Victor Davis Hanson Ministry of Truth Protects Biden

“I think free speech is wonderful.” “They are afraid of the Truth.” “They fear the light of the Truth.” “You cannot generate darkness.”

Candidate Biden Was Hiding: He Can’t Do That Now [Bill Whittle MB2A Week in Review]

Beijing Bidens Third Day: Selling the Grid to China and Killing Diabetes Patients

  • link to Beijing (wiki)

Biden’s Reason For Blocking Keystone Pipeline Makes No Sense

Attacks on free speech in America, intolerance, Dinesh D’Souza – The Hot Button Issues – Tolerance only applies to things you object to. – Watch the podcast. “De-program the cult members.”

Legacy Medias Fawning Over Biden is No Different than North Korean Propaganda

  • link to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un Story on Yahoo News – by By Josh Smith and Cynthia Kim
  • link to Pyongyang (wiki)
  • link to President Donald Trump Opens his DC Hotel to Men and Women in Uniform – “Trump is still my president!!!”
  • link to Judicial Watch Corruption Chronicles: Zedong Among “Favorite Political Philosophers”


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Big Tech Media Blackout 20


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