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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee chases the mythical white supremacist with her pro- apartheid bill with designs on finally conquering the last vestiges of the First Amendment.

“This is the kind of intolerance or the tolerating of this that we cannot suffer and the intolerance that we cannot suffer because the idea of white nationalism as superior to others and white supremacy indicate that somebody else might die,” the congresswoman incited, invoking a word salad worthy of Vice President Kamala Harris.

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link2source – thought co DOT com – 1984 – vocabulary – 4685440 – ACCESSED 1-21-2023 – By Jeffrey Somers – Published on April 24, 2019 – “In 1984, Orwell thought carefully about the power of language. Newspeak, the invented language of the novel, is specifically designed to control the thought process via a limited vocabulary and a system of brutal simplification that prevents complex thought or the expression of any concept not in line with the totalitarian government’s orthodoxy.” (Emphasis Mine)

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Exaggerating the Threat of White Supremacists

Rank-and-file FBI agents are accusing the Biden administration of exaggerating the threat of White supremacists and pressuring agents to cook up domestic terrorist cases involving racist extremists. 

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On Totalitarian Orthodoxy

I prefer not to employ Rep. Lee’s version of Orwellian syntax, rather, instead I will continue struggling with the language of Shakespeare, of English Royalty throughout history, and the writers of the Americn Declaration of Independence. Clear language, clear thoughts; the two seem to go together. My advice: resist the tyranny of mediocrity, challenging though it is to resist the gravity of mediocrity. If you must use social media, try to make sure social media doesn’t use you, instead. Apparently, from what I’ve heard, neurogenesis is possible even at a late age. link2source – “A new study is the first to find evidence of significant numbers of neural stem cells and newly developing neurons present in the hippocampal tissue of older adults, including those with disorders that affect the hippocampus, which is involved in the formation of memories and in learning. ” – Evidence for Adult Neurogenesis in Humans Even in Very Late Life – permalink – May 27th, 2019.

Alternative Facts,” the latest Orwellian coinage for bald-faced lying. They become what Orwell called “Newspeak.” – link2source – open culture DOT com – 2017/01 George Orwell explains how Newspeak works DOT html

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link2source – investopedia DOT com – terms – c – cash flow FROM investing activities DOT asp – What Is Cash Flow From Investing Activities? – “Investing activities include purchases of physical assets, investments in securities, or the sale of securities or assets.” – By  WILL KENTON, Updated June 30, 2022, Reviewed by THOMAS BROCK, Fact checked by SUZANNE KVILHAUG

link2source – * Building Wealth During the Reset * How To Build Wealth In Reset Times. Interview with Francis Hunt. – maneco64 * GDP is a ‘Dubious’ economic measure. * Jan 21, 2023 – link2source – cmtassociation DOT org – presenter – Francis Hunt

link2source – s k wealth academy DOT substack DOT com – p – what is neurogenesis and why should [less time on social media is advisable * neurogenesis and neuroplasticity and social media *

Meanwhile, outside the U.S., much of the rest of the world embraces self-determination, national sovereignty, and a corresponding rejection of medical tyranny. This through peaceful demonstration and non-compliance to unjust laws and state violence.

Also, You can bank on the BRICS nations with their new currency.

VAX Injury News: The Leak in the Dam that’s About to Burst.

Biden’s stolen classified files disclosed.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s Bill Enshrines Discrimination Against Whites AKA Apartheid

Jail time for such things as questioning climate change, criticizing anyone of color, and other crimes against the regime. (see Sheila Jackson Lee‘s horrendous bill) – link2sourceSheila Jackson Lee wants to make criticizing non-white people ILLEGAL in new ‘white supremacy’ bill

link2source – * Tax-Burden Increase DUE TO Proposed National Sales TAX * A NATIONAL SALES TAX? MY THOUGHTS

link2source – blogs times of Israel DOT com – which countries are apartheid states – “In a Muslim country, it is illegal to criticize the government or the head of state, and the press is not free. Many political prisoners are confined to jails for expressing views critical of the government. Muslims are not permitted to criticize Islam without being persecuted or sentenced to death.” – By Karen Hurvitz, The Times of Israel, July 7th., 2019

link2source – s k wealth academy DOT substack DOT com – p – the end of western civilization part


link2source – Austin turning point. Release the Leopards. Spring offensive. Borrell, history says Russia wins. U/1 – Alex Christoforou – UKRAINE and the Collective West



LINK2SOURCENucor Corporation (NUE) – Sector(s): Basic Materials – Industry: Steel – Full Time Employees: 28,800 – link2chart – FROM the Latest 10-Q – Delaware – (State or other jurisdiction of incorporation or organization) – 1915 Rexford Road, Charlotte, North Carolina 28211 (Address of principal executive offices)

In 2021, 79% of the shipments made by our steel mills segment were to external customers. The remaining 21% of the steel mills segment’s shipments went to our steel products segment.
• Bar mills – Nucor has 15 bar mills strategically located across the United States that manufacture a broad range of steel products, including concrete reinforcing bars, hot-rolled bars, rounds, light shapes, structural angles, channels, wire rod and highway products in carbon and alloy steels. Four of the bar mills have a significant focus on manufacturing SBQ and wire rod products.
Steel produced by our bar mills has a wide usage serving end markets, including the agricultural, automotive, construction, energy, furniture, machinery, metal building, railroad, recreational equipment, shipbuilding, heavy truck and trailer market segments. Considering Nucor’s production capabilities and the mix of bar products generally produced and marketed, the capacity of the bar mills is estimated at approximately 9,560,000 tons per year. Reinforcing and merchant bar steel are sold in standard sizes and grades, which allows us to maintain inventory levels of these products to meet our customers’ expected orders. Our SBQ products are hot-rolled to exacting specifications primarily servicing the automotive, energy, agricultural, heavy equipment and transportation sectors.
In December 2021, Nucor announced that it expects to build a rebar micro mill at a to-be-determined location in the South Atlantic region.
• Sheet mills – Nucor operates five strategically located sheet mills that utilize thin slab casters to produce flat-rolled steel for automotive, appliance, construction, pipe and tube and many other industrial and consumer applications. Considering Nucor’s production capabilities and the mix of flat-rolled products generally produced and marketed, the capacity of the sheet mills is estimated at approximately 11,300,000 tons per year. All of our sheet mills are equipped with galvanizing lines and four of them are equipped with cold rolling mills for the further processing of hot-rolled sheet steel.

Year 2021 FORM 10-K NUE RE: Nucor’s production capabilities link ACCESSED 1-21-2023


Gulag – The Gulag[c][d][10][11][9] was the government agency in charge of the Soviet network of forced labour camps which were set up by order of Vladimir Lenin, reaching its peak during Joseph Stalin‘s rule from the 1930s to the early 1950s.[12] English-language speakers also use the word gulag in reference to each of the forced-labor camps that existed in the Soviet Union, including the camps that existed in the post-Lenin era.[13][14] – Wikipedia contributors. (2023, January 19). Gulag. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 14:20, January 21, 2023


link2source – east idaho news DOT com – 2023/01 Utah doctor allegedly destroyed vaccines AND gave fake shots to children

link2source – JANUARY 20, 2023 NEWS ROUNDUP

link2source – america out loud DOT com – breaking the grip of medical tyranny – by Dr. Peter McCullough | Oct 22, 2021 | Health, Politics

link2source – biz pac review DOT com 2023/01/16 new white supremacy bill from [REP] Sheila Jackson Lee has dire first amendment implications if passed 1325205 – Jan. 6th., 2023 – By Terressa Monroe-Hamilton –

“Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) took to the floor of the House and presented HR61, a bill that would make it illegal to criticize non-white people and would criminalize “conspiracy to commit white supremacy” in a move that is not only blatantly racist but would violate the First Amendment.”

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link2source – market realist DOT com – economy and politics – new global reserve currency – BRICS Is Working on a New Global Reserve Currency – BY MOHIT OBEROI, CFA JUL. 25 2022, PUBLISHED 7:59 A.M. ET


link2source – NICK FUENTES COMMENTS ON DEMOCRATS’ PROPOSED HATE SPEECH LAW, GREAT REPLACEMENT THEORY – The “Anti White-Supremacy” Bill A.K.A. Discrimination Against White Males Bill

link2source – Biden Officials Float $1 Trillion Platinum Coin Scheme to Monetize Debt – NEW RADIO RELEASE – January 20th, 2023


link2source – Market To Hit New Lows In 2023 As Interest Rates & Inflation Go ‘Higher For Longer’ | Peter Boockvar – Bidenomics

link2source – Scott Ritter: Talks Ukraine/Russia War, China/Taiwan & More! – * From the Cold War to the Present Ukraine situation.

$2.5 billion “security assistance package” for Ukraine

link2source – news DOT yahoo DOT com – [Former Senator Biden] administration announces… * Biden administration announces $2.5 billion security assistance package for Ukraine * The Kyiv Independent news desk * 2-5-23 – 2925766 DOT html

link2source – South Florida Conservative DOT com – post – Trump lawsuit example of dem’s -psy-ops

link2source – sources of insight DOT com – Concrete, Abstract, Random, and Sequential [LEARNING STYLES] – I am trying the Concrete Random, technique: – Using a random sequence, as the information comes my way. It is pseudo-random, as I run across it in my research regarding disparate subjects, as long as it’s concrete and I can relate to it. I hope that you find my publications helpful. – LEARNING VIA THE PRESENTATION OF DISPARATE IDEAS


LINK2SOURCE – oil sands magazine DOT com – technical – mining – extraction

Science Fiction: Art Imitates Life in the U.S.A.

Leslie Nielsen and Anne Francis in Forbidden Planet. – public domain link – Trailers for movies released before 1964 are in the Public Domain because they were never separately copyrighted. The law at the time granted the owner 28 years to file a copyright registration.


Forbidden PlanetForbidden Planet is a 1956 American science fiction film from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, produced by Nicholas Nayfack, and directed by Fred M. Wilcox from a script by Cyril Hume that was based on an original film story by Allen Adler and Irving Block. It stars Walter PidgeonAnne Francis, and Leslie Nielsen. – Wikipedia contributors. (2023, January 13). Forbidden Planet. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 19:59, January 20, 2023

Woolly mammoth – The woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) is an extinct species of mammoth that lived during the Pleistocene until its extinction in the Holocene epoch. – The appearance and behaviour of this species are among the best studied of any prehistoric animal because of the discovery of frozen carcasses in Siberia and North America, as well as skeletons, teeth, stomach contents, dung, and depiction from life in prehistoric cave paintings.  – Wikipedia contributors. (2023, January 2). Woolly mammoth. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 17:39, January 20, 2023

Enron scandal – Upon being publicized in October 2001, the company declared bankruptcy and its accounting firm, Arthur Andersen – then one of the five largest audit and accountancy partnerships in the world – was effectively dissolved. – Wikipedia contributors. (2023, January 12). Enron scandal. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 14:51, January 20, 2023

link2source – * Nothing that occurs in the financial market happens by accident. – Gregory’s Newsletter – ADDED 1-20-23 – Substack – The Debt Bubble is NOT SUSTAINABLE

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link2source – Battle of Kyiv – Russian Invasion of Ukraine DOCUMENTARY @UNITED24media

link2source – Zimbabwe Challenges The Emperor’s Monetary Supremacy.

link2source – Matthew Piepenburg: The Great Reset – Weaponizing Our Debt-Soaked World – “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” – link to freak o nomics DOT com /2009/08 /quotes-uncovered -who-said-no-crisis-should-go-to-waste/

link2source – ‘V is for Veles’ – Rogue News – Transmitted 1-18-23

link2source – Freeland, beat Russia boost profits. Elensky, Putin green screen. Economist, Erdogan must go. U/1 – Alex Christoforou


ZimbabweZimbabwe (/zɪmˈbɑːbweɪ, -wi/), officially the Republic of Zimbabwe, is a landlocked country in Southern Africa, between the Zambezi and Limpopo Rivers, bordered by South Africa to the south, Botswana to the south-west, Zambia to the north, and Mozambique to the east. – Wikipedia contributors. (2023, January 19). Zimbabwe. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 16:49, January 20, 2023

link2source – MORE TANKS & UKRAINIANS TRAINING IN United States – COL DOUG MACGREGOR JUDGE NAPOLITANO – JUDGING FREEDOM – Más tanques y ucranianos formación en Estados Unidos

link2source – JANUARY 19, 2023 NEWS ROUNDUP

link2source – FROM CRIMEA TO TAIWAN, THE US IS PREPARING FOR WWIII | THE DURAN REACTS * Always getting ready for the next war…

link2source – Biden’s Doc Strategy BACKFIRES; Trump Responds; White House Silent; Wray at WEF


link2source – Sheila Jackson Lee has full-blown meltdown when GOP Rep reveals where her American flag is stored – December 10, 2022 | Chris Donaldson |  Print Article


NOTES – Karine Jean-PierreKarine Jean-Pierre (born August 13, 1977) is an American political advisor and has served as the White House press secretary since May 13, 2022. – Wikipedia contributors. (2023, January 19). Karine Jean-Pierre. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 02:59, January 20, 2023

link2source – sources of insight DOT com – Concrete, Abstract, Random, and Sequential [LEARNING STYLES] – I am trying the Concrete Random, technique: – Using a random sequence, as the information comes my way. It is pseudo-random, as I run across it in my research regarding disparate subjects, as long as it’s concrete and I can relate to it. I hope that you find my publications helpful. – LEARNING VIA THE PRESENTATION OF DISPARATE IDEAS


link2source – nypost DOT com 2022/04/23 joe biden met with Hunter Biden’s business partner at the white house – “Hunter Biden’s closest business partner made at least 19 visits to the White House and other official locations between 2009 and 2015, including a sitdown with then-Vice President Joe Biden in the West Wing.” – By  Jon Levine and Miranda Devine 04-23-2022

link2source – Hunter Biden’s business partner made 27 VISITS to the White House while Joe was VP: More logs are uncovered showing eight more meetings with administration officials – Daily Mail DOT COM – 04-26-2022 – By Ronny Reyes


Dear Reader:

The idea of a national sales tax has been floated. Purportedly, this would help to reduce the size of the I.R.S. both in terms of number of personal as well as budget.

In a recent blog post I reviewed the definition of transgenic, quoting Webster’s Unabridged Online:

being or used to produce an organism or cell of one species into which one or more genes of another species have been incorporatedlink2source “Transgenic.” Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 21 Jan. 2023.

The term ‘transgenic’ is more relevant today than ever. mRNA is the quintessential example of ‘transgenic.’

Karine Jean-Pierre, with her gig at the Whitehouse as goalie; obstructing question from the press, ensuring unprecedented levels of what I will call: transparent opacity, is making headlines. You should watch the videos on the internet of her interacting with the press since the unravelling of the situation with Joe Biden’s improperly obtained classified files (i.e. stolen, disclosed). Her career as an enabler of graft is heating up. (I’d love to read her job description.) Callousness is the new, new communication style, and Jean-Pierre is the master of the technique with her snippy, dismissive remarks. We live in the age of the NON-answer answer. Stay tuned as she ups her game even more.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) took to the floor of the House and presented HR61, a bill that would make it illegal to criticize non-white people and would criminalize “conspiracy to commit white supremacy” in a move that is not only blatantly racist but would violate the First Amendment. – as quoted in the Biz Pac Review, link provided. Sheila is coming out as a Black Supremacist, not that that isn’t in fashion as judged by the prevalence of BLM signs. Watch as Sheila chases the Unicorn of the Mythical White Supremacists. She may even catch a knight in shining armor.

The goal of this publication is to educate; presenting facts, history, and ideas, before they are obliterated. Nothing in this publication should be interpreted as investment advice. Texan Gold Real Estate, LLC – Thanks for reading!


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FAUX white supremacy wilts like a spent flower


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