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It’s all about timing. – todo es cuestión de sincronización.

link2source – * Youtube * US troops in Ukraine, inspect weapons. Serbia warned, Russia or EU. Sweden, yes to NATO nukes. U/1 – Tropas estadounidenses en Ucrania, inspeccionar armas. Serbia advirtió, Rusia o la UE. Suecia, sí a las armas nucleares de la OTAN. U/1

link2source – Doomberg: Global Diesel Supply Problems Continue To Get Worse? – Doomberg: ¿Los problemas globales de suministro de diésel continúan empeorando?

link2source – 2022.11.02 NATO’S NEW TUNE: “LET’S GET IT ON” GONZALO LIRA — AGAIN

link2source – Don’t Buy These Gold & Silver Bars & Coins 11/03/22 Gold & Silver Price Report – No compre estas barras de oro y plata y monedas 11/03/22 Informe de precio de oro y plata

LINK2SOURCE – Ukraine Energy Crisis Risks EU Migrant Crisis, EU in Denial; Putin Erdogan Reinstate Grain Deal

link2source – CONTINENTAL COUNTER ELECTSPIONAGE! – ¡Un traje de campaña continental!

link2source – Rogue News: Federal Reserve Lies Exposed – V, CryptoCowboy & CJ – Rogue News: La Reserva Federal está expuesta – V, CryptoCowboy y CJ

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link2source – Its Getting Harder To Find Silver & Gold 10/27/22 Gold & Silver Price Report – Su cada vez más difícil de encontrar plata y oro 10/27/22 Oro y plata Informe de precios

link2source – Larry McDonald: The End of a Rate Hiking Cycle is Great for Gold – El final de un ciclo de senderismo tarifa es ideal para el oro

link2source – Douglas MacGregor: NATO Readies Massive Attack-Putin Sounds Alarm – La OTAN prepara un ataque masivo: Putin da la alarma

link2source – Michael Oliver: Silver Will Crush Gold

link2source – Francis Hunt: The World is Turning to Gold as Debt Resets


link2source – Rumble cancels France. State media labels. Putin, grain deal warning. Elensky nuke obsessed. U/1

link2source – Powell Pulls The Pin On A Panic Bomb: How I’m PositionedIn my opinion, it isn’t a question of “if” we see economic panic. With rates at 4% and Powell as hawkish as ever, it’s only a question of “when”.

link2source – NOVEMBER 2, 2022 NEWS ROUNDUP

link2source – David McAlvany: While Fed Hikes Rates More, Other Central Banks Buy Record Gold Tonnage In Q3 2022


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11 Pull The Pin On The Panic Bomb


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