Orange Flower Oakland, CA 2017

Koi Pond
Random movements as I watch
their dark splendor -as one encounters
slumbering magnificence, I
glanced unnoticed by the water’s edge with tall grass

Sheltered by shadows
as I was among, under
a bamboo grove
surrounds quietly I sit
absent a breeze
Your silvery surface betrays me
the lingering sounds -abounding
As a water falls, un-weaving its
Silence darkly
It’s exuberant moiling
generously as the liquid unfolds

Bequeath the Koi
Palm a coin, randomly
Coy as ransom, their due
Several pieces of silver – I give my heart that running, murmuring silver
That is dew, thrumming,
Strings of thyme

Fit for a Queen
Broadly promenades
Regal in its tranquil design, hers
As splendor in silence
Unfolds unfurling luminous
Leaves reflecting in light, imaginatively, how dry
Is it merely an image I wonder
And still I wander, these false leaves before me

Solace and ancient dignity
The story of a tree
Categorically rare, and rarefied
Told within water, stately
A luxurious canopy
Beneath as below
Canvass of solitude
Strokes of regal brown
An extended branch
Deep as my heart

A vision of plunging
Such depth – to ever escape
The sky, my soul
Channels my love
To never doubt for a moment
Current caress ceaseless

In darkness we seek
Returning to our selves
After and not before
An endless chain of events -how coy
We trick ourselves

This random interval
How brief a moment
And never before that
A chance meeting
Waves of silence, how mutely
To simply drown in silence

Downward to fall
Fully caressed by each and every
Unceasing breath
Endlessly careening
Hindu temple of stone
Stands guard, boldly gold statue
glorious image that
How resolutely

The brightness of Mercury
How far we are
From the night sky, cast in daylight
How may I
enchant and trick
The light trickling

Tripped above, leafy, soundless depth
Acting as the sky, branches
Rugged stillness
Green upon Blue
For us all merely
Passing beneath

Your fold an unfolding
Of gem-like blue
Greatness of display
Magnificently, churning

On the pinnacles of ether
Temple trapped within
And watery
High as Himalayas

With brooding Koi
Spellbound by unearthly Beauty,
Bound and bound again
sultry in color
How to gaze longer
I remain searching in darkness
Beneath the light Eternal Forever and

Copyright Protected Work 4-25-17 ©


photo coy pond FL 2017


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Coy Pond


Amateur writer, pianist-composer, and denizen of Houston, TX. Email: -> I would be delighted to hear from you!

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