link to the epoch times DOT com – florida gov desantis signs bill banning vaccine passports suspends local covid-19 emergency orders – ADDED 5-03-2021

link to RED WAVE CONFIRMED! – Republicans OUTPERFORM Trump by 22 Points in TX-06 Last Night

link to The End of Real Estate in the Suburbs… (New INSANE Bill)

Arizona Election Audit

  • link to Analyzing the Arizona Election Audit
  • link to 11AM Daily Updates Maricopa County Audit – ADDED 5-02-2021
  • link to 7AM Daily Updates Maricopa County Arizona Audit – 4/30/2021
  • Arizona Election Audit
  • link to Judge Won’t Block Arizona Recount Ruling in Favor of Republicans and Trump – H.A. Goodman
  • link to Live Q&A: Arizona Election Audit Shaken by Recusal and Attempted Probe | Crossroads
  • link to Arizona Judge Might Stop Recount from Concerns on Cyber Ninjas Privacy Methods as CA Recall Begins
  • link to the gateway pundit DOT com – offered 10 million not jovan pulitzer * offer TO walk away AND NOT scanning ballots work 2020 election results
  • link to
    • link to Rogue News: V is for Veles – V and Veles – ADDED 4-30-2021
    • link to Rogue News: V is for Veles – V, Veles & CJ – Twitch

link to

link to Beijing Bidens Lackeys Raid Rudy Giuliani as Part of their Persecutorial Purge

link to GOP, Dems Clash on Biden’s 100 Days; CA City Comm’r Removed After Refusing to Partner w Chinese City

link to White Supremacy Hypocrisy

link to * TWITCH * Agenda 21 Radio – What is the point of having a justice system if it is totally politicized? Click on it before it is taken down

link to Update on Arizona’s 2.1-Million-Count Audit; US to Train Guatemala Border Task Force | NTD

link to thesiriusreport DOT com

link to the gateway pundit DOT com – action alert new hampshire house vote windham incident forensic audit wednesday thursday

link to Census Data Changes House, Electoral College; White House Defends Capital Gains Tax Hike

link to REPUBLICANS GAIN! – New Census Results Net GOP 3 Electoral Votes, 5+ House Seats

link to the gateway pundit DOT com maricopa madness new judge case appointed former democrat governor janet napolitano opinions now vary hearing might take place case

link to rumble DOT com – georgia is going to be next over 600,000 illegal ballots in race decided by…

link to

link to Rogue News: Rogue Mornings – V and CJ – ADDED 4-26-2021

link to breitbart DOT com – Mexico’s president offers deal – work visas for border security

link to Rogue News: V is for Veles – V, Veles & CJ

link to Victor Davis Hanson – Western Civilization, the Recovery of Greek Wisdom, and Today.

  • link to Rogue News: V is for Veles – V, Veles & CJ – Live-Streamed 4-23-2021
    • link to stateofthenation DOT Techno-Feudalism

link to Judge Rules Arizona GOP Can Begin Recount as Republicans Hire Third Party Tech Firm Cyber Ninjas

link to Agenda 21 Radio April24, 2021 – Twitch – ADDED 4-24-2021

link to Agenda 21 Radio April24, 2021 – Dominion Voting Machines, ETC – ADDED 4-25-2021

link to rumble DOT com — lefties frenetic over biden kinda sorta continuing border improvements

link to rumble DOT com – reports of the shot causing strange menstrual cycles in both the vaxxed and…

link to agenda21radio DOT news – its happening: Arizona election workers are running ultra-violet ballot testing on Maricopa ballots

link to AZ Attorney General Rejects Probe Into Arizona Recount Demanded by Democratic Secretary of State

  • link to Republicans Live Streaming Arizona Recount with Nine Cameras as Report Will Be Done in Two Months
    • link to fox10phoenix DOT com – arizona attorney general rejects call for probe of maricopa county 2020 election audit

link to Chernobyl 35th Anniversary – Academic Study’s – Pic – Headlines -With Nuclear Expert Dana Durnford

link to Tennessee Governor Ends Mask Mandates In The State

link to washington post DOT com – election results texas

Chauvin Conviction

  • link to If the Facts Don’t Fit You Must Convict: The Derek Chauvin Trial Farce
  • link to Live Q&A: Judge Finds Chauvin Guilty On All Charges; Witness Threatened | Crossroads
  • link to Daily Wire Backstage: Derek Chauvin Verdict Live Coverage
  • link to Greg Gutfeld’s Shocking Admission Points to the Basic Problem Surrounding the Derek Chauvin Trial
  • link to Embarrassing Responses to Chauvin Verdict & Debunking BLM’s Lies | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report

AZ Maricopa Audit

  • link to the gateway pundit DOT com 2021/04 Arizona senate ready TO audit Maricopa county’s 2020 election results: NOW Begins – democrats panic
    • The Game of Distraction A-la Maxine Waters – Insurrection – Inciting Violence
    • link to wikipedia DOT org International Emergency Economic Powers Act – enacted October 28, 1977
    • “They are going to do whatever they have to do to preserve their narrative.” – RE: Maxine Waters incites violence
    • link to Rogue News; Rogue Mornings – V and CJ  – MORE ON THE POSSIBLE WAR WITH RUSSIA – added 4-19-2021
    • link to New Judge in Arizona Found to Oversee Case Seeking Halt of the 2.5 Million Maricopa County Recount

AZ Ballott Audit

link to Marc Elias – Maricopa County Audit – NOV. 3rd 2020 Election Steal – link to the gateway pundit DOT com 2021/04 exclusive: Democrats’ attorney Marc Elias army radical lawyers ready, threaten to stop election audit in Maricopa County, Arizona – The Four Pillars of Marc Elias EXPOSED

link to MI Court Documents Reveal Expert Has Uncovered A 6th Degree Polynomial Algorithm Used In Key States

Agenda 21 Radio-AND History WWII

  • link to * Twitch * Agenda 21 Radio w/ Paul Preston and Chriss Street – Pre-1917 Bolshevik Revolution: History Presented
  • link to WWII Shadow-banned
    • link to wikipedia DOT org Tiger_ I
    • link to 1 Tiger Tank vs 50 T-34s – A True Story

Agenda 21 Radio – California Tax Drop with Chriss Street

link to * Twitch NCS51 * New California State Public Conference Call


link to eand DOT co – we’re ripping the heart out of life on earth and the consequences will be disastrous

link to the nuclear proctologist DOT org

link to Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns & Nuke News Apr 28th 2021 – Chernobyl 35th Anniversary – Tanks Pacific

link to Updates for April 30th, 2021

Eviction Moratorium

link to Texas MAKES Rent MANDATORY: Cancels Eviction Moratorium!!

Biden’s Border Crisis

  • link to Bidens Border Coordinator Quits as the Scale of the Border Crisis Grows and Grows – styxhexenhammer666 – YouTube * ADDED 4-11-2021
    • link to breitbart DOT com * 2020/07/10 Trump promises road to citizenship for DACA – illegal aliens
    • link to CNN Politics – Biden’s border coordinator stepping down at end of the month – ARCHIVED
    • link to ‘Biden just doesn’t care’ about influx of migrants: Sen. Kennedy

“What Biden has done is create a situation where 40% of females who make the trek on the skeleton train […] will be sexually assaulted and about a quarter of them will be raped on the way to the U.S. […]”


“The policy direction [Biden’s] is so clearly right for our country.”

Roberta Jacobson

Wisconsin Supreme Court

link to the gateway pundit DOT com 2021/04 Wisconsin Supreme Court -rules democrat governor Tony Evers – no authority to limit business capacity

Filibuster Ended

link to the gateway pundit DOT com – Senate parliamentarian rules democrats can bypass GOP filibuster two bills paving way Biden’s infrastructure package pass simple majority vote

Vaccine Passports

link to Breaking News in FLORIDA!! (The NEW Passport)


link to nypost DOT com 2021/04/09 – lets hope CBS just helped Ron Desantis become the future of the GOP

link to twitch DOT tv – rogue news tv – videos – all

Peak Oil

link to Richard Heinberg Defines Peak Oil – YouTube – ADDED 04102021

“Once Peak hits, that tends to be the end of the story.

Richard Heinberg – global public media

link to the oil drum DOT com special archives – a website devoted to analysis and discussion of energy and its impact on society

link to Global GREEN NEW DEAL * TWITCH * – ADDED 4-13-2021

link to the nuclear proctologist DOT org

The Long Emergency

“While it is certainly an extreme notion, the possibility exists of governments or ruling elites strategically using “designer” diseases within their own borders to cull unwanted populations without incurring any political blame – though the social cost could be fantastic. ” – pg 176 [Like Covid and its “vaccination” ? – I wonder.] Then Kunstler provides the examples of the Nazi extermination, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Rwanda – and then on page 177 mentions the possibility of a vaccine used to: “[…inoculate] fellow members […]” of an ‘elite’ while “[…] loosing an epidemic on its own citizens.” – page 177

James Howard Kunstler – The Long Emergency

link to victorhanson DOT com

link to Rogue News: Cuss with Gus – V, Gus & CJ 

link to New California State Public Conference Call 4-14-2021 – ADDED 4-15-2021

link to COVID Testing Accuracy is a Fucking Joke

link to On Hatred Shown for Anglo-Saxons re: the America First Caucus

Justice Stephen Breyer

link to

link to breitbart ODT com Democrat Mondaire Jones -no question justice Stephen Breyer should retire


link to M6.6 Earth Quake Shakes Japan is on Japan’s Seismic Intensity Scale of 7 Or 9.4 on Richter Scale

link to Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns & Nuke News May 2nd 2021 Earth Quake – Tanks

link to iags DOT org

link to wikipedia DOT org – Soviet submarine K-278 Komsomolets

link to the epoch times DOT com – nearly 40 percent of marines declining to get covid-19 vaccine-official

link to Why Feminism Disempowers Women and They Had Far More Power Under the Patriarchy

Martin Brodel

link to chicagojoemask…… – ADDED 4-21-2021

link to smallbussinesssupreme…..-ADDED 4-22-2021

link to businessesjoedislike…. – ADDED 4-22-2021

link to womanbrooklyndeli……

link to leighabramsharris……

link to alaskadcarizonaaudit……

  • link to joedigitalcurrencies….
    • link to aier DOT org – make no mistake -> programmable digital currencies are weaponizable money

link to barohiojmes…..

link to billmelari…….

link to brakeyauditsoaring….

link to pimacountyward……

link to staterepglennceo…….

link to joespeechmeatproplanetts……

link to arizooonnaaauuditdiaper….

  • link to woodacademiacourts……..
    • link to the center square DOT com nebraska gov ricketts warns against federal overreach on nebraska land use – article
    • link to ruralradio DOT com – kneb am – nebraska farm bureau seeks answers on 30×30 climate executive order
  • link to clyybburnupdateswindhaamm….
  • link to johnoilgmmexxxciio….

link to * The Zombie in Chief who occupies a virtual White House * The Oscars Plummet!

link to AUDITULTERY! – link to

link to David Carlson is an ass wipe

link to William makes a public announcement – ADDED 5-01-2021


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