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Your should run the government. The government shouldn’t run you.

“Let’s be clear about something: Our nation’s founders tried for years to work out their differences with England’s King George. But George was a tyrant, and a war broke out that lasted eight years. After that war, our founders avoided creating a government that was ruled by a man—they decided to be governed by laws. – By Daniel Bobinski

UnCoverDC – link

California’s 55 Electoral Votes

“[in California] the ballots should not have been cast [nor] counted

Daniel Bobinski

Operation Pence Card

EXCLUSIVE: White House Memo Details How ‘Pence Card’ Can Save Trump’s Presidency On Dec 23

Operation Pence Card: A memo from the White House. Background: U.S. Constitution and U.S. Code prohibit [Pence from receiving electoral votes from 6 states where fraud was committed regarding presidential election]

“Sources in the Trump administration confirmed to National File that President Donald Trump’s most vocal advocates within the White House have determined that both U.S. Code and the Constitution contain language that requires Vice President Mike Pence to reject unlawful Electoral College certificates, but Pence must act by no later than Wednesday, December 23. 

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Paul Preston – New California State Movement


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Big Tech Media Blackout 8


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