• link to Peloponnesian War: Battle of Pylos – historynet.com
  • link to FREE AUDIO BOOKS WEBSITE – added 3-5-2021 – The History of the Peloponnesian War audiobook
  • link to //Savage In Shape // Fitness Travel // The battle of Pylos and Sfaktiria – YouTube VIDEO
  • link to Nestor (mythology) – wiki link
  • link to The History of the Peloponnesian War (FULL Audiobook) 1/2
  • link to The History of the Peloponnesian War (FULL Audiobook) 2/2
  • link to Trojan War
  • link to archive.org details L099 Plutarch Parallel Lives VII Demosthenes Cicero Alexander Julius Caesar
  • link to First Impressionist Exhibition – Date: 1874 – Country: France

Audio Book(s)

  • link to The Lives of the Twelve Caesars (FULL Audiobook)
    • link to Internet Archive
  • link to Alexander the Great AudioBook English
  • link to The History of the Peloponnesian War – First of 2
  • link to The History of the Peloponnesian War (FULL Audiobook) 2/2
  • link to depts.ttu.edu – westernciv – mc_progress – progress – unit2 DOT php
  • link to beyond the gilded age.com 2011 11 commodore hotel DOT html
  • link to good reads DOT com quotes 6956559 the organized lying practiced by totalitarian states is not as

link to clarity press DOT com – book – author – andrei martyanov


  • link to hirambutler DOT com exhibitions view terrell james bright shores


link to The Foundations of Classical Architecture: Motifs & Details

link to What is Gothic Architecture?

link to When Did Modern Architecture Actually Begin? | ARTiculations

link to People’s Palaces – The Golden Age of Civic Architecture: Neo Classical [BBC, Full Documentary]

link to John Lobell: Frank Lloyd Wright and Beaux Arts Architectre


link to closet professor DOT blogspot DOT com – 2010/08 – midsummer night dream – Ambiguous Sexuality

link to shakespeare DOT folger DOT edu

link to ghost of shakespeare DOT com – 2020/05/24 – yonder venus in her glimmering sphere

History of Flight

link to The Plane that Had It All: The Rise And Fall Of The Boeing 314 Clipper

California Gold Rush

link to historynet DOT com – james marshall california’s gold discoverer DOT htm

link to the california gold rush – p5 – weebly DOT com – james marshall DOT html

link to Pacific Rural Press – Death of James W. Marshall – Aug. 10th, 1885


link to vangoghletters DOT org – vg –


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