The Mystery of Being… while visiting Times Square, or any other place in the Universe, for that matter.

Night does not exist in Times Square. The excitement is never-ending. Much as within the Arctic Circle, the blazing Sun of Commerce burns with conviction.

Photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez: – link

NYC is synonymous with the very idea of finding yourself, fashion, finance, and the home of the icon of freedom, the Statue of Liberty.


link2source – – This is a story I listened to as an audio book, for the first time, a number of years ago. I found the story, especially with the melodious narration, to be a blank canvass on which to paint my own marvelous story. The colors of the paint, the delightful mixture of art and music allusions, the historic epochs provided as backdrops, the delicious anticipation of the very next chapter, provided by the author, are stunning, intoxicating.

Felice tells the story of your life.

I was there; or at least I felt like it. And, my fascination for the characters, which I feel like I have met in person, never dies. I will not give away how this tragedy unfolds. It does reveal, however, all that is beautiful about America! That, I will give away.

In part, Felice Picano was writing a Story of the City. They offered up what was best of America.

There was a time; and it was history.

* Like People in History: A Gay American Epic –  Audible Audioboo
k – Unabridged – Felice Picano (Author), Ethan Sawyer (Narrator), Audible Studios (Publisher)

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link2source – DAVID DUBYNE ISSUES EMERGENCY ALERT OVER COLLAPSING FOOD AND ENERGY SUPPLIES ACROSS EUROPE * CBDCs – Central Bank Digital Currencies * Grand Solar Minimum * Arrival of a Kill-Zone Winter *

A periodic solar event called a “Grand Solar Minimum” has started in 2020 and will probably last until 2070. – link2source

link2source – * “The economy of imaginary wealth is being inevitably replaced by the economy of hard asset.” – Vladimir Putin – Sept. 2022 * The Macro Compass DOT substack DOT com p the long war # details 9-08-2022 – Putin vs Europe – The Long War – Putin’s strategy is clear – but how will Europe react, and will it work?

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link2source – music DOT amazon DOT com – podcasts – bannon’s war room -episode -2138: the doj leaking documents-to-wapo-they-want-to-continue-to-mask-you-and-your-children-europe-is-wanting-to-‘flatten-the-curve’-now-for-energy-demand-millions-of-dollars-are-being-spent-against-maga-candidates-yet-they-stay-strong-in-the-polls


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