A Disordered Romance

follows, follow me silly.
Suffused, the light of dawn, the light of splendor
over me in gradients

“Take me…we must tango.” Dance. Oh, lightness of laughter. This wandering Barque.
I shall play the reeds of a raw life, of this bog.
And you shall bare.
That rare blossom of perfection.
Perfection! Of a Lotus Flowering magically in stillness, in liquid darkness. Sunlight dappling its watery surface. Suffuse. Murmuring depth. How shall I discover thee?

And the Rose-colored lights.
We have found ourselves, soulmates.
And turn these fractured lights into…
a canopy of stars.
Points to darkness lighter
the air, than the air
higher still than darkness

Slumber here beneath the tree, her many branches spread
to protect you, the dream that visits
Despite the singing.
In these storied branches. Shall embrace your dreaming.

A laughing brook. Nearby. Breaching a stone. Beyond the frenzied grasses.
A Bird-of-Paradise, proudly, it
displays its splendor…stilt-bound
Ours. The transparent Quicksilver tones above the stones in such a hurry.
Does the orange sun
make it laugh?

Ours for the taking. This dream that lingers behind your closed eyes.
Your gaze never-ending. Beyond.
The gentle path of a rainbow. Behold in the far-off reaches…
upward to heights unheard
follows me gracefully, the silence of an Angel’s wing, endings in sweetness.
Hummingbird’s fluttering, a feather’s touch.

Let us go hand-in-hand -you say.
Our Ascent. How shall we spend our eternity?
The gentle arc of infinity!
An Azure
as I behold

The sky
so bold that
butterflies weep soundlessly
and I whisper hardly

Take me, I’m yours.
Ours is a disordered romance. -you intuit.
Love, you say. ‘Love’ doesn’t say it. -then I ponder.
But I will.

And a smile spreads like a rich canyon of Reds.
A velvet Rose sheds its petals, blithely.
Cares are scattered as wantonly as a tree
-casts its leaves to oblivion.

Each and every story has its ending.
Tango we must. I agree.
The disordered silence
of romance enveloping
in laughter

brook breaching in
its edge around us
pours over its


Copyright Protected Work by
James Legare


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A Disordered Romance


Amateur writer, pianist-composer, and denizen of Houston, TX. Email: james.legare@texan-gold.com -> I would be delighted to hear from you!

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