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Between earnings falling off and multiples needing to contract, along with 200 bps of rate hikes that we just mainlined catching up to us, we could be in for some serious fun heading into the back end of the year.

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link2source – a21r – Agenda 21 Radio, Paul Preston, Chriss Street – Transmitted 9-16-2022 New California State #51

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link2source – Trump Special Master Appointed; Partial Stay DENIED; Martha’s Vineyard Migrants DEPORTED

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link2source – US Army’s Recruiting Crisis Worsens As Test Scores Drop, Disqualifications Rates Surge – ZeroHedge – BY TYLER DURDEN – FRIDAY, SEP 16, 2022 – 08:20 PM

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link2source – Is Pakistan Switching Sides? – 09-17-2022 – Algora Blog – via ASB Military News – “Pakistans new PM was widely expected to take a pro-American stance and step away from pro-Russian political ties, however, that did not happen.”

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link2source – Texas Marks Victory against Censorship by the Lunatic Left – Algora Blog – 9-16-2022 -“A US appeals court has cleared the way for Texas to begin enforcing a landmark anti-censorship law, ruling that Twitter, Facebook and other social media giants don’t have a constitutional right to silence opinions that they find objectionable.”


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Dear Reader

I was engaged/ subjected to an otherwise pleasant conversation with friends/associates in a restaurant, delicious for the eyes as well as for the food. There were complaints from across the table regarding “Fox and Friends”, which I confess I do not watch nor listen to. The complaint was not for the content of the ideas but instead the “loud” manner in which the were presented.

I thought this conversation was somewhat providential because it had been (and remains) my goal to present necessary, and vital ideas, which I imagine Fox and Friends attempt to present, in a medium, in their written form, that is neither “loud” nor obnoxious. (They did not use the word “obnoxious”; that is my contribution.)

It speaks volumes that ideas are rejected for being presented in high volume. I thought ideas should be judged on their own merits.

Some conversations are like rain storms during otherwise pleasant weather. You weather them out. That is to say, wait for them to pass.

I was on a marvelous vacation, at the time of this conversation. Although, the trip was made under the sombre circumstances of a death in the family. We took a side-trip and saw the “Garden of the Gods” and Balance Rock.

May my aunt rest in peace.

May the rest of us live in peace.


JL 9-17-2022

By James Legare: Balance Rock, Garden of the Gods.


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