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…instead of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Or, is he called ‘Belensky’ now? The recipients of the laundered money applaud the president of Ukraine, whatever his name. Confident that, as far as the electorate is concerned, apathy will take over where somnolence leaves off, our ‘elected’ representatives greeted Mr. Z with unbridled enthusiasm. It will be a peaceful transition of power, Mr. Z.

Ukraine, that wonderful place we send all our hard-earned money…and their flag is simply marvelous!

Pelosi wrote, “The fight for Ukraine is the fight for Democracy itself. Slava Ukraini. -NP,” saying “Glory to Ukraine,” the Ukrainian national salute, which is often used as a symbol of resistance.

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link2source – * Very heavy losses suffered by Ukraine * Russia Bakhmut Advances, Zelensky US Trip Achieves Nothing, Putin Announces Massive Rearmament – Alexander Mercouris

link2source – Belensky’s speech to Congress, kisses Pelosi, good investment. Putin, Russia is fighting NATO. U/1 – Alex Christoforou * $1.7 Trillion PAYDAY for Congress, thanks to the Ukraine war against Russia. – Greece: Our agreements with Russia mean nothing now. Greece is all-in with the U.S. and NATO. *

Barranquilla, Colombia

link2source – “A massive inferno engulfed fuel tanks at the Bravo fuel storage plant in Barranquilla, Colombia. ” – link2source – Oil tank in Colombia’s Barranquilla explodes into flames, one dead

link2source – America’s Mayor Live (E44): 18 Republican Senators Voted in Favor of $1.7 Trillion Omnibus

link2source – World To Abandon US As Dollar Crumbles | Alasdair Macleod

link2source – WON’T BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS! – The Prather Point – Transmitted 12-22-2022


Slava Ukraini – “[…] the official salute of the Armed Forces of Ukraine since 2018. ” – Wikipedia contributors. (2022, December 22). Slava Ukraini. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 15:41, December 22, 2022

link2source – breitbart DOT com – politics – 2022/12/21 Nancy Pelosi: The fight for Ukraine is the fight for democracy (emphasis added).


Ballots were printed on the wrong paper size in Maricopa County, AZ

link2source – KARI LAKE’S ARIZONA ELECTION TRIAL BEGINS 12-21-2022 – NO CHAIN OF CUSTODY – “the chronological documentation or paper trail that records the sequence of custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of materials, including physical or electronic evidence. ” – Wikipedia contributors. (2022, November 17). Chain of custody. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 15:57, December 22, 2022

link2source – DECEMBER 21, 2022 NEWS ROUNDUP * The World’s First “100% Automated” McDonalds in Texas. * mRNA “Vaccines” increase the risk of Covid-19 *

brown cottage under aurora borealis
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link2source – * The ongoing battle for Bakhmut * As Ukraine Faces Defeat in Bakhmut Washington Escalates with Patriot AD Missile Delivery to Ukraine – Alexander Mercouris


Mr. Smith Goes to Washington – “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is a 1939 American political comedy-drama film directed by Frank Capra, starring Jean Arthur and James Stewart, and featuring Claude Rains and Edward Arnold. ” – Wikipedia contributors. (2022, December 16). Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 04:34, December 22, 2022

link2source – Welcome To The Sh!t Show 12/21/22 Gold & Silver Price Report – Ukrainian Nationalist Nazis goes to Washington.

link2source – Douglas Macgregor: Ukraine/Russia War


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12 Zelenskyy…goes to Washington


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