Have you just proposed and begun the various planning and preparations for your upcoming nuptials? This is an exciting time, particularly for those who choose to wed and honeymoon in New England. Not only can same-sex couples legally marry in the state of Maine, they can honeymoon in the beautiful state of New Hampshire.


Mainers United for Marriage http://www.engaygedweddings.com/new-hampshire-gay-wedding.html


In 2009, New Hampshire became the sixth state to allow same-sex marriages. However, this past March, efforts were made to repeal the bill. These efforts failed, to the relief of National gay rights groups with heavy investments in fighting this.


Planning the honeymoon is just as important as planning the wedding itself. Not only are you and your spouse going to be spending time on a trip together for the first time as a wedded couple, but this experience marks the beginning of the rest of your paths together. Many bed and breakfasts throughout the state of New Hampshire are LGBT friendly. The wonderful part is New Hampshire borders Maine, so it’s affordable to travel from the wedding location to your honeymoon destination. Because Maine’s law passage is so new, people can expect this list of establishments to continue growing throughout the years.


  • New England House B&B
    1 Boston Hill Rd.
    Andover, NH, 03216

  • The Highlands Inn
    240 Valley View Lane Bethlehem
    NH 03574

  • Ammonoosuc Inn

    641 Bishop Rd.
    Lisbon, NH, 03585


  • Sunny Grange B&B

    1811 White Mountain Farmhouse
    1354 NH Rt. 175
    Campton, NH, 03223


  • Inn at Bowman B&B

    1174 US Rte 2.
    Randolph, NH, 03593


  • Mt. Washington B&B
    421 State Route 2
    Shelburne, NH, 03581

  • Gauthier Manor Bed & Breakfast

    34 Anna Dr.
    Whitefield, NH 03598


This list is extensive throughout the state of New Hampshire. During the planning process, ensure you book this trip well in advance because rooms fill quickly. If possible, travel to your top picks to have an idea of what is included with the room, what amenities are offered at the establishment, and what the property is like. Before making a final decision, make sure everything you and your spouse would like to do is local. For example:


  1. How many restaurants are local to the bed and breakfast?
  2. Are there hiking or skiing trails nearby?
  3. Are there shops, galleries, and markets nearby to find local treasures?
  4. What types of activities are within walking distance of the bed and breakfast?


New Hampshire is a beautiful state sure to inspire the amateur photographer within you, so be sure to bring a digital camera with lots of memory. Not only is the scenery gorgeous, but you are going to want to capture all your memories during your honeymoon.

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Finding Bed & Breakfasts in New Hampshire


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