If you are an LGBT filmmaker, film lover, or an overall supporter of the LGBT community, you should not miss attending the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival from June 20th to the 30th. Not only is this unique event the oldest in the LGBT film industry, it is one of the largest and is one of the most successful events to promote equality and understanding of the gay community.


The Golden Gate Bridge, the famed street cars, and the eclectic Haight-Ashbury district serve as the backdrop to the San Francisco LGBT Film Festival. Come explore the city, while taking in hundreds of feature films from across the globe. Film entries are dazzling and through-provoking. Plus, filmmakers from over 25 countries from around the world submit their films. The film presentations take place at multiple venues across the San Francisco area. The city’s historic, beautiful movie houses will not disappoint attendees.


Presented by Frameline (http://ticketing.frameline.org/festival/), the film festival has seen attendance of up to 80 thousand participants. The crowds are always exciting during the event, and the city will also be electric. Dating back to 1977, the long history of the San Francisco LGBT Film Festival is a testament to its past success. This year will be the 37th time this event has taken place and it is expected to be as fun, entertaining, informative, and successful as any previous year.


The ultimate goal of the film festival, aside from entertainment, is to advocate for and represent the LGBT community. The San Francisco LGBT Film Festival is the largest LGBT film event in the world, as well as the biggest LGBT art event in city. The festival’s non-profit sponsor, Frameline, is an arts organization that devotes itself to promoting the rights and culture of the LGBT community. Frameline, ultimately through the film festival, looks to strengthen the LGBT community. It helps achieve this by enhancing the group’s visibility and supporting its diverse culture.


Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the wonderful city of San Franscisco and take in all of the sights and sounds that northern California can offer. Plus, don’t miss the other offerings that the festival presents, like educational panels and other live events. The festival events will keep you engaged and help educate you on the history of the festival, LGBT art, and their overall community. The festival is an extravaganza that any film aficionado or supporter of the LGBT community would highly enjoy.


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Attend the Longest Running LGBT Film Festival in San Francisco


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