• link to SKIP TO UNMASKING THE MASKS w/ agenda 21 radio on Twitch
    • – Agenda 21 Radio March 19, 2021
    • link to ftbagency.com
  • link to Agenda 21 Radio – Broadcast 3-19-2021
    • SKIP TO: RE: Anthony Stephen Fauci  (Power Trip) – “Covid Car-Crash Deaths” – Symptoms of COVID-19
    • link SKIP TO: Chriss Street – Gavin Newsom Recall
  • link to Rogue News: V is for Veles – Veles, V and CJ – ADDED 3-19-2021
    • solarwinds government hack
    • link to wikipedia DOT org – SolarWinds
    • link to wikipedia DOT org List of cyberattacks
    • link to wikipedia DOT org Asymmetric warfare
    • link to wikipedia DOT org – Lithium
    • link to wikipedia DOT org The Writer with No Hands

Biden’s Border Slave-Trade Operation

  • link to breitbart DOT com politics – 2021/03/19 mccarthy on the border more than just a crisis – this is a human tragedy
    • the situation at the United States-Mexico border
    • link to the gateway pundit DOT com 2021/03 reporter grills psaki -illegal aliens getting hotel rooms – national guard left sleep parking garages given contaminated food video
    • link to the epoch times DOT com mexican drug cartels use children as decoys to smuggle criminals into us texas sheriff says
    • link to the epoch times DOT com – white house giving journalists zero access to border patrol operations photographer

Martin Brodel

  • link to WIN 20210322 07 13 56 Prowife…… – ADDED 3-22-2021 – Martin Brodel – bitchute-link
    • link to WIN 20210322 07 40 49 Pronoemm….. – “Things are coming to a head” – “This is modern-day slavery.” (RE: The border)
    • link to WIN 20210322 14 40 33 Proneck…..

Gov. Greg Abbott discusses border situation

Biden Border Slavery

  • link to Victor Davis Hanson The Face of the Socialist Revolution & The Architects of it – ADDED 3-22-2021
  • link to Andrew Roberts | The Importance of Churchill for Today – Hillsdale College – ADDED 3-22-2021 – Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminars are held in various locations across the country two times each year and address issues of politics, economics, and culture.

  • link to JUST IN: Senate GOP leadership ROASTS Biden’s “wildly expensive” American Rescue Plan
  • link to Live Q&A: Republicans Outline 2022 Strategy; Dems Push HR1 Election Reforms Through House
  • link to illegitimate biden Tumblr DOT com post 644578635398938625 democrats ramming radical hr1 reforms through
  • link to Agenda 21 Radio March 3, 2021
  • link to Arizona Sues Biden Admin.; Biden Insists on $1,400 Stimulus Checks; City Declares Donald Trump Week
  • link to stanforddaily DOT com 2020 12 02 denigrating-hoover
  • link to Texas Announces COVID Lockdown Is OVER Triggering Prominent Liberals, Biden Says Not Until NEXT YEAR
  • link to Notary Arrested, Charged With Voter Fraud In Connection With Aberdeen Alderman Election
  • link to Amazon Delving into Censorship Is Far More Chilling Than Social Media Firms Doing So
  • link to Biden, Harris, and the No-Win Minimum Wage Battle
  • link to Court Strikes Down COVID Eviction Moratorium – Ep. 7.327
  • link to Eviction Moratorium Ruled Unconstitutional, Largest Tsunami Of Evictions In U.S. History Incoming

  • link to Something is Desperately Wrong with Beijing Biden
  • link to Hunter’s Federal Tax Probe Expanding as Prosecutor from Trump Administration Remains in Delaware
  • link to Agenda 21 Radio March 5, 2021
  • link to It’ll be SO MUCH worse now… – ADDED 3-5-2021
  • link to Victor Davis Hanson Before We Are All Reprogramed By the Left – ADDED 3-6-2021 – THE RIVER OF FORGETFULNESS
    • link to Lethe (wiki) – Beware of ‘The Shock Troops of the Movement.’
    • link to wikipedia.org 1776 Commission – released – The 1776 Report – January 18, 2021
  • link to Slanted Journalism and the 2020 Election | Sharyl Attkisson
  • link to Here’s Why Red States Opening Up Economy Terrifies the Left
  • link to the epoch times DOT com – key things you need to know about hr-1 -the ‘For The People’ Act of 2021
  • link to Victor Davis Hanson 2021: The Unity Presidency Gets Divisive
  • link to Recall Newsom organizers hold news conference
  • link to Watch Joe Biden’s Live Feed Cut Off When He Offers to Take Questions | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report
  • link to LIVE REPCast: Tech Censorship, Populist Inc., America First Candidates for 2022
  • link to New California State Public Conference Call March 7, 2021
  • link to Victor Davis Hanson Vanishing Into Thin Air!
  • link to Why are gas prices soaring?
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  • link to Agenda 21 Radio March 8, 2021
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  • link to agenda21radio DOT news 2021 03 08 the case for closing public schools indefinitely – by Sarah Lilly
  • link to Supreme Court Failure
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  • link to Florida to Sue Biden Admin; National Guard Sick After Bad Food; Hawaii Declares Emergency | NTD – ADDED 3-10-2021
  • link to breitbart.com – clips 2021/02/20 fl ag moody no reason for biden to terminate operation targeting sex offenders in country illegally
  • link to Texas Leads as Our Mask Mandate-Free Future Awaits, but Some Cling to the Cloth
  • link to Live Q&A: Trump Spars With RNC Over Name and Image; Biden Sued by 12 States | Crossroads – ADDED 3-10-2021
  • link to Prepper Nurse 1 Has Something To Say!
  • link to Rogue News: Cuss with Gus – V, Gus and CJ
  • link to Huffington Post Lays Off 45 People: The Rise of New Tech
  • link to Democrats Begin a War on Freelancers to Try and Stop the Serfs from Upward Mobility
  • link to Rogue News: Rogue Mornings – V and CJ – ADDED 3-12-2021
    • link voxukraine DOT org en de dollarization of a dollarized economy
  • link to RED NEVADA? – Far Left DEFEATS Reid Machine, Weakening Nevada Dems for Years to Come
  • link to The “Hide Biden” Strategy is a Tacit Admission That He’s Demented and Inept
  • link to Live Q&A: Virus Origin Story Gets Narrative Shift; $5000 Fines Proposed for Online “Conspiracies”
    • link to reclaimthenet.org colorado fine social media conspiracies
  • link to Rogue News: V is for Veles – Veles, V and CJ
    • link to vaccinationinfo DOT wordpress DOT com 2019/04/24 seven step recipe for generating interest in and demand for flu or any other vaccination
  • link to WIN 20210312 08 20 30 Pro
  • link to foxnews DOT com media amazon bans books that frame transgender and other sexual identities as mental illnesses
  • link to whosawthiscoming….
  • link to GF Discussion: Russia, China and Mexico – Paul and CJ
  • link to Freedom of Speech and Religion Case Lives Thanks to Supreme Court $1 Decision – ADDED 3-13-2021
  • link to Newt Gingrich says ‘Harris-Biden’ immigration policy will ‘shake the fabric’ of American society – ADDED 3-13-2021
  • link to hot air DOT com – archives john-s-2 2020 10 23 san francisco drug stores closing shoplifters strip shelves bare
    • San Francisco drug stores closing
    • shoplifters strip shelves bare
  • link to WIN 20210313 08 32 14 Prosanfrancisco…..
  • link to happytimesagain……
  • link to the gateway pundit DOT com 2021/03 case falls apart capitol hill investigators ask 60 day delay build case jan 6 protesters fbi media conspiracies crumble
  • link to rumble.com *** the real resistance has begun *** Styxhexenhammer666 Published March 12, 2021
  • link to Huffington Post Lays Off Entire Canadian Staff and Others 3-9-2021
  • link to the gateway pundit DOT com 2021/03 marc elias hillary clintons lawyer behind steele dossier nearly every major 2020 election lawsuit sanctioned texas federal appeals judges
  • link to Pro-Mass Immigration People are Stuck in the 19th Century
  • link to Live Q&A: Study Shows Lockdowns Changed Little; States Present Contrasting Models for Reopening
  • link to wabe DOT org -house republicans pass sweeping changes to georgia voting laws
  • link to agenda 21 radio DOT news 2021 03 15 effort to recall newsom gathers over 2m signatures
  • link to WIN 20210315 08 34 44 Projobs….. – ADDED 3-15-2021
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  • link to Biden Insanely Decides to Seek Federal Tax Hikes During an Economic Slump
    • link to rumble DOT com vep941 biden insanely decides to seek federal tax hikes during an economic slump
  • link to WIN 20210316 08 56 59 Promeghan…..
  • link to the gateway pundit DOT com 2021 03 ammon bundy arrested FOR refusing TO wear A mask AT courthouse AND THEREFORE not allowed INTO HIS OWN trial WITH video
  • link to WIN 20210316 13 56 36 Proopen……
  • link to rev com blog transcripts mitch mcconnell senate floor speech on filibuster transcript march 16
  • link to 4 More States Join Texas Suit Against Google; Attempted Border Crossings to Hit 20-Yr High | NTD – ADDED 3-16-2021
  • link to WIN 20210317 08 40 06 Proatlantaaa…..
  • link to JUST IN: Rand Paul lambasts lockdowns: ‘Day 367 of 15 days to slow the spread’
  • link to WIN 20210317 09 11 08 Prochecks……
  • link to WIN 20210318 07 34 56 Pronancy……
  • link to nypost DOT com 2021/03/18 21 states sue biden over keystone xl pipeline permits – ADDED 3-18-2021
  • link to FLASHBACK: Anti-Trump Impeachment Resolution a ‘Coup Resolution!’
  • link to Live Q&A: 21 States Sue Biden On Fed Overreach w/Oil Pipeline; Released Prisoners Get Voting Rights


  • link to NCS51 Twitch – Agenda 21 Radio March 22, 2021
    • link to Unmask the Masks – link to wikipedia DOT org – Ivermectin – link to agenda21radio.newslink to agenda 21 radio DOT news 2021 03 22 stop wearing the mask

link to feeds DOT feedburner DOT com – Agenda21Radio

link to twitch DOT tv – ncs51

link to New California State Public Conference Call 3-14-2021

link to A21R – Added 3-17-2021 – Agenda 21 Radio March 17, 2021 -twitch DOT tv – ncs51 – NEW CALIFORNIA STATE 51

link to twitch DOT tv – videos – 953833727 – Agenda 21 Radio March 18, 2021


“Fossil Fuels are a unique endowment of geologic history that allow human beings to artificially and temporarily extend the carrying capacity of our habitat on the planet Earth.”

James Howard Kunstler – The Long Emergency
  • link to Trump Speaks Out on Biden, Future Plans; Thousands Still Without Power, Water; Leaked Facebook Video – “The nation’s capital looks like an authoritarian regime.” [paraphrase] – the mrna vaccine changes human dna – House Holds Hearing on Reparations – Cuban entrepreneur Opposes Communist Push
  • link to No Glory For Hate Act Introduced To Congress
  • link to Mitch Loses His Mind After Trump Acquittal
  • link to Trump News Today, A Nations Screams Out
  • link to geo-engineering watch DOT org
  • link to Democrats Completely Lose It, Suggest Utterly Insane “No Glory For Hate” Act
  • link to Texas Bill Fights Big Tech Censorship; OAN Warns House Dems; Trump Supporters Unfurl Trump 2024 Flag
  • link to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis holds post-CPAC press conference
  • link to Supreme Court Dismisses ‘Sanctuary City’ Cases at Request of Biden’s DOJ
    • dismissed three pending cert petitions
    • (requests to hear a case)
  • link to Andrew Cuomo Removed from Legislative Authority by New York State As Trump Victorious Once Again
  • link to Judge Finds 78% of Mail-In Ballots Invalid, Orders New Election, 1 Person Arrested | Facts Matter
  • link to LIVE REPCast: Tech Censorship, Populist Inc., America First Candidates for 2022
  • link to the blaze DOT com news ny legislature passes bill stripping Cuomo of emergency powers sending it to his desk to sign
  • link to SAY NO TO BIG-TECH CENSORSHIP—Free Donald Trump! Left Seeks to Abuse IRS Info—AGAIN
    • link to Judicial Watch.org Tom Fitton’s weekly update * Fauci investigation update
  • link to nypost DOT com 2021/01/24 its time to stand up against the muzzling of america



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