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link to Henry Kissinger and the Vietnam War – Wikipedia contributors. (2022, May 25). Henry Kissinger and the Vietnam War. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 16:34, May 26, 2022

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James O’Brien McMahon

link to https://www.justice.gov/criminal/history/assistant-attorneys-general/brien-mcmahon

  • “Brien McMahon was born James O’Brien McMahon in 1903 in Norwalk, Connecticut. He attended Fordham University, earning the nickname “Senator” for his work in student government. After graduation in 1924, he began his legal studies at Yale Law School. ”
  • “In 1936, with Attorney General Cummings’s recommendation, President Franklin D. Roosevelt made Mr. McMahon the youngest-ever Assistant Attorney General, tasking him with leading the Criminal Division.”
  • “In 1945, Mr. McMahon was elected to the U.S. Senate where he chaired the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, spearheading efforts to expand America’s nuclear arsenal.”

McMahon, the internationalist defeated Danaher, the “isolationist.”

link to THE BRIEN MCMAHON PAPERS – concerning the life of the late Senator – The “Wayback Machine” – “[…] a fascinating insight into the workings of party politics in the Roosevelt era.” – “It is clear that his association with Homer Cummings and other top Connecticut Democrats gave him access to leading national Democratic figures, including President Roosevelt himself.” – “The Harlan County case was a landmark trial as the first effort to uphold the Wagner National Labor Relations Act, i.e., to enforce the right of labor to form unions. “

– lawyer – politician

link to https://prabook.com/web/brien.mcmahon/3764437 – Brien McMahon  – also known as James O’Brien McMahon – assistant attorney general –

Atomic Energy Act of 1946 (McMahon Act)

link to https://wikimili.com/en/Atomic_Energy_Act_of_1946 – “The Atomic Energy Act of 1946 (McMahon Act) determined how the United States would control and manage the nuclear technology it had jointly developed with its World War II allies, the United Kingdom and Canada. Most significantly, the Act ruled that nuclear weapon development and nuclear power management would be under civilian, rather than military control, and established the United States Atomic Energy Commission for this purpose.

link to https://wikimili.com/en/Atomic_Energy_Act_of_1946

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link to http://kytnliving.com/the-harlan-county-coal-wars-1931-1939/ 1931-1939: The Harlan County Wars took on its own epic spin on the ongoing fight between labor disputes and the coal operators and owners lasting almost ten years.

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