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Be short derivatives as a hedge for long metal if you understand the risk” – SOURCE

“The Ukrainian-Russian War is now a global conflict.” – SOURCE

link to the capitalist DOT com – Dollar will plunge 35[%], -lose status as world reserve currency * “[Because of the] slow decoupling of the US from its trade partners.” – [A]ccording to Stephen Roach, a senior fellow at Yale University and the former chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia.

link to rumble DOT com – The Left’s decade of death, disease and spying DOT html

link to The Battle for Ukraine & Prospects for World War III | Peter Zeihan

link to Gold & Silver Only Refuge in a Quickly Collapsing World Economy

link to Francis Hunt: the great monetary reset is here, how to navigate your way through it

link to JULY 14, 2022 NEWS ROUNDUP

link to AIR FORCE BARRED FROM BOOTING UNVACCINATED * “The fraud is penetrated under the radar.”

link to END OF THE AMERICAN CENTURY – BUILD A CENTURY FOR ALL NATIONS – “The Ukrainian-Russian War is now a global conflict.”

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link to The Strangest Recession of Our Lifetimes – – by Jeffrey A. Tucker – July 15, 2022 Updated: July 15, 2022


Yes, “Dear Reader” kind-of reminds me of a “Dear John” letter. We are not breaking up, at least I hope not, however. I realize my various posts are more like plates of spaghetti thrown against the wall to see what sticks as opposed to a coherent synthesis, or analysis, or coherent ideas described and critiqued. My website is kind of like the eerie laws of physics that existed when our Universe was merely, or not even, a few nano-seconds old. Bizarre and unfathomable.

Unfortunately, I am more than a few nano-seconds old. Quite a bit older in fact, far too old for throwing plates of spaghetti against the wall. I do strive to impart wisdom and shall try harder.

The Strangest Recession of Our Lifetimes is an article in the Epoch Times. If you have never had occasion to visit and read this website, I suggest you pop on over and pay them a visit.

Speaking of our economy, it has taken a year-and-a-half, but, people are beginning to notice that inflation is a real thing, and, it does real bad things. Not nearly as unfathomable as the laws of a very young Universe mere nanoseconds after the Big Bang.

” In February 2021, after nearly a year of monster money printing, the CPI showed an annual rate of inflation of just 1.7 percent. ” – SOURCE, Modern Monetary Theory Bites The Dust, – BY TYLER DURDEN, FRIDAY, JUL 15, 2022 – 04:00 PM

However, you do not have to know anything about anti-matter or quarks to understand the simple process of printing money (electronically or otherwise) to the point of making it worthless. It’s called currency debasement. No, Im not talking about putting money in the basement.


Imagine a game of Monopoly where the players actually bid on the real estate, as opposed to having a set price, and they are given more and more money by the banker. (Free Money!) Role the dice, get more money.

Imagine this thought experiment, Monopoly with money given out hand-over-fist. What would happen to the price of real estate?

Well, now you get the picture: sky-high asset prices.

Thank you for looking at my post(s), dear reader.

I am sincere when I express my gratitude: thank you for reading this far, even if you are scanning headlines, which is all most people have time for, on their off-hours when not working their third job.

“Let’s Go Brandon!”

JL 7-15-2022


link to Bank for International Settlements – Wikipedia contributors. (2022, July 14). Bank for International Settlements. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 13:35, July 15, 2022


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