rock formation during night time

…As the light fills the space before me. The past is past until I travel too far. Then I come to where I started before. To cycle as the tides of the oceans, rolling out, then back again, sands of the beach forgets.

The track’s in space. Moon, our teacher. The phase, by any name. Or nameless. By terrifying silence.

As rose petals flatter, the flower of the wind, time dictates they fall. Time dictates their age. They travel always. And I, as the arc requires. Arc of the moon, quintessential ARK. Wisdom of the age’s whispered about the fires of past’s future, then written in the sky. – JL 10-21-2022

rock formation during night time
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link2source – NUKE DUPE THEN PEACE CON! * CRISPR * A Last Minute October Surprise for Biden – Zelensky’s Peace Deal by the time the Frost is On The Pumpkin. Baby Nuke if Europe doesn’t play ball. * 6 to 12 nations will rule the world as a junta as per the WEF (World Economic Forum). Putin know that: – anything can happen when the power goes out. AZOV brigade can do a false flag using a small nuclear device. In summary: It’s all for the election.

link2soure – true the vote DOT org – statement regarding arrest OF Konnech CEO Eugene Yu

link2source – Boris comeback, Larry the Cat as UK PM. Musk Twitter deal, US security concerns. Drone hysteria. U/1

link2source – V is for Veles – V Guerrilla & Veles

link2source – A Critical analysis of what you think you know vs what you actually know. – National consensus is being shaped by propaganda. – OH, WHAT AN EVENTFUL WEEK WE JUST SURVIVED!


link2source – OCTOBER 20, 2022 NEWS ROUNDUP – 537% higher illness rate among children.

link2source – MMX –

link2source – Dr. Stephen Leeb: We have Destroyed the Fed’s Ability to Act


Crimea – Wikipedia contributors. (2022, October 18). Crimea. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 16:44, October 21, 2022

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link2source –

link2source –

Lee Zeldin – Wikipedia contributors. (2022, October 18). Lee Zeldin. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 18:41, October 21, 2022 – “[…] Zeldin voted against certification of Arizona‘s and Pennsylvania‘s electoral votes.[2][3][4][5]

link2source – 95 Percent of Corpses Had Received COVID Vaccination Within 2 Weeks of Death: Funeral Director * COVID VACCINE INJURIES

link2source – Chris Irons: The Next Lehman Moment


As Sun-Tzu would say, Know your enemy.

Although, in my blog posts, I provide links to a number of videos and sources, I do not necessarily approve or agree of all the opinions expressed therein. If the video/source contains worthwhile information, even if it is mixed with, in my judgement, along with opinions and/or beliefs that I do not agree with, I will include it in my blog.

In this age of severe censorship, beggars cannot be choosers in regards to sources of information that are reasonably accurate, or useful.

I hope that you understand my including potentially upsetting or offensive opinions.

I appreciate your indulgence.

It is essential that we know our enemy; now more than ever.


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