Rafael Edward Cruz – born Dec. 22nd., 1970 – an American politician, attorney, junior U.S. Senator for Texas since 2013

Senator Ted Cruz

Truth governed by popularity as in Totalitarianism: Facebook deletes unpopular views

Fraud v1


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