Biological Weapon(s)

link to Mike Adams Up!

link to the epoch times DOT com supervisors attempt to assuage vaccine fears backfires

The “Vaccine” is the worst kind of poison. The psychological warfare: Biden: “It’s either VAX or MASK’

link to climate contrarian – 2021/03/08 killing the flock the insanity of mass vaccinating with non sterilising vaccines

link to Ballot Battlefield!

link to the gateway pundit DOT com 2021/05 IT begins: fully vaccinated people IN oregon must show proof vaccination status order enter businesses without mask

link to rumble DOT com cbc says delaying mixing doses of corona shots could be good 5-19-2021 DOT html

“False science is guiding policy in government.”

Paul Preston

link to twitch DOT tv ncs 51

The Uncertain Heavens

link to wikipedia DOT org – List of natural satellites, there you will find Titan the Moon – link to wiki. link to public domain review DOT org — the uncertain heavens

REP Elise Stefanik

link the gateway pundit DOT com rep elise stefanik elected gop conference chair TO replace THE bitter liz cheney AND HAS emotional mental collapse

link to Elise Stefanik Elected as Trump Officially Removes Cheney, Romney and Bush Dynasties from GOP

link to LIVE REPCast: Cheney Is GONE, Recent GOP Overperformance, Primary Challengers Roundup

link to TWEET

REP Stefanik to replace Cheney after GOP vote

Martin Brodel

link to justmosquitoesfloridagates….. – ADDED 5-08-2021

link to lizhusbandkabul……

link to colospringsstarbbucks….

link to jenbaarkfrankking……

link to gatesschulttzzteddy…..

link to lizcchhenneyggpgaters…….

link to billgcontrolslongislandpeople……


link to GOP Starts to Clean Out the Cobwebs, Kicks Neocon Warhawk Liz Cheney Aside

link to Bidenomics: More Shakedown than Trickle Down, as Abysmal US Jobs Report Dampens Spirits

link to Neocons Threaten to Abandon the GOP and Form a Chickenhawk Coward Party


link to The End of GAS | What the MEDIA is ISN’T Telling YOU!!


link to 7PM – Maricopa County Threats Galore & Rational Respones

link to ‘Mom And Pop’ Landlords Dying On The Vine As Un-Evictable Tenants Enjoy Pandemic Protections

link to federal register DOT gov – documents – 2017/07/26/2017-15860 – assessing and strengthening the manufacturing and defense industrial base and supply chain

link to This Week In Charts Episode 3: Many Commodity Prices Going Parabolic, Market Leading Stocks Tanking

link to Down the Middle with Economist David Rosenberg on Shocking Jobs Report for April — DiMartino Booth

link to THE LATINO REALIGNMENT! – Explaining the GOP’s Recent Hispanic Gains (and How to Keep Them)

link to National Eviction Moratorium CANCELLED!!

link to Something Is Brewing In Pennsylvania | The George Show @Nick Moseder

link to Trump Drops Bombshell in Michigan

AZ Ballots

link to real clear politics DOT com video 2020/12/01 data expert up to 300000 fake people voted in arizona election

link to the gateway pundit DOT com 2021/05 maricopa county elections witness testifies dominion ran entire election county officials observers never access passwords video

link to Maricopa Audit Update

link to They don’t want the public to know what they have done (AZ AUDIT UPDATE)

link to Live Q&A: ‘Serious Issues’ Found In Arizona Audit; US Condemns China’s Organ Harvesting | Crossroads


link to yahoo DOT com – ohio gop calls rep anthony

The War Zone

link to the war zone – china wants to revive a strategically located military airfield deep in pacific


link to Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns & Nuke News May10th 2021

link to western journal DOT com – four texas counties react horror border local judge declares act war


link to rumble DOT com – murkowski is done poll shows trumpian primary challenger ahead by fifteen

link to Rogue News: Hanging with Harley – V & Harley Schlanger – * ADDED 5-14-2021 – TWITCH

Big Tech Media Blackout 32


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