• link to the epoch times DOT com – breaking news – gov. Desantis to take executive emergency action against vaccine passports
  • link to news DOT yahoo DOT com – gov Ron Desantis says won’t Mandate Floridians Get COVID Vaccine
    • “Governor Ron DeSantis says he will not mandate that Floridians get the COVID-19 vaccine and opposes the idea of vaccine passports.” – Yahoo News
  • link to Agenda 21 Radio, March 30, 2021 – ADDED 3-30-2021
    • link to encyclopedia DOT org … nazi medical experiments
    • “You wonder if there are going to be Nuremberg Trials, part 2.” – Paul Preston
    • link to nypost DOT com 2014/02/01 Behind the Secret Plan to Smuggle Nazi Scientists to America

“The wealth of the nation is created on the factory floor.” – Rogue News

  • link to fox news DOT com – politics – china’s belt and road initiative – U.S. grossly disadvantaged poses risk
  • link to finance DOT yahoo DOT com – news – supreme court denies facebook appeal
  • link to shadowproof DOT com 2012/06/28 10 sure signs America is circling the drain
  • link to Victor Davis Hanson III | The Biden Administration


American Liberty Forum of Ramona New California State San Diego County, March 27, 2021

  • link to New California State 51 ADDED 3-27-2021
    • link to Unmask the Masks – Paul Preston
      • “In Tony’s restaurant they have a bouncer at the door.”
      • “They will NOT tell people they are slaves.”
    • link to agenda 21 radio DOT news 2020/07/22 California Restaurant Bans Face Masks
    • link to 21 US Code 360 bbb-3 – link to FDA U.S. Food and Drug ADMIN – FEB 25th., 2021 – Bamlanivimab and Etesevimab EUA Letter of Authorization February 25 2021 – Eli Lilly and Company – FDA.GOV – Media – 145801 – (HHS) determined (on Feb 4th., 2020) that there is a public health emergency that has a significant potential to affect national security or the health and security of U.S. citizens living abroad, and that involves the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). [HHS] declared that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of emergency use of drugs and biological products during the COVID-19 pandemic, pursuant to Section 564 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic ACT – (21 U.S.C. 360bbb-3).
      • Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)
      • Bamlanivimab and Etesevimab
      • EUA Letter of Authorization – Feb 25th., 2021

link to the epochtimes DOT com mkt breakingnews dhs head purges homeland security advisory council ousting all trump era appointees

link to twitch DOT tv – rogue news tv

Agenda 21 Radio

  • link to Agenda 21 Radio March 30, 2021 – YouTube link – ADDED 3-31-2021
    • Belt and Road Initiative
    • China
    • Illegal Immigration
    • Chriss Street: New California State Vice President: Biden allows the water crisis to get worse in California and don’t let a good crisis go to waste.


  • link to Trump Launches New Personal Website; Supreme Court Rules on Hillary Clinton | Facts Matter

“The government [in California] cannot pay for itself right now. It’s broke.” – Paul Preston, New California State.

  • link to New California State March 28, 2021
  • link to * 1 The Gender-Fluid Gekko – Rogue News TV – ADDED 3-28-2021

link to calmatters.org

link to twitch DOT tv DOT New California State 51

COVID Passports

Election 2022

  • link to Very Preliminary 2022 Midterm Election Predictions
  • link to Biden’s Approval Rating PLUMMETS to 34% on the Border Issue, Paving Way for Red Wave in 2022
  • link to 2022 SENATE PREVIEW: How the GOP Can RETAKE Arizona and DEFEAT Mark Kelly



* 1 The Gender-Fluid Gekko: In this episode of Rogue News TV, on Twitch, Hanging with Harley – V and Harley Schlanger, dated 3-26-2021, they mention the Gender-Fluid Gekko. The concept of gender-fluidity, although not alway entirely practical, is a beautiful one. link to yahoo DOT com Dr Seuss book sales spike – link to Dr Seuss Art DOT com – knox in box -fox in socks – If Dr. Seuss’ artwork isn’t gender-fluid, I will eat my CAT-in-the-HAT!

Biden’s Border-Crisis

  • link to The Biden Admin is Scrambling to Hide its Border Crisis Incompetence – Literally accosted Senator Cruz as he films deplorable conditions at boarder


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