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Below is the Wikileaks from 2014 that tells the real story behind California’s crime spree. Gavin Newsom’s support and endorsement of Proposition 47.

Prop 47: How I’m voting on this controversial issue

Date2014-10-08 19:17:11 UTC
Topascal, amy

Gavin Newsom, Lt. Governor of California    

Amy,This fall, as usual, California voters will consider a number of initiatives on the ballot.   One of them, Prop 47, is controversial – but it shouldn’t be.  Here’s why.     Prop 47 will change the way we sentence people in California for non-violent, low-level crimes like drug possession and petty theft. Today, those offenses often carry felony charges, but Prop 47 will change them to misdemeanors.   That’s a good thing. It’s a common sense rebalancing of our criminal justice system so that it prioritizes violent and dangerous crimes.   Even better, by reducing prison costs, Prop 47 will save hundreds of millions of dollars every year – and use those savings to break the crime cycle. The money will be used to treat mental illness and drug addiction, fund anti-truancy programs in K-12 schools, and help victims of crime recover from their trauma.  

 That’s how you fight crime – not by simply building more and more prisons, but by investing in proven crime prevention.  Some people refer to prison as “crime college” – a place where petty offenders turn into hardened criminals.  Not to mention, it makes no sense to use prisons to warehouse people with mental illness.   Prop 47 is forward thinking, it’s innovative, and it’s a serious, fact-based approach to reducing crime. And that’s why it has my support.   

Sure, it’s controversial.  But it’s the right thing to do.  Time and again, we’ve seen hot-button issues ultimately become widely accepted as simple common sense.   That’s happening on marriage equality, it’s happening on paid sick leave, and it’s even starting to happen with issues like universal health care and the regulation and legalization of marijuana for adults.  Prop 47 is both radical and common sense, and it won’t be long before states across the country are looking to California, once again, as the leader.   Join me. Vote YES on Prop 47.   Gavin        

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NOTES, Geography

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NOTES, Historic

1939 Nazi rally at Madison Square Garden – link – On February 20, 1939, a Nazi rally took place at Madison Square Garden, organized by the German American Bund. More than 20,000 people attended, and Fritz Julius Kuhn (a German Nazi activist who served as elected leader of the German American Bund before World War II.) was a featured speaker.  – Wikipedia contributors. (2023, January 8). 1939 Nazi rally at Madison Square Garden. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 17:58, January 8, 2023 – SOURCE for Fritz Julius Kuhn: Wikipedia contributors. (2023, January 8). Fritz Julius Kuhn. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 01:06, January 9, 2023 – SOURCE – FRITZ KUHN, Former Bund Chief, Ordered Back to Germany, Sept. 7th., 1945 – Google Digitized Newspaper: The Evening Independent. ‘Born in Munich in 1896, Kuhn came to the United States in 1928. He was naturalized in 1934, but a New York federal court found fraud in the proceedings and canceled his citizenship June 1st., 1943.‘ – NATZI ORGANIZATION FORMS IN AMERICA – LINK2SOURCE – Reporters of Chicago Paper Investigate “Rapidly Growing Army”


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