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“Mechanistic ideology always lives on credit.” * See Notes

It’s a Plague. Get outside the “Blue Bubble” while you still can!

link to MAGA is as powerful as four words can get: Make America Great Again! – Biden White House BACKTRACKS on MAGA Speech After MEME Warfare

link to The Epoch Times DOT com * “Biden Declares ‘MAGA Republicans’ a Threat to Republic; Trump Supporting Jan. 6 Defendants JOSHUA PHILIPP


link2twitter to Paul Preston – Agenda 21 Radio – Transmitted on Twitter – New California State #51 “The “Big” Truth: TRUMP Won California With 15,871,786 to BIDEN’s 4,620,330”

link to Arizona Sun Times DOT com – 2022/09/05 True-the-Vote calls out Arizona AG criminal division over mishandling its 2000-mules complaint unmasking informants

link to 5 Psychological Experiments That Explain The Modern World – algora DOT com – Algora blog – 2022/09/05


link to Fed Can’t Solve an Inflation Problem It Doesn’t Understand – Ep 837 * 8-31-2022 * Schiff, Peter

link to Are You Ready For The New Economy? | Jim Bianco

link to Roundtable #17: Michael Millerman, Mark Sleboda – Gonzalo Lira

link to TG 840: The Gaggle Talks to Gonzalo Lira

link to #PEDOHITLER HATES AMERICA * BLM Violence Against America *

link to * Disarming U.S. Military to send guns to Ukraine. * GUNS BEING TAKEN FROM AMERICANS AND SENT TO UKRAINE * $1 Billion / Week being sent to Ukraine.

link to The Stark Contrast Between Trumps Pennsylvania Speech and Bidens Anti-MAGA Address

link2source – “[Biden’s is a]  weak regime projecting strength at a time of mass unpopularity and rising polling numbers of political opponents in pivotal midterm elections.” – ZeroHedge – The Overreach Of The Biden Administration Has Led To The Dropping Of The Executive Mask, – BY TYLER DURDEN – SATURDAY, SEP 03, 2022 – 02:30 PM

link2source – washington examiner DOT com – news – Steve Cohen – inauguration security – Steve Cohen says he’s concerned National Guard is securing inauguration because it’s ‘more conservative’ and most troops are male, by Emma Colton, Social Media Editor |  January 18, 2021 01:57 PM


link to totality of evidence DOT com – professor Mattias Desmet – “His theory of mass formation during the COVID-19 pandeimc has become widely known and widely misunderstood since gaining mainstream attention. The phenomenon is a kind of collective hypnosis that occurs under certain societal conditions.”

Quiet quitting – Wikipedia contributors. (2022, September 3). Quiet quitting. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 23:22, September 3, 2022

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09 The Noise of Mechanistic Arguments


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