Golden Gate Park, De Young Museum Sculpture

Michael Moore
Michael Moore on Trump, Brexit and Venezuela -Channel 4 News

The Humanist Report
Democrats Worry Bernie Sanders’ Single-Payer Bill Will Become a Litmus Test link

William Rivers Pitt -A Lesson From My Hospital Bed: For-Profit Healthcare is a Merciless Sham link

H A Goodman
Google Youtube Censorship Threatens Everyone: Styxhexemhammer666 and H.A. Goodman on Censorship-link “Out of Sight, out of mind.” “Ignore the problems that go on in the world due to failed U.S. Foreign policy.”

Noam Chomsky
Why Did People Vote for Trump -link “Many of the Trump voters among the White Working Class voted for Obama.”

Election 2016-2017-3


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