Read a book and pass it on

If you are one of many people that purchase new books to read on vacation and end up with shelves of books that you will most likely never pick up again, why not lighten the load? Through an organization called Book Crossing, people have the unique opportunity to share their beloved books, not only with friends, but with people from all over the world.

The steps are surprisingly simple. Once you enter your book/books on the Book Crossing website,, it will be given a Book Crossing identity number, and from that point on, you can track your book as it is passed around. You are essentially recycling your old books. Once you’ve registered your book and inked the Book Crossing information on the inside cover, it is time to release the book into the world for someone else to pick up.

So if you have a book that you are just dying to share and you are attracted to the idea of reusing old books, Book Crossing it there to help you get the word out, literally.

An eco-friendly option for getting around Mexico City

There are many ways to navigate through Mexico’s capital, but they are not all eco-friendly. Ecobici is there to provide people with the option of shared bikes. Once registered online or at an Ecobici customer service stand, Ecobici members are able to use the Ecobici bikes for short trips whenever they choose. They simply scan their card, select a bike off the stand, and are off to enjoy the sights and sounds of Mexico City at a leisurely and eco-friendly pace.

While many residents of Mexico City may opt to purchase an annual pass to Ecobici, an Ecobici bike can also be rented in 1, 3, or 7 day intervals, this way people visiting Mexico City can enjoy the unique services of Ecobici for however much long as they need.

Experience the LGBT community of Mexico City in La Zona Rosa

Once a hub for wealthy families in the early 1900’s, La Zona Rosa is now a popular tourist spot recognized for its shops, bars and its close proximity to downtown Mexico City. Today it is also home to the city’s gay and lesbian community and is welcoming to any and all who wish to stop by. Boasting great stores, delicious food and an explosive nightlife, La Zona Rosa is a LGBT friendly neighbourhood that is sure to please.

Source for La Zona Rosa


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Books, Bikes and a LGBT Friendly Neighbourhood


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