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Imprime billones de dólares y mira lo que pasa. * ¿Qué es ‘Ser?’ * Y luego los comunistas para controlar todo. *


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black wing mirror
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Thank you for reading: Final Strike of the Communist Take-Over!

Is to be ‘taken away’ an emotion in and of itself? Can I be ‘taken away’ by beauty?

And, what is ‘To be?’

United States ‘to be’ Banana Republic; an accurate headline would read. But first we are to learn to grow bananas competently. This is ‘to be’ today.

Our collective future unfolds menacingly. ‘What is to become of us?’ means ‘What is to be?’ – a question which contains its own circular reasoning.

Never mind the White House in DC, to be converted into an Airbnb. The whore said – ‘I love you.’ while removing the money from you wallet.

Drive away at high speed; it will do you some good.

Final Strike; is to be, when they push the nuclear button and they launch their final plans. – That is to be final.

Forget it all. A blinding white blur it becomes.

It’s you they’re after.

Soon enough to be in the distant past; And, you’ve past it all. All the journeys have one destination.

A state; line recedes while motors hum, this is our state today.

Long ago, a chapter in whatever history book. Long forgotten, is written there, and not to mention what is forever; ‘What was’. You may think ‘What was’, however you may not achieve it.

So you, it’s you! And then the Communists to control all.

The victory of beauty is not in defeat.

So you, It’s You! – by JL 7-5-2024

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Final Strike of the Communist Take-Over


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