The electorate is being played like a piano.

Chris Hedges Chris Hedges Best Speech in 2017
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“Faulkner’s writings often deal with the search for meaning, racism, the connection between past and present, and with social and moral burdens.” – link

Find out why Chris Hedges refers to Faulkner in his speech about the current state of our society in America.
New Republic
-Faulkner: End of a Road
-by Irving Howe
-Dec. 6th., 1959

“The usual reference to ‘Amorality,’ while accurate, is not sufficiently distinctive and by itself does not allow us to place them, as they should be placed.”

The scavenger economy has emerged as described by Faulkner. Like Kabuki Theatre, the rituals of democracy are maintained.
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“A despotic government know no principle but will” -Thomas Paine – link


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