Thank you for reading my latest blog post. I hesitated, wanting to rename the series “Unmasking the Truth”, but then decided: that was perhaps too melodramatic. Here, below, I have copied the intro to NCS51: which stands for New California State #51. The intro can be found on Twitch, and the link is provided.

Although I am not affiliated with the New California State movement in any manner, I do support what they are doing, in trying to regain control of the governance of California, long the victim of its own dysfunctional politics, by forming a new state in a completely peaceful and constitutional manner. So much to learn…so little time. – Jim 5-04-2021 – The Principal of Texas Travel and Leisure


link to twitch DOT tv – ncs51 – As people living under the bonds of tyranny, we demand a restoration of our Constitutional right to a form of government that functions as a Republic. We strive for a return to integrity in elections, a business-friendly environment, and the return of our individual and corporate liberties.

link to Fascist Biden Seeks to Circumvent the 4th Amendment by Privatizing Spying on US Citizens

link to georgiaguidestoneskentucky…….

link to Perspectives on the Pandemic | “Blood Clots and Beyond” | Episode 15


link to * Twitch * Rogue News: Interview – Anton Chaitkin – ADDED 5-04-2021 – Fascist Policies and Social Collapse – American History

link to breitbart DOT com – the media nyt swiss billionaire behind hub project to influence US media politics tribune

link to the gateway pundit DOT com 2021/05 breaking: windham residents stand backs turned board railroad audit process scream chant resign video

Martin Brodel

link to texasdcccchairkansasss…..

link to illinoisbenefitsswiss…..

link to coucilnhchildren……

link to joemilitaryauditnh…….

link to surveillannnesfdemgov…..

link to floridarashpentabri……


link to Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns & Nuke News May 4th 2021

Jeffrey Prather

link to Cultival Traitorcraft

The Gateway Pundit

Link to the gateway pundit DOT com

Newt Gingrich

link to Newt Gingrich: Expanded welfare changes a whole culture

Epoch Times

link to the epoch times DOT com breaking: tennessee bans critical race theory in public schools

link to 180 Illegal Immigrants Found in Stash Houses; Teachers Unions Influencing CDC Guidelines? | NTD


link to Elise Stefanik Backs Recount in Arizona as Trump Removes Cheney from Top Leadership Role Within GOP

link to Rogue News: V is for Veles – V, Veles & CJ  * Added 5-07-2021 * “It’s about outcomes and goals.” – Read Saul Alinsky wiki link to Saul Alinsky – link to – archive DOT org details – RulesForRadicals – link to dissipations DOT blogspot DOT com – american people don’t read * “We are on the verge of fusion-level consciousness

link to yahoo DOT com – french far leader acquitted breaching – Marine Le Pen

link to the gateway pundit DOT com – unhinged beta male harasses pregnant woman grocery store not wearing mask video

link to the gateway – az audit director ken bennett press taking photos license plates faces name badges arena parking lot audit workers afraid will doxxed media video

“They want chaos in the streets because that causes fear in the people.”

Trevor Loudon

link to Arizona Republicans During Recount Want Digital Information in Maricopa County Withheld by Democrats

link to Judge Tosses Eviction Moratorium; Biden Blocks Rule on Gig Workers; Expert on Bill Gates’ Divorce

link to Biden’s Jobs Miss by 700,000 as Unemployment Actually Rises Alongside Inflation Concerns

link to Schiller Institute Conference – The Moral Collapse of the Trans-Atlantic World Cries Out for a New Paradigm * ADDED 5-08-2021


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