the monastery in petra in jordan

Enemigos, amigos y gente en la valla. * Son las pequeñas cosas a las que hay que prestar atención. * La oligarquía decide el destino de la nación. * Los de arriba no quieren un presidente fuerte de EE.UU. * Actos oficiales contra actos no oficiales. * El presidente estaba demasiado preparado. *


link2source – Le Pen Set Win 2nd Round, Macron Plays Chaos; Rus Destroys Ukr Airfield, Orban Talk Peace Zelensky – Alexander Mercouris (Marine Le Pen: politician who ran for the French presidency in 20122017, and 2022)


link2source – KJP, Biden bad night and cold. EU Trump panic. Putin in Kazakhstan. NATO, Ukraine too corrupt – Alex Christoforou – Karine Jean-Pierre – The president was over-prepared. (Six days of preparation at Camp David.) – link – How Biden and Trump are taking very different approaches to preparing for next week’s debate – AP – Trump, 78 and ever confident, will stay on the campaign trail before going to his Florida estate next week for two days of private meetings as part of an informal prep process. *


link2source – Russia is Prepared for the Worst Coming from the West and Ukraine | Dmitry Orlov – Dialogue Works

link2source – Official versus unofficial acts. Merchan Cucked by SCOTUS Immunity Ruling, Forced to Delay Trump Sentencing – Styxhexenhammer666

link2source – TREASON’ filmmaker JJ Carrell issues urgent INVASION warning for America – Replacement Migration to Transform America

link2source – Deranged Libs; Neurosurgeon s Biden Diagnosis; Trump Landslide – Trailer Trash Tim

link2source – Col. Douglas Macgregor – Who is governing the United States of America?

link2source – The Presidential Debate: A Disservice to Joe Biden and a Predictable Display from Donald Trump – Iron Age News


link2source – Trump New York sentencing DELAYED by SCOTUS immunity ruling – The Arthur Nix

link2source – Trump gets HUGE win from SCOTUS immunity decision – The Arthur Nix

link2source – HE’S DONE: They’re Going To REMOVE HIM… But ‘Democrats Need To Pull Back’?!

link2source – Immunity decision makes it unlikely there will be any more trials before the election. – The Dershow with Alan Dershowitz

link2source – Biden’s Family Admit Elite Replaced ‘Real’ Joe Biden Years Ago

link2source – AUDIBLE – From the Debate Cauldron into the SCOTUS Fire – 7-2-24 – Victor Davis Hanson

link2source – ALEX JONES [2 of 4] Tuesday 7/2/24 • ALEX ROSEN PREDATOR POACHERS, News, Reports & Analysis – Ron Gibson

link2source – ALEX JONES [1 of 4] Tuesday 7/2/24 • SCOTUS DID NOT MAKE TRUMP KING, News, Reports & Analysis

link2source – Pepe Escobar: How Russia Will Defend Itself – Judge Napolitano

Faith and Confidence in the Monetary System of the U.S. and its Rudderless Nature. – link2source – Maneco64 – Nigeria Repatriates Its Gold from the New York Fed.

link2source – Scott Ritter: Russia Will Demolish the Ukraine Military – Judge Napolitano

link2source – All In For Biden; Wacky Kamala; Miss Maryland; Steve Bannon – Trailer Trash Tim

link2source – Emmanuel Todd, Defeat of the West – the main ideas explained in English – The Burning Archive


link2source – The Plan to Damage America and Collective West – ADAPT2030 : As of June 09th, the petro-dollar is no more and countries do not need to hold US Treasury bonds and US Dollars to buy oil. Saudi Arabia did not renew the agreement to exclusively take USD for oil payments. These are the new agreements that have changed the world.


link2source – The Biden – Trump debate. And mainstream media acting sooo surprised… – Bjorn Talks

the monastery in petra in jordan
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link2source – Why Is It Said That In Old Age, One Should Not Go Visiting Around? Reasons You Must Know. – Buddha Zen Wishdom

link2source – MARKET REPORT JULY 1 2024 – Financial Turmoil Explained – 25th Amendment

link2source – Why the Soviet Union collapsed and what it means for the USA & the world. History LIVE – The Burning Archive

link2source – Victor Davis Hanson -Trump’s political viability and criticism of his actions and decisions #shorts – Victor Davis Hanson of Fan

link2source – Trump Gains Immunity and Liberals Are Mortified For No Reason – Styxhexenhammer666

link2source – Fake News Turns ON Biden, Q, Trump Victory – TrumpToSaveAmerica

link2source – SCOTUS – Biden Meltdown That they Cannot Frame Trump For a Fake Insurrection – TrumpToSaveAmerica

link2sourceMartin Armstrong: Martin Armstrong: The Hidden Cost That Could Devastate Equities, Real Estate & Long-Term Investments – Palisades Gold Radio – The powers-that-be do not want a strong U.S. president. * Create division and then rule them. * World economy split in two. *

link2source – Biden Crashes and SCOTUS Lashes – Epi-3516 – Jack Spriko * There’s a lot of invisible hand behind the scene. Do not underestimate the enemy; anger and denial.

link2source – What’s Next for the Economy and Stock Market? – Jim Welsh #6095 – Kerry Lutz’s Financial Survival Network

link2source – Prepare for Impact – Bob Moriarty Warns of Black Swans – Natural Resource Stocks

link2source – Economic Ecology Of The ELohim – Animal farming…Explorers’ Guide To Scifi World – Clif High – Cliff High

link2source – French elections. Elensky curse week. Biden oligarchy will decide (if Biden runs for the office of the presidency or not). Orban, EU wants war with Russia – Alex Christoforou * It’s the little things you have to pay attention to. * The oligarchy decide the nation’s fate. * Russian bomb attack kills three, injures 52 in Ukraine’s Kharkiv – link : By Reuters – June 23, 202412:10 PM CDT Updated 8 days ago: KYIV, June 22 (Reuters) – Russian guided bombs shattered an apartment building in Ukraine’s second-largest city on Saturday, killing three people, injuring 52 and prompting “President” Volodymyr Zelenskyy to call for more help to deal with the growing threat of such weapons. * – Financial trust in European Union destroyed by theft of Russian state assets.

link2source – West Panics: Macron Defeated, Le Pen Surge, Biden Crisis; Rus Advances Ukr Pokrovsk Defence Fails – Alexander Mercouris – Search-Link : Russian missiles kill five, wound 41 in Ukraine’s Pokrovsk, By Anna Voitenko, June 24, 20248:09 PM CDTUpdated 7 days ago.

link2source – Beyond Debate That We Are Doomed: Planet Caught Between a Lying Madman and a Senile Zombie – Collapse Chronicles

link2source – Roger Stone: Despite Trump’s Debate Victory, Deep State Still Planning To Steal 2024 Election! ‘Open convention’ to install Michelle Obama as presidential candidate.

link2source – You’re Supposed to Believe That No One Knew Biden Was This Bad Until the Debate – Lionel Nation

link2source – BBN, June 30, 2024 – Democrats in TOTAL PANIC as Joe Biden’s debate catastrophe sinks in – BBN

link2source – SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE [FULL] Sunday 6/30/24 • Democrat Civil War Brewing Over Future of Joe Biden – Rob Gibson

nyhavn denmark
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link2source – Victor Davis Hanson – Biden and Trump’s debate performance – 06302024


Enemies, Friends, and People on the Fence; such are the times. Working both sides of the civil war; it says in the Wall Street.

NEW YORK Slimes! I’ve read it there, hence.

Wall-off my world.

To do. My senseless beat.

Confederates knew, Wall Street, going. To do. Ruble you be.

Ya gotta eat! – you say, matter-of-factly.

Such rhythm such hue. Cry me a River, in Blue.

I’ve forgotten the old adage. I’ve forgotten. You know…

My senseless beat. Broadway and upside.

Broadside downs. Hysterical woman crosses the street; my senseless beat; crosses a cat. Don’t do that!

Street-side is life. Don’t do it – I say to the cat but too late.

General Lee’s officers meet up in Appomattox. Do it to it!

Campfire yes; where cats dance around; like that. Just like that they be. Down.

Where it be. Where it be. Were it for me!

Just like that it all goes down. Weren’t for me. To be; down.

Life’s a rotten tomato found atop a trash can off Park Avenue – says you! Say me: Don’t do it stranger, and I’ll get around to come around.

Schizophrenic woman pokes me in the bear. I get the abuse on them urban streets.

Goes around. Comes around. Round and round. Rondo à la Turk.

Manhattan’s not for everyone. The Sax. The music. The muse for me.

Crown me with a ray of magenta, the sunlight stairs and stairs.

Wall Street do. Wall Street Crimes.

dappled sunlight on grime the woman weaves and bends

Don’t drop that! Ruble you be not one penny to me.

three-dollar bill hard to come by blows an errant wind and winding down the melody ceases to be

Don’t walk! To A-bomb! Kama-latta. She gets something from me. General Lee. Don’t hang with the traitor. He not be.

Richmond in flames. Rubble while the sun departs. Whiling away the South.

bobs and bends a river in Blue

The crime’s wanting to be independent. taken off on its own

Slave-master, well inured, to counter counterfeit. Money with Lincoln’s visage draws blanks. Think big and believe, or a crank you be. – A Crank – JL 7-3-2024.


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LINK2SOURCE – Max Blumenthal : The Biden War Machine – Judge Napolitano – Holocaust by Bullets –  a memoir and investigation written by Father Patrick Desbois, a French priest who uncovered the truth behind the murder of 1.5 million Jews in the occupied Soviet Union by Nazi and Nazi aligned forces.


link2source – The Growing List of Stars That Are Trans – They Don’t Even Hide It – TrumpToSaveAmerica

link2source – By, CC BY 4.0,

link2source – – Bach Violin Concerto in E major, BWV 1042 – Composer:Johann Sebastian Bac


link2source – Joe Biden is Going Mad in Real Time – Styxhexenhammer666

link2source – Politics Is Not The Answer – David Icke

link2source – INTERDEPENDENCE DAY: ON GOD & US! – The Prather Point

link2source – Should The US Government Buy Bitcoin? | Pierre Rochard & Allen Farrington TFTC EP. 520 – TFTC

link2source – Bob Moriarty – Economic and Political Free Fall – Silver Bullion TV

link2source – Democrat-Controlled Sockpuppet Media in Full-Blown Panic Freefall and Freakout – Lionel Nation


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Enemies, Friends, and People on the Fence.


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