SF CA 2019

Stop The Steal

Bikers for Trump Join Washington DC Rally

Trump Supporters Protest

“Everyone wants to know that it’s on the up-and-up.

WalkAway Campaign with Brandon Straka

PA Ballot Extension Case – GOP asks Supreme Court again to block PA ballot extension, Post Gazette


Mobilize Peacefully

Rogue News

Charles Harrelson wiki link


Phil Murphy, Governor – wiki link

“You cannot trust the festering, corrupt pustule that is Washington, DC.

Rogue News

And now for something completely different…

Paul Preston’s Agenda 21 Radio

New California State (#51)

“Trump has won in a landslide with 410 Electoral votes, 80 million votes! “Now we know why Joe Biden and Kamala Harris didn’t bother to really campaign.” Direct quote from Lin Wood: “I’ve met with Sidney Powell at length. I’ve seen the evidence with respect to the Dominion machines and the software they use, and how they ran it through Barcelona in Spain, where they manipulated.

Linn Wood / Frederick’s Show

Fighting the Good Fight

Castro Rainbow Flag SF CA 2018 1


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Fake President v5-2


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