city night explosion firework

The recession is going to be so bad, they will have to invent a new word for it.

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…

“Inflation is not under control; it’s out of control.”

DEEP INSIDE RUSSIAN TERRITORY: DRONE ATTACK, DRONE SPOTTED AND SHOT DOWN, DEBRIS KILLS 3 RUSSIANS: The latest in a long series of examples in recent history of the Divide-and-Conquer Strategy of the West, In Ukraine, and World-Wide. The sociopaths are running the world.

link2source – * The Cold Winter is Coming to Ukraine. * Bob Moriarty: link2source – financial sense DOT com – contributors – Bob Boriarty “Bob Moriarty was a Marine F-4B pilot at the age of twenty and a veteran of over 820 missions in Viet Nam.” * – THE Covid Plandemic & Ukraine are the Greatest Propaganda Campaigns of our Lifetime – Ukraine is the dumbest war Bob Moriarty has ever seen. * The U.S. is trying to defend the dollar at all costs, a debt-based system in place since 1942. * Ukraine should have come to the negotiating table in March, due to the fact that they lost the war with Russia. * link2source – Ukraine is pouring gasoline on the inflationary fire. – link2source – Energy and Gold DOT com 2022/12/23 Bo Moriarty -sentiment -in -resource -stocks -is -worse -than -it -was -in -2008 – CBDCs the antithesis of Crypto

link2source – The Dismissal of Kari Lake’s Election Lawsuit Shows Voter Disenfranchisement No Longer Matters – by Rachel Alexander | Dec 26, 2022

link2source – The Gateway Pundit DOT com – 2022/12 Judge Peter Thompson Rules Elections Broken Machines, 60 PrecinctsL no-chain-OF-custody ballots, CONSTITUTED free AND fair AND IS Certifiable

link2source – Just The News DOT com Politics Policy Elections – Texas 2020 Election Audit Find Serious Issues Harris County Phantom – link2source – sos DOT state DOT tx DOT us – elections – fad – 2020 Audit Full DOT pdf


David StockmanDavid Alan Stockman (born November 10, 1946) is an American politician and former businessman who was a Republican U.S. Representative from the state of Michigan (1977–1981) and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (1981–1985) under President Ronald Reagan. – Wikipedia contributors. (2022, November 17). David Stockman. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 18:04, December 26, 2022

Robert J. MoriartyRobert J. Moriarty (born September 9, 1946) is an American Marine F-4B fighter pilot who holds the record as the youngest naval aviator (at age 20) in the Vietnam war, achieving the rank of captain in the Marines at age 22. – Wikipedia contributors. (2021, November 13). Robert J. Moriarty. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 16:39, December 26, 2022

Demetrius I of MacedonDemetrius I (/dɪˈmiːtriəs/Ancient Greek: Δημήτριος; 337–283 BC) – AKA “The Besieger” – Wikipedia contributors. (2022, October 21). Demetrius I of Macedon. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 16:31, December 26, 2022

Executive Order 6102Executive Order 6102 is an executive order signed on April 5, 1933, by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt “forbidding the hoarding of gold coingold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States.”  – Wikipedia contributors. (2022, November 8). Executive Order 6102. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 15:59, December 26, 2022

link2source – Gold Confiscation or Nationalization by FDR 1933 – Mike Maloney – Hyperinflation will produce a different society.

link2source – fox news DOT com – us Texas Gov Greg Abbott orders investigation INTO non profits AND illegal immigration – expected to increase – Title 42 U.S. Border

link2TWEET – * Christmas in Paris – Looting, ETC

link2source – Peaceful Instrumental Christmas Music: Relaxing Christmas music “Comfort and Joy” by Tim Janis

link2source – history DOT com: this day in history – Statue of Liberty Dedicated: 1886, October 28th – New York Harbor, President Grover Cleveland: (1837-1908), the 22nd and 24th U.S. president.

link2source – * Gregg Abbot, 140 Illegal Aliens packed up and shipped to Kamala * Greg Abbott Trolls Kamala on Christmas Eve with a Special Gift! – link2source – independent sentinel DOT com – The Truth Behind – “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…” – By Dianne Hermann -October 28, 2020 – used to promote unfettered and unrestricted immigration, here’s the truth about the poem: “American poet Emma Lazarus (1849-1887) wrote the poem ‘The New Colossus‘ in 1883.”


NPC, A (Non Player Character) In Real Life – link2source – someone who exists but is not really alive

link2source – liberty state park DOT com emma DOT htm

Saratov Oblast – “[…]  a federal subject of Russia (an oblast), located in the Volga Federal District. ” – Wikipedia contributors. (2022, September 16). Saratov Oblast. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 15:28, December 26, 2022

The New Colossus – “[…] by American poet Emma Lazarus (1849–1887). She wrote the poem in 1883 to raise money for the construction of a pedestal for the Statue of Liberty (Liberty Enlightening the World).[2] In 1903, the poem was cast onto a bronze plaque and mounted inside the pedestal’s lower level.” – Wikipedia contributors. (2022, November 21). The New Colossus. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 15:18, December 26, 2022 – The poem references the Colossus of Rhodes in the lines: “… the brazen giant of Greek fame, With conquering limbs astride from land to land.”

The poem references the Colossus of Rhodes in the lines: “… the brazen giant of Greek fame, With conquering limbs astride from land to land.”

link2source – * Kari Lake * MERRY CHRISTMAS! Twitter Files 9 and Kari Lake Decision – Robert Gouveia Esq

link2source – * Holding Precious Metals and, They are coming for your gold via Nationalization. * Amid System Reset, They’ll Come After Your Gold | Francis Hunt

link2source – This Time Japan Dropped a Bomb on Us – Ep 863

link2TWEET – 9.OGA, or “Other Government Organization,” – MATT Taibbi

link2source – * DEEP INSIDE RUSSIAN TERRITORY: DRONE ATTACK, DRONE SPOTTED AND SHOT DOWN, DEBRIS KILLS 3 RUSSIANS – Putin ready to negotiate, West wants to tear apart Russia. German MOD, two military scenarios. U/1 – Alex Christoforou

link2source – Twitter Files, “OGA” censoring foreign policy news. Iran warns Podolyak. Sunak soup kitchen. U/1 * ADDED 12-25-2022 *


link2source – Russia Confirms Forces Deep In Bakhmut, Captures Andreevka, Ukraine Losing Attrition War, Putin MIC – Alexander Mercouris

city night explosion firework
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link2source – Russia takes Andreevka. WSJ, Belensky 10 point peace formula. US & Canada, confiscate assets. U/1 – Alex Christoforou


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