• link WATCH: Sen. Rand Paul Shreds George Stephanopoulos for Being a Liberal Hack
  • link Cross Roads with Joshua Philipp – link
  • Olduvai Theory – link According to wikipedia: – 1989 theory, postulated by engineer Richard C. Duncan – Industrial Civilization defined (as per-capita energy production) will have a lifetime of less than, or equal to 100 years – quantitative basis of the transient pulse theory of modern civilization – (key word: overshoot)
  • Structuralism: – link YouTube: An Introduction: Karl Marx: (1818-1883) Marx argued that religion, philosophy, and art are not pure vehicles of higher truths but are products of underlying economic structures: Proto-Structuralist.

Live Q&A: Trump Gives First Comments Since Leaving Office; Pressure Grows Against Big Tech

Rand Paul spars with ABC host over election integrity.


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Big Tech Media Blackout 21


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