Cash-for-Votes: from Communist Chinese Government

“If Congress rejects the conclusion of the election, under the Twelfth Amendment of the United States Constitution, the House of Representatives would hold a “contingent election” to select the president. The Senate would also hold a contingent election to select the vice president; this would be very favorable to Trump. Regarding the election data, Brian Trascher of the Trump team said on Wednesday in a interview with Newsmax that they had recovered the raw data of the election from Dominion servers seized in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Georgia does another recount (better this time.) “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” – TimCast. Governor Kemp, GA. [Our elections are] “…vulnerable to exploitation by a committed adversary.” -John Oliver Nov. 3rd, 2019. Our voting machines are easily hackable.

Collusion against the re-election of Trump


“[…] designed in a way that the system can change the vote of each voter without being detected.

Sydney Powell (from an affidavit from a high-ranking military officer)

The Dominion machines are going to blow up the election.

“They can pick and choose who they want to win.

“Texas rejected Dominion. But they may have problems with the software that they got. (Because it is based on Dominion.) Now they are scrubbing the internet of their complaints (regarding Dominion.) […] it is made to be hacked.

Sydney Powell (on Roque News)

Democratic Senators warned of potential vote switching – link.

Hearings to Examine the Integrity of the 2020 Election

Jim Jordan

James Comer

Congress has the right to reject the 2020 presidential election results per the 12th Amendment.

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