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Contabilidad de crisis Banco Central Monedas digitales. *** Fenómenos económicos oscuros como una mariposa aletea sus alas y genera un huracán en el otro lado del planeta. ***** ¿China comprando oro a escondidas? ***** Siempre considere la realidad cuidadosamente antes de invertir. ***** En las garras del monstruo de Zelenskyy. ***** Individualismo : la posición moralfilosóficapolítica o ideológica que “enfatiza la dignidad moral del individuo”.1 ****** ¿El estado de Nueva York a unos pocos puntos de convertirse en un estado indeciso? ****** Ron Paul: congelarlo fuera del diálogo significativo, y, (El Hombre Que Pudo Reinar) – ha sido ignorado por todos los medios. *****

****************************** Sadiq Khan


Sadiq Aman KhanHon FRIBA (/ˈsɑːdɪk ˈkɑːn/,[1]pronunciation; born 8 October 1970) is a British politician serving as Mayor of London since 2016. He was previously Member of Parliament (MP) for Tooting from 2005 until 2016. A member of the Labour Party, Khan is on the party’s soft left and has been ideologically [characterized] as a social democrat.

link – Wikipedia contributors. “Sadiq Khan.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 5 May. 2024. Web. 5 May. 2024.

****************************** Ukraine on the verge of collapse

link2source – Russia is Destroying Ukraine’s Military Capability and Effectively Disarming NATO | Larry C. Johnson * In the grips of the Zelenskyy ‘monster’.


link2source – TRUMPS RUNNING MATE SHORT LIST * Senator Marco Rubio to be the next Vice President? – link – Trump eyes Sen. Marco Rubio as a potential VP pick – New York state within a few points of becoming a swing state? – Tim Scott says Trump did not raise VP possibility, expects decision within 60 days – link – Ron Paul; just act like he’s crazy, and don’t add him to the Republican ticket, while freezing him out of meaningful dialogue. – link – El Hombre Que Pudo Reinar – manager’s magazine DOT com – Ron Paul is The man who could reign, in 2012: third in the Republican primary race according to polls. (From 2011 to 2012, Ron Paul, a U.S. representative from Texas, unsuccessfully ran for the 2012 Republican Party nomination for the president of the United States.) link – Styxhexenhammer666

link2source – Inflation Is Here to Stay and Will Wipe Out the Value of Your Monetary Savings. – maneco64 * China buying gold on the sly? * Always consider reality thoughtfully before investing. *

China acumula oro a marchas forzadas y esta vez no es culpa solo de su banco central – link2source – Stock exchange, markets and quotations. – Bolsa, mercados y cotizaciones


horseshoe bend photo
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link2source – Investing Will Be A LOT More Complicated From Here Due To Geopolitics | Michael Every, Rabobank – Adam Taggart – Thoughtful Money


link2sourceIt’s been this bad for awhile; but it’s been covered up by the media. – It’s the Democrats Turn to Scare America – Sahsa Stone


link2source – Bache Silver Bars, The Hunt Brothers, & $50 Silver Spot Price. A Silver Stacking History. – Silver Bean Counter


Desperate governments do desperate things; overtly and covertly; and history is replete.

We are going into the zone; so beware of the false flags. ** engineering destabilization, the ‘Summer of Rage‘ ** La guerra en Ucrania es una operación de blanqueo de dinero. (Blanqueo de capitales) ****


Corre, no camines, por la salida cuando escuches irregularidades contables.


link2source – WHITE REPLACEMENT IS NO LONGER A THEORY – Elon Musk (Considers himself above Australian law.Online Safety Act 2023 * The war in Ukraine is a money-laundering operation. *

link2source – Unnamed sources say; but it’s believable. – BIDEN IS APPARENTLY UPSET THAT FOREIGN OFFICIALS PREFER TO MEET WITH TRUMP – styxhexenhammer666 – The nationalistic side of politics prefers Trump. i.e, Javier Milei and Victor Orban.

link2source – HUNDREDS Of Banks At Risk (What Fed Intervention Means For Gold & Silver) – Smart Silver Stacker

link2source – I Feel Like I’m Taking Crazy Pills – Nobody Special Finance – Run, do not walk, for the exit when hearing of accounting irregularities.Obscure economic phenomena as a butterfly flaps its wings and generates a hurricane on the other side of the planet.


link2source – Why the GOP Betrayed Its Own Voters on Ukraine – misesmedia

link2source – Rafi Farber: Collapsing Bank Reserves, Deposits Mean Stagflation – Arcadia Economics

link2source – Bitcoin is a Joke, Escaping Communism is Not | Peter Spina of GoldSeek – Rafi Farber

link2source – Altruistic Demonstrations? – INTEL Roundtable w/ Johnson & McGovern : Weekly Intel Wrap Up – Judge Napolitano

link2source – Vince Lanci: Gold’s Battle Around $2300 Starts Now – Arcadia Economics

link2source – WARNING: Next Chapter for the U.S. Economy and Housing Market – Sachs Realty

link2source – ISRAEL’S HUGE BLUNDER: ASSAULTING FREE SPEECH IN AMERICA…BBN – FISA – Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act *


link2source – TALK ABOUT MY SUBSCRIBERS AND NEWS AND MARKETSMacron; Europe in danger. Pirate says Ukraine on brink. 300 sanctions, Russia & China. Swiss – Alex Christoforou

link2source – TALK ABOUT MY SUBSCRIBERS AND NEWS AND MARKETS – Financial Turmoil Explained

link2source – Lynette Zang: “This is How They Will Confiscate Your Gold!” TWIM Ep 5 – Vancouver Resource Investment Center

link2source – Japanese-Yen Carry-Trade – Gold Price Should be $27’586 If the Fed Went Back to 40% Cover. – maneco64 – Sound Money


link2source – Overcoming Fear: Tackling Failure, Public Speaking, & Digital Communications – Ron Koenigsberg… – Kerry Lutz’s Financial Survival Network

link2source – Alice-in-Wonderland Make-Believe Word: Biden’s Re-election Strategy: – BIDEN’S RE-ELECTION “STRATEGY” EXPOSED! – The LaRouche Organization


Act free-as-a-bird and then one day you’ll feel it!

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