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link2source – The “Ableist” Delusion And The Tragic Downfall Of John Fetterman – A courageous effort by Fetterman on the debate stage Tuesday belies the cowardice of his own party, who should have pulled him from the Senate race months ago. – “[…] the truly fearless course of action would have been telling Fetterman months ago, as almost anybody here would with their own family members, that his focus should be on his recovery and he’s likely not a great candidate to be running for United States Senate.”

link2source – * Link to Twitter * Pennsylvania Lt. Governor and Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman sat down with [Dasha Burns] in an exclusive interview using closed captioning.

silhouette of two persons stargazing
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link2source – Russia Kherson Offensive; Putin Rejects Globalism, Fair World System, Warns of Great Dangers Ahead

link2source – Crimea attack. Russia MoD claims UK behind Nord Stream. Pirate cash for Serbia. EU warns Elon. U/2

link2source – The Baltic and The Black Sea – Russia pulls out of ‘grain deal.’ UK denies Russian Nord Stream sabotage claims. U/3 – Russians are mounting an offensive – Alex Christoforou

link2source – RUSSIAN FORCES LAUNCH OFFENSIVE TOWARDS UGLEDAR – “On October 29, Russian forces resumed active offensive operations towards the town of Ugledar in the western part of the Donetsk People’s Republic. The advancing forces have already engaged pro-Kiev troops around the village of Pavlovka (Pavlivka) and southeast of Ugledar itself.” – south front DOT org – Accessed 10-29-2022 – “The increase of sections of the frontline on which the Russians carry out offensive operations may indicate that Moscow has decided that time to regain the initiative on the battleground has come.

link2source – Musk, bird is free, Starlink is on. Prague massive protests. Greece, Poland; German reparations. U/1 – Alex Christoforou

link2source – OCTOBER 27, 2022 NEWS ROUNDUP

link2source – Be Smarter Or Get Eaten 08/24/22 Gold & Silver Price Report

link2source – Rogue News: Will the Fed be Replaced? – Crypto Cowboy, V & CJ


link2source – “Central Banks Will Control Your Bank Account & It’s NOT YOUR Money Anymore” – Jim Rickards


John Fetterman – Wikipedia contributors. (2022, October 29). John Fetterman. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 13:41, October 29, 2022

Executive Order 14067Executive Order 14067, officially titled Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets, was signed on March 9, 2022 and is the 83rd executive order signed by U.S. President Joe Biden.


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