• link to Agenda 21 Radio Special Announcement. February 17, 2021 – 3.7 million customers in the Midwest with rolling blackouts, -37℉ in the Midwest – California state’s financial collapse could have a metastasizing impact on the other states – “substantially” below expected revenues went into California’s coffers
  • link to nypost.com 2020/12/17 its time for the deplorables to become the unconquerables – “The Deplorables would be made to realize that they aren’t in charge, that if they want to ride, they’ll have to (in Barack Obama’s famous words) ride in the back.” – Glenn H. Reynolds
  • link to Rogue News: V is for Veles – V, Veles & CJ – ADDED 2-20-2021
  • link to New York Times Says Critical Thinking is Bad and Begs You to Stay in an Echo Chamber
  • link to UN: “The emergency is in fact more profound than we thought only a few years ago”
  • link to Rogue News: Hanging with Harley – V and Harley Schlanger – ADDED 2-20-2021
  • link to Michael Malice Explains Why He’s An Anarchist
  • link to New California State Public Conference Call February 21, 2021
  • link to Agenda 21 Radio, February 22, 2021
  • link to the gateway pundit.com 2021 02 breaking: supreme court refuses review pennsylvania election cases alito gorsuch thomas dissent * ADDED 2-22-2021
  • link to NEW CALIFORNIA STATE February 22, 2021 Sierra Freedom Conference – 2-22-2021
  • link to Live Q&A: Trump Untouchable, Says Gingrich; China Withheld Data From WHO | Crossroads
  • link to Why San Francisco Is SO BAD Now
  • link to After Supreme Court Victory, Pastor Explains Why He Stood Against California Orders | Crossroads
  • link to thefederalist.com 2021/02/23 digital book burning amazon bans heritage scholar Ryan T Andersons book on transgenderism –
    • “In the 1930s and ’40s, the Nazis burned thousands of books at the orders of propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. In more than 34 German villages and towns, the party would round up indoctrinated kids and have them toss literature written by Jews and other “enemies” of the regime into burning pits.” – The Federalist
  • link to Agenda 21 Radio February 24, 2021
  • link to FBI Seizes Congressional Records, Angelo Quinto Murder, NYPD Officer Charged in Capitol Hill Riots – ADDED 2-24-2021
  • link to New California State Public Conference Call February 24, 2021
  • link to Rogue News: Cuss with Gus – V, Gus and CJ – ADDED 2-25-2021
  • link to Biden AG pick Merrick Garland says there’s room for new gun control – by Steven Nelson – ADDED 2-25-2021
  • link to Agenda 21 Radio February 25, 2021
  • link to Trump Speaks Out on Biden, Future Plans; Thousands Still Without Power, Water; Leaked Facebook Video – “The nation’s capital looks like an authoritarian regime.” [paraphrase] – the mrna vaccine changes human dna – House Holds Hearing on Reparations – Cuban entrepreneur Opposes Communist Push
  • link to No Glory For Hate Act Introduced To Congress
  • link to Mitch Loses His Mind After Trump Acquittal
  • link to Trump News Today, A Nations Screams Out
  • link to geo-engineering watch DOT org
  • link to Democrats Completely Lose It, Suggest Utterly Insane “No Glory For Hate” Act
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