castle on cliff

¿Está luchando para elegir entre el empleo a tiempo completo, convertirse en un contratista independiente, o equilibrar una combinación de ambos? El ajuste adecuado será único para usted: sus objetivos personales, su tolerancia al riesgo y sus aspiraciones financieras actuales y futuras. *** ETF de Bitcoin de BlackRock tiene ahora más BTC que MicroStrategy – link * IMPACTANTE MICROSTRATEGY COMPRA 4500 BITCOIN MAS!!!! (Importante) – link * un mundo más enojado y el colapso de la civilización. * No vas a tomar el metro en Nueva York a menos que dejes que los soldados registren tus pertenencias. * BRICS Mecanismo de liquidación de divisas basado en materias primas excluyendo el dólar para existir junto a las monedas. * Trump. el jab. jan 6th. velocidad warp. la frontera. mierda izquierda derecha. la traición. * Valor intercambiado a mano sin costo con metales preciosos. BTC: Bitcoin es ahora especulación. * Todo es una toma global tecnocrática. *


link2source – This Is What Happens When People Are Confused and Wondering What Money They Can Trust. – maneco64 – Value exchanged by hand at no cost with precious metals. BTC: Bitcoin is now speculation.

link2source – Advantage Trump and Other Notable Matches – Victor Davis Hanson – Orwellian disconnect of Biden’s SCOTUS address to the world. Shrinkflation must be the problem and not free money (helicopter dollars.)

link2source – TRUMP. THE JAB. JAN 6TH. WARP SPEED. THE BORDER. LEFT RIGHT BULLSHIT. THE BETRAYAL. – advanced degeneracy, Biden’s on display during SOTU Address.

link2source – Secrets of Montmartre: 10 Hidden Gems Most People Miss – a wriggly route down all sorts of side streets: starting at the Moulin Rouge, count the windmills you will see in this film.

link2source – A Business Owner Fearful About His Side Hustle – The Economic Ninja – 3-11-2024

link2source – DEW – Directed Energy Weapons – ALEX JONES [FULL] MONDAY 3/11/24 • NWO TAKEOVER! DEMS TEST MARTIAL LAW IN NYC AS DEEP STATE…an angrier world and collapse of civilization. You are not taking the subway in NYC unless you let the soldiers search your belongings.

link2source – Patriots destroyed, F16 delays. Annalena circular exchange. Macron to Kiev. Oscars 2024 – Alex Christoforou

link2ource – BBN, MAR 11, 2024 – UKRAINE, GERMANY AND WESTERN EUROPE ARE COLLAPSING…DEI and Boeing Landing Gear all in collapse. * BRICS Commodity-based forex settlement mechanism excluding the dollar to exist alongside the currencies. * Could you have a better battle plan to destroy the USD?

link2source – Darrell Bricker: An Empty Planet – The Shock of Global Decline

link2source – RUSSIA – $300BN Frozen Russian Assets to be LIQUIDATED as USA & UK Demand Action is Taken

link2source – Nuland’s Game is Up as Russia Smashed Ukraine’s Army – History Matters! | Ray McGovern

link2source – MARKET REPORT MON MAR 11 2024 – Financial Turmoil Explained

link2source – Judge Napolitano Judging Freedom – Russia Warns of War’s Escalation – Larry C. Johnson

link2source – Silver: The Most Hated and Undervalued Asset Out There. – maneco64 * Market Manipulation *

link2source – LAKEN RILEY MIGHT END BIDENS POLITICAL CAREER – styxhexenhammer666

link2source – WANT TO SEE WHAT WE ACCOMPLISHED? MILLIONS LEFT DEMOCRAT PARTY – Sharia Law and Socialism. No 81 Million Votes? Not this time?? Ridin’ Biden.

link2source – Armed Gangs Take Over Haiti, Bitcoin Surges to $72K – Nobody Special Finance – 3-11-2024

link2source – Are you struggling to choose between full-time employment, becoming an independent contractor, or balancing a combination of both? The right fit will be unique to you: your personal goals, your risk-tolerance, and your current and future financial aspirations.

link2source – State of the Union Review; Robert DeNiro; Joe Scarborough – Trailer Trash Tim – 3-11-2024

link2source – It Starts Tomorrow White House Law Side Hustles Now Illegal – The Economic Ninja

link2source – It’s NOW LAW: White House Rules Side Hustles illegal – 80M Americans Impacted in 12 Days

link2source – The New Gig Law: White House Rules Side Hustles illegal – Millions Impacted in 12 Days – Torp


Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler[a] (20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945) was an Austrian-born German politician who was the dictator of Germany from 1933 until his suicide in 1945. He rose to power as the leader of the Nazi Party,[c] becoming the chancellor in 1933 and then taking the title of Führer und Reichskanzler in 1934.[d]Greater Germanic Reich DOT png (MAP)

link – Wikipedia contributors. “Adolf Hitler.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 10 Mar. 2024. Web. 11 Mar. 2024.


link2source – Who Was Hitler | You think you know Adolf Hitler? – Best Documentary * I can recommend this documentary. It has many voices speaking to you from the not-too-distant past from their respective diaries. It turns understanding this tragic history into a guilty pleasure. – JL

castle on cliff
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It’s all a technocratic global takeover.

Thank you for reading: And So Much More Less & Lesser Socialism. May your life be lived dwelling within a castle in the clouds, furnished with art, fashioned for royalty, enjoying the distraction of court jesters galore!

I wish you peace, and I hope for peace throughout the world.

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