The Truth About Covid-19:

Exposing the Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal

By Dr. Joseph Mercola, Ronnie Cummins – Narrated by Nolan Chase: 7 Hours, 56 Mins

Since early 2020, the world has experienced a series of catastrophic events – a global pandemic caused by a so-called novel coronavirus; international lockdowns and border closings causing widespread business closures, economic collapse, and massive unemployment; and an unprecedented curtailment of civil liberties and freedoms in the name of keeping people safe by locking them up in their homes.


link to vigilantcitizen DOT com latest news: bill gates calls for a digital certificate to identify who is vaccinated – link to atp ministry DOT com lets talk covid vaccine id2020 – link to covid watching DOT org – a must read:-covid19 vaccine: a ticking time bomb – link to covid call to humanity DOT org – 2020/12/07 – scientists call for retraction of corman drosten paper – ADDED 6-26-2021 * Scientific Integrity and Responsibility *

“[…] the antibodies produced by a natural COVID infection is different from one produced by the vaccines

atp ministry

Peak Oil & Net Energy

link to When This Runs Short, Watch Out!

Vaccine Passports

link to gov DOT texas DOT gov – news – post – governor abbott issues executive order prohibiting government mandated vaccine passports

Auditing and Canvassing

link to the DOT postemail DOT com 2021/01/14 navarro report concludes yes – president trump won – ADDED 6-16-2021 – The Post and Mail – “To this day they are saying that Joe Biden got 81 million votes.” – The Ghost Vote that stole the election from Nixon – link to history news network DOT org – article – 133484 – “Make it look like the canvassers are up to no good.” The Democrats – Chain of Custody, the Facts, and we’ve got the receipts – “Audits” vs. Auditing – link to spectator DOT org – voting fraud prevention – link to floridian press DOT com 2020/11 georgia republican senators call on georgia secretary of state to resign – link to the gateway pundit DOT com 2021/06 explosive new report confirms least two elections officials ruby freeman ralph jones caught double counting ballots state farm center election night – link to PA SUBPOENAS UNDERWAY! Forensic Audit Is Happening! – ADDED 6-20-2021 – link to junettethchicAgoprclaudette…. – ADDED 6-21-2021 – link to Trump Wins Judge Ruling in Fulton County Georgia Allowing Recount to Begin in Another Legal Victory – ADDED 6-24-2021 – link to Trump Wins Georgia Judge Decision on Recount as Even the Washington Post Can’t Refute Trump’s Words – link to Arizona Releasing Report on Likely Discrepancies as Recount Done and Paper Examination Completed – ADDED 6-26-2021

The nonpartisan 2005 Commission on Federal Election Reform, co-chaired by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James A. Baker III, noted among its many findings and recommendations that because it takes place outside the regulated environment of local polling locations, voting by mail creates increased logistical challenges and the potential for vote fraud, especially if safeguards are lacking or when candidates or political party activists are allowed to handle mail-in or absentee ballots.

link to the gateway pundit DOT com 2021/06 marjorie taylor greene: georgia election officials shocking, claims big deal, think going TO explode: video

link to JUST IN: Senate Republican Leaders Unanimously Reject Democrats’ Voting Bill In Advance Of Vote – ADDED 6-24-2021 – VOTE on S1 in the Senate – The Big Lie: “The states are involved in an effort to suppress the vote.” – Mitch


link to The Beijing Biden Admin is Pivoting Completely Because it Knows it has Failed – ADDED 6-26-2021

link to one green planet DOT org – environment: how fossil fuels are used to produce meat – ADDED 6-26-2021

Joe Manchin

link to the washington time DOT com – manchin breaks from dems on s1 election bill: THE wrong piece of legislation to unite us

link to news DOT yahoo DOT com – don’t think anybody changed positions (RE Senate Bill S1)

link to news DOT yahoo DOT com – manchin pens op-ed explaining [His Opposition to a Partisan-Line vote on the “For the People Act” ] – Our time and energy would be better served backing the John Lewis Voting Rights Act – link to wikipedia – John Lewis Voting Rights Act “[…] would bring back the Voting Rights Act of 1965’s requirement that certain states pre-clear certain changes to their voting laws with the federal government.”

The act is deceptively named; it is not “for the people” but instead, is for the Democrats.

link to the federalist DOT com 2021/03/16 west virginia voters overwhelmingly want joe manchin to oppose democrats’ massive voting power grab – link to kyrssttenarizonaauditstexas…… – ADDED 6-22-2021 – link to ijr DOT com – senate republicans filibuster dems “voting rights” bill [Which allows illegal immigrants to vote.] – link to agenda 21 radio DOT news 2021/06/22 breaking senate republicans block democrat’s “voting-rights” bill

link to the hill DOT com – opinion – campaign – game-of-votes: why budget reconciliation isn’t the answer democrats need [Game Theory]

link to real clear politics DOT com articles 2021/02/01 dont squeeze the manchin * – ADDED 6-15-2021 – link to TWEET

link to Putin is getting the one thing he wants: John Ratcliffe – ADDED 6-16-2021

link to prisonnarreesstpastor6good………… – ADDED 6-24-2021

link to * Identity Politics * Victor Davis Hanson: American in Free Fall

The Real Economy v. Wall Street Et Al.

link to brookings DOT edu – blog – up front 2020/01/28 what is the repo market and why does it matter – link to fred DOT st louis fed DOT org series RRPONTSYD


link to twitch DOT tv – rogue news tv – link to twitch DOT tv – rogue news tv DOT video – 1060059374 – link to Agenda 21 Radio New California twitch DOT tv videos 1062672130 – From 6-20-2021 Conference call (these links may be taken down) – link to Agenda 21 Radio New California twitch DOT tv videos 1065735779 from 06232021

link to archive DOT org – details – ryandawson-gdktUBoCXoQ – Biden Family Shady Money

link to bitchute DOT com video GWMiY7VX5dcP THE BIDEN CRIME SYNDICATE

link to 2021 Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Research Expedition Fundraiser – Extinction Level Event – ADDED 6-24-2021

link to veterans today DOT com 2021/06/19 – breaking exclusive navy hits unidentified target off cape canaveral with 10 kt nuclear torpedo – ADDED 6-24-2021 * link to paul the paper bear DOT word press DOT com – 2021/06/16 your alternative update on covid19 for 2021 06 16 cdc removes 150k deaths from vaers lockdown destroying nearly 40% of small businesses…

link to Trump Gets Gavin Newsom Recalled in California with 1.7 Million Signatures Making Process Official – ADDED 6-23-2021

link to oddonneellfirstbeginsmiami….. – ADDED 6-24-2021

wuhan lab report

link to ani news DOT in – news – world – asia – chinese top official defected to us gave biden administration info about wuhan lab report suggests 20210618 094457 – ADDED 6-18-2021 – RE: Wuhan Bio-Research Lab-Leak of Intelligence – link to agenda 21 radio DOT news 2021/06/18 wuhan weapons burned spies ccp defector identified gave terabytes of dirt to us govt – link to the epoch times DOT com – mkt breaking news nearly 4,000 fully vaccinated people in massachusetts test positive for covid-19 – ADDED 6-22-2021 – link to the epoch times DOT com – mkt breaking news – senate republicans urge cdc to end mask mandate on airplanes public transit – “But interstate rail lines, airports, and airplanes still require masks in abeyance to one of the early executive orders issued by * Joe Biden” (as quoted from the article) ADDED 6-26-2021 – link to cruz DOT senate DOT gov * press release #5912 * Sen. Cruz, Colleagues Introduce Resolution Calling on Biden CDC to End Mask Mandate for Vaccinated Americans on Airplanes and Public Transportation – June 25, 2021 –

“Americans should be able to travel to celebrate Independence Day with their friends and loved ones without having to follow an outdated and unnecessary mandate.”

Sen. Cruz

link to twitch DOT tv – videos – 1059982373 – MASSIVE Election Integrity Problemslink to agenda 21 radio DOT news – 2021/06/18 – developing georgia investigators 29 page elections report discovered and released


link to daniel j mitchell DOT wordpress DOT com 2017/06/03 illinois on the brink of fiscal meltdown – ADDED 6-20-2021 – link to real property alliance DOT org transfertaxes – link to armstrong economics DOT com – world news taxes illinois thinking about imposing a stiff exit tax to leave – From 1967 – link to Illinois Digital Newspaper

link to Trump Running for House Speaker Says Kevin McCarthy as Pennsylvania Begins Arizona Style Recount – link to news DOT yahoo DOT com – news: kevin mccarthy says trump told 150832697 DOT html – “They live within the shadows of plausible deniability.” – Goodman

link to American Airlines Cancels Flights, Short on Labor; Homes Are Selling in Just 6 Days | NTD Business – 6-21-2021

link to Biden Purging the Military Brass Like a Third World Dictator – “The Asterisk Administration” purges the military like a third-world tin pot dictator. – link to BREAKING: OIG AMBUSHES US MARSHALS! – ADDED 6-22-2021

link to ffemmalbikkinsouthjersy…. – ADDED 6-21-2021

link to Impromptu Stream: My one night stand with the Republican party, and more – ADDED 6-21-2021

link to PANICK IN GEORGIA! Election Lawsuit HEATS UP! – ADDED 6-19-2021

link to FED FLASE FLAG FAILS! – ADDED 6-19-2021

link to solarwarnavyspace….. – ADDED 6-19-2021

link to Trump gives exclusive reaction to Biden’s ‘weak’ performance on the world stage

link to Biden ‘radiated’ weakness, surrendering at every turn: Crowley

link to The Legacy Medias Disgusting, Syrupy Fluff Pieces For Bidens G7 Summit Foibles

link to A Juneteenth Consolation Prize for the Lefties

link to agenda 21 radio DOT news – 2021/06/18 – developing georgia investigators 29 page elections report discovered and released

link to 2021 Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Research Expedition Fundraiser – Extinction Level Event

link to candychrislawnmakerteen….. – ADDED 6-17-2021 – Martin Brodel

link to gaterrsshedggyybaartsyyy……. – ADDED 6-17-2021 – Martin Brodel

link to The Government Lockdown-Caused Eviction Crisis is About to Explode – ADDED 6-17-2021

link to the gateway pundit DOT com 2021/06 failed gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams hired controlled staffing fulton county georgia’s 2020-election

link to joeypolaakybarterhedges….. – ADDED 6-16-2021

link to Globalists Basically Want Worldwide Serfdom… Eat the Bugs, Live in the Pod, Blackrock, etc

link to Abbott: Texas Begins Building Border Wall; Bipartisan Effort to Break Down Tech Monopoly | NTD

link to Joe Bidens LITERALLY Demented Non-Answer on Putin ft. Trump Derangement Syndrome Flashcards – ADDED 6-16-2021

link to ArtI.S4.C1. Role of the States in Regulating Federal Elections


link to the arp DOT org – litigation arizona state legislature v arizona independent redistricting commission – link to MAP of the arp DOT org – elections – congress – 2020 – AZ

link to AG Garland Blocking Arizona Recount Discrepancies Report from the Public if DOJ Begins Court Case

link to the gateway pundit DOT com – 2021/06 – president trump biden doj attempts stop audit want seem know WHAT will BE found

link to news DOT yahoo DOT com garland charts doj collision course 001800931 DOT html

link to the gateway pundit DOT com 2021/06 arizona lawmaker responds ag garland will not touch arizona ballots machines unless want spend time arizona prison

link to AZ State Senator Supporting Recount Sends Attorney General Garland a Message Regarding Legal Case – ADDED 6-12-2021

link to Arizona Recount Ends as Discrepancies in Paper and Ink Become Focus of Additional Recounting

link to Arizona Hand Recount Ending with Partisan Disparities Almost Certain as Focus Turns to Paper – ADDED 6-10-2021

link to BIG AZ update (ARRESTS WILL BE MADE) – ADDED 6-06-2021



link to the gateway pundit DOT com 2021/06 war room breaking news georgia gop leaders including vernon jones tour az audit next week video – ADDED 6-03-2021

  • link to the epoch times DOT com – arizona-senate-considering-expansion-of-maricopa-county-2020-election-audit
  • link to Big Media is Brainwashing Maricopa News | Doug TenNapel – ADDED 5-29-2021
  • link to Arizona Republicans Introduce Bill to Remove Secretary of State from Recounting Process
    • link to businessinsider DOT com gop votes to strip az secretary state powers amid audit 2021-5
  • link to Hobbs FIRED From Maricopa Audit!
    • link to news DOT yahoo DOT com – arizona secretary OF state katie hobbs
    • link to the gateway pundit DOT com – 2021/05 – breaking : continual – LY trashing senate audit, republican-led committee strips democrat katie hobbs hearing audit related lawsuits UNTIL 2023

link to Cheney Calls to Stop the Arizona Recount Saying it Subverts Democracy – link to the hill DOT com – homenews – house – 558169 – cheney rips arizona election audit: it is an effort to subvert democracy

link to BLOWOUT NEW HAMPSHIRE UPDATE! Doug TenNapel – ADDED 6-13-2021 * “Signed affidavits were delivered.” – link to msn DOT com – en us – news – politics – activists – call for full audit of 2020 election in new hampshire

“[…] if they proceeded to audit fraudulent elections they will be targeted by the Biden administration

Gateway Pundit

Affidavit – Recall – Elected Officials

link to the thinking conservative DOT com – texas poll watcher testifies on 2020 voter fraud in houston has photos

link to elections DOT cdn DOT sos DOT ca DOT gov – recalls – recall-procedures guide DOT pdf

link to ncsl DOT org – research – elections and campaigns – recall of state officials DOT aspx

link to foavc DOT org – Articles – Violation of Oath of Office and Walker v Members of Congress DOT htm

link to agenda21radio DOT news – 2021/06/11 – tommy gong is leaving job as slo county’s top elections official — would not allow audit of dominion system


Tax Revolt – Baltimore

link to Live Q&A: Businesses Threaten Tax Strike; Move On China Modeled After WWII Charter


link to americas watchtower DOT com 2021/01/26 democrats do not have votes to end the filibuster – link to news DOT yahoo DOT com obama backed joe manchin’s compromise 121122017 DOT html – ADDED 6-22-2021

link to Manchin and Sinema Would Become Consuls if the Senate Filibuster Were Ended

New California State

link to twitc DOT .tv ncs51 – New California State – w/ Paul Preston and Rudy Giuliani – “It was statistically impossible for Biden to make up the votes but he did and that’s why there is an over-vote.” – link to ncs51 ADDED 6-13-2021 – link to agenda21radio DOT news – 2021/06/14 – newsom-is-cheating – RE AB152 – Democrats have submitted bill language for #AB152, their change to CA election law governing recall elections–per yesterday’s news. – ” Gavin Newsom and the Legislature will ram through a new law. [In order to control the date of the recall election.] – DIA link to en DOT wikipedia DOT org – wiki – Defense Intelligence Agency

VAX & Fauci


Eviction Moratorium

link to Appeals court rejects bid by landlords to resume evictions | Seattle Real Estate Podcast – ADDED 6-13-2021 – link to FREE RENT Through June! Eviction Moratorium Update – link to axios DOT com – eviction moratorium cdc judge * “The landlord’s are battling this because they are not getting any income.” – Krystal and Saagar – Blackrock is a “huge equity firm” buying up single-family homes from distressed former landlords. – link to Krystal and Saagar: Judge STRIKES DOWN Eviction Moratorium, Is Crisis Coming? – link to truth in plain sight DOT com – blackrock is buying up all of the houses – “Those who have the courage to question the indoctrination and lies of their society, are the only ones who will find the truth.” – The Truth in Plain Sight

Constitutional Sheriff

link to – Motion by Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell – County of Los Angeles, CA – file DOT la county DOT gov – SDSInter – bos – supdocs – 157961 DOT pdf – DEFUNDED 145 Million Dollars (The Police Defunded) Related to this terrible motion. More crime/More violence in the county and minority communities. Re-imagining = Defund the Police. Existential threats to the community. Affidavits are in order: for the Board of Supervisors of LA County. Exploding homeless population. A Constitutional Sheriff Reports via or 1055899036 DATED 6-14-2021 in the A.M.

Nuclear-Powered Global Warning

link to “Pulsing energy from radiation causing global-warming over the last 75 years.” – Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Causing Extinction Level Event & Global Warming /Climate Change – ADDED 6-22-2021 – link to en DOT wikipedia DOT org – wiki – Nuclear testing at Bikini Atoll

Bikini Atoll – Marshall Islands


link to BANNONS WAR ROOM EPISODE 1040 THE DASZAK FILES W NATALIE WINTERS DR PETER NAVARRO – ADDED 6-22-2021 – link to ny post DOT com 2021/06/22 eco health alliance head daszak leaves un backed covid origins probe


link to Even Obvious Push Polls Can’t Hide Bidens Approval Slump – ADDED 6-20-2021

link to Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown & Nuke News June 14th 2021 – G7 Staged President Slapped in Face – E3G

link to pelosissrogerwatersinstagram…. – ADDED 6-14-2021 – Martin Brodel

link to church leaders DOT com – news – 393750 pastor pawlowski police nazis DOT html

link to constitution center DOT org – blog – constitution check: can states exempt themselves from federal gun laws

link to 2 Nevada Counties Go ‘Constitutional’

link to Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown & Nuke News June 13th 2021 – G7 Summit Uses 11,500 officers

link to Greg Abbott makes ‘huge’ announcement on fate of the border

link to June 12, 2021 “Aske Me Anything” with Jovan Hutton Pulitzer

link to Is Jill Biden Tossing Kamala Under the Bus Using the Border Crisis? – ADDED 6-13-21

link to This Supreme Court Case Could Change Everything: What You Need to Know – Sekulow TV

link to asheviilencbookdealsjapa………… – [Martin Brodel] – ADDED 6-13-2021 – “Texas begins building their own border wall.” – link to sydney news today DOT com texas says it will build a wall along the border with mexico-texas 224972

Link to breitbart DOT com – politics – 2021/06/02 – exclusive sen ron johnson on chuck schumer’s china plan – “it’s not too late – “lets try and kill this bill” – link to en DOT wikipedia DOT org – wiki – U.S. Innovation and Competition Act – link to senate DOT gov/ – legislative – LIS roll call lists – roll call vote *

link to Time is running out for the Biden agenda – ADDED 6-13-2021

link to tlbrashinewsypeople…. – ADDED 6-12-2021

link to News Ballot Bluffing Big Time! – “Our voting system was designed to be broken […]” – Jovan Hutton Pulitzer and Gateway Pundit

link to Biden Embarrassed Again as Race-Based Farmer Debt Relief is Put on Hold

link to Annual Inflation Soars to 5%; Baltimore Biz Pleads Help by Withholding Tax | NTD Business

link to Corporations Are Right to Exploit Idiots with Wokeness Campaigns

link to Bidens Inflation Hits 5% for May

link to Another Failure: Biden Ends Infrastructure Talks After They Collapse

link to GOP Senator Rips Biden And Harris For 2 Million Illegal Immigrants And Lack Of Trips To Border

link to TEXAS and FLORIDA continue the RED WAVE!! Doug TenNapel

link to Pennsylvania to Begin Arizona Style Recount After Republican State Senator Doug Mastriano Visit

link to AUDIT FEVER spreads to SIX STATES! Doug TenNapel – ADDED 6-08-2021

link to Joe Manchin Blocks Democrats’ Anti-Fair Elections Bill – ADDED 6-07-2021

link to the hill DOT com – homenews – senate – 545175 meet the senators at the center of the filibuster fight

link to Trump Wins Historic Victory with Joe Manchin Blocking Voting Bill and Keeping the Filibuster – ADDED 6-07-2021

link to

link to kcrw DOT com – news – shows- press play with madeleine brand – election ride share film nba – san luis obispo republicans recount

link to Trump Vows to Return to Oval Office This Summer Reports Charles C. W. Cooke of The National Review – ADDED 6-06-2021

link to 4 California FACTS!! – ADDED 6-06-2021

link to LIVE: President Donald Trump, Others Speak at the 2021 NC State GOP Convention 6/5/21

link to Trump Demands Arizona Style in Pennsylvania as Republican Lawmakers Ready for New Recounting – ADDED 6-05-2021

link to North Carolina FLIPS for Trump – ADDED 6-05-2021

link to LIVE: President Donald Trump, Others Speak at the 2021 NC State GOP Convention 6/5/21 * Blue-State Bailouts * Redistricting in NC – and – to gain a seat in the House

link to MY PILLOW GUY HUGE UPDATE!! – ADDED 6-04-2021

link to TRUMP for SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE! – ADDED 6-04-2021

link to California to pay $2M church legal fees over virus closures – by Brian Melley – Jun 3, 2021

link to Texas Sheriff: Not Expecting Any Federal Help; 25 States to End Pandemic Unemployment Aid | NTD

link to Greg Abbott sends sharp warning to migrants thinking of crossing illegally

link to Courts block Biden’s ‘un-American’ ‘discriminatory’ COVID relief plan

link to met news DOT com articles 2021 – Merriweather

link to Trump Never Talked ‘Reinstatement’ as Reported Since Dems Gain Political Momentum from This Story

link to Gov. Abbott issues disaster declaration in Texas over border crisis

link to news DOT yahoo DOT com – georgia judge allow fulton county 204929264 DOT html

link to Fauci E-mails FOI -ed published – Rogue News – ADDED 6-02-2021

link to ncwookeycoooppmainn………. – ADDED 6-01-2021

link to ARIZONA NEWS Doug TenNapel


link to Arkansas Flips For Trump | Doug TenNapel

link to the epoch times DOT com – osha suspends requirement that employers report vaccine related injuries

link to strategic culture DOT org – news 2021/03/31 they’re not even trying to make sense now

HR1 & S1 – the “Empower the government to police more speech” – ACT

link to the epoch times DOT com critics say dems election reforms will prompt flood of constitutional challenges – link to Ballot-Harvesting Bill Fails to make it to Senate Floor – JUST IN: Ted Cruz Celebrates Failure Of Democrats’ Voting Reform Bill In Senate – link to news DOT yahoo DOT com – democrats – hope – “voting – rights” – failure -[Will help them end filibuster]

link to western journal DOT com 20 states send letter TO senate leaders promising swift consequences hr1 passes

link to red state DOT com ship-wrecked-crew 2021/03/18 joe manchin seems to rule out filibuster exception proposal to pass hr 1 the democrats win every election act

link to amac DOT us warning americans hr1 and s1 the for-the-people-act of 2021 is really the for-more-federal-government-control act

link to patriot post DOT us – hr 1 hits the senate 2021-05-12

link to the new civil rights movement DOT com 2021/05 joe manchin declares he will not support critical voting rights legislation possibly killing hr1 for the people act * FAKE NEWS *

link to the gateway pundit DOT com 2021/03 – democrats voter fraud enhancement act hr1 will nationalize election theft rep mo brooks * REAL NEWS *

“Their job is to find an explanation why Democrats were credited with more votes in an early machine-tallied vote than they received in a hand recount, while Republicans were shortchanged.


Greater Idaho

link to greater idaho DOT org – the-maps

link to mail tribune DOT com guest-opinion 2021/04/04 dont dismiss the greater idaho movement

“[…] their isn’t a single state legislator in the Legislature who understands and represents rural interest and is included in state decision-making.”

Mike McCarter of La Pine – Citizens for Greater Idaho

New Mexico

link to LIVE REPCast: NM-01 Update, Doug Ducey, Paul Ryan & The Realignment

link to LIVE REPCast: Trump’s 2024 Comeback IMMINENT, What the Midterms Will Look Like

  • link to RED NEW MEXICO? – Dems Have ABYSMAL Showing in the NM-01 Early Vote
    • link to wikipedia DOT org – New Mexico’s 1st congressional district


link to New York City Just Got Worse

Trump 2024

link to Even Obvious Push Polls Can’t Hide Bidens Approval Slump – Biden’s “Cherry-Picked” push polls

link to Trump HINTS at 2024 Run, Crafts 2022 Policy Contract for House Republicans – ADDED 6-06-2021

link to 45 spoke in NC today and addressed the AZ ADT – ADDED 6-06-2021

link to America Needs Donald Trump 2024

link to LIVE REPCast: Trump’s 2024 Comeback IMMINENT, What the Midterms Will Look Like

link to Trump CFO Refuses to Flip in Major Defeat for Democrats and New York Prosecutors

Wisconsin Audit


Georgia Audit



link to The Democrats’ Big Lie: The Myth of Voter Suppression

link to Update – May 30th, 2021

link to Senate Cheers After Passing Rand Paul’s Amendment Banning Gain-Of-Function Research In China

link to ny post DOT com 2020/02/13 fashion exec peter nygard accused of raping more than 10 young women suit claims

link to California Now Offering $116.5 Million For People To Get The Shot 5-27-2021


link to the gateway pundit DOT com 2021/05 pennsylvania county appoints top prosecutor TO investigate dominion voting machines WHICH mislabeled republican ballots


link to js online DOT com — elections 2021/05/26 wisconsin republican robin vos hires ex cops investigate election


link to Trump Gets Filibuster on Jan. Commission in Major Defeat for Congressional Democrats

link to Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns & Radioactive News May 26th 2021 Youtube Censorship Now Coward Mode

link to BOMBSHELL: The Secrets Are Getting Leaked!


link to the gateway pundit DOT com – 2021/05 (TRUMP) not involved: looks like THEY ARE finding tremendous fraud – president trump discusses az audit live interview video

link to San Francisco Just Killed Real Estate!!

link to PRIMARY CHALLENGERS UPDATE! – How Six RINO Senators Can Lose Their Primaries in 2022

link to Memorial Day Gas Prices Highest Since 2014; DC AG Files Antitrust Suit Against Amazon | NTD Business

link to Biden Waters Down His “Infrastructure” Bill, Stabs Left in the Back on Student Loans

link to Roid-Reject John Cena BOWS to China, Exposing How “American” Businesses Kiss Their Ass

link to BREAKING: BLM Flag Replaces Stars & Stripes

link to teaparty DOT org bannons war room georgia state sen burt jones might try to get gov to call session to consider decertifying election results if allegations are true 465132

link to republican insider DOT org bannons war room georgia state sen burt jones might try to get gov to call session to consider decertifying election results if allegations are true

link to Donald Trump Vindicated: COVID Wuhan Lab Intel Forces Fauci, Fact Checkers to do a 180

link to LIVE REPCast: NM-01 Early Vote Data, 2022 Energy Shift, The 2022 Strategy

link to Trump Wins Court Decision in Georgia Paving the Way for Arizona and New Hampshire Type of Recount

link to washingtonpost DOT com – politics – georgia ballot inspection 2021/05/21

link to BREAKING MARICOPA AUDIT Update: Arizona Domino Hits!

link to THE REAL ENEMY Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep 96

link to southfront DOT org – biden administration to remove us oil company from northeastern syria report

link to Oregon Counties Officially Voted To SECEDE Over Failed Democrat Policies, Texans Push Secession Bill

link to Miller: Green agenda has nothing to do with climate, everything to do with socialism

link to Arizona Democrats Begin Defamation Case Against Republicans and Cyber Ninjas After Demand for Record

link to Fed Balance Sheet Up $92 Billion In The Last Week! Other Central Banks Growing BS Out of Control

link to Union worker speaks out saying Biden is ‘killing’ every worker in energy

link to the gateway pundit DOT com 2021/03 just house democrats pass 1.9-trillion covid relief bill THAT HAS nothing TO DO WITH covid AND send joe biden FOR signature

link to apnews DOT com joe biden coronavirus pandemic house elections portland bills

link to manhattan institute DOT org 1.9 trillion is too much and biden and the democrats know it

“[…]the bill provides an opening to create permanent new government expansions and spread benefits to their popular constituencies like state governments and unions.

Manhattan Institute

link to Tim Allen Address | One Hundred Sixty-Ninth Commencement | 2021

link to Sidney Powell weighs in on GA audit (RELEASES SHOCKING KR*K*N)

link to ‘This is what government refuses to tell you’: Alan Jones

link to Europe Seizing Properties from LANDLORDS – America NEXT?!

link to Rand Paul Mocks Biden, Fauci For July 4th COVID-19 Guidance

link to Biden Wants To Give Another BILLION To A TERRORIST State? | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 138


link to The MASSIVE Implications of Fauci’s New Admission

link to Biden is Terrified Over the Wuhan Lab Origin of COVID Being Disclosed: Here’s Why

Ken Paxton TX AG

link to ken paxton DOT com


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