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link to James Howard Kunstler Updates The Long Emergency (with his book: Living In The Long Emergency) “Capital is actually disappearing.” – The destruction of capital in our monetary system. The author comments on the direction of the culture by describing where it has lead us so far. This “journalist-at-heart” provides biographies that describe how specific persons have modified their lives to “Live in The Long Emergency.”

The book, The Long Emergency is required reading for those who want to understand where the ongoing economic and political collapse that has engulfed our nation and planet is taking us. It is theorized that the “Housing Bubble Collapse” of 2008 was really triggered by the shortage of oil. The future looks bleak. In order to cope with, and even build a better, more local, less global, and simpler way of life it is essential to understand the nature of Peak Oil, the energy crisis that materialized in its wake, the financial disorganization, and collapse of hyper-complex, unsustainable systems. Also, “Green Energy” is much like the perpetual motion machines of the Victorian Age. Simply impossible.

perpetual motion machine is a hypothetical machine that can do work infinitely without an external energy source. This kind of machine is impossible, as it would violate either the first or second law of thermodynamics or both.[2][3][4][5]

Fragility and The Collapse of Complex Societies – link * With James Howard Kunstler)

Time Stamp References: 0:00

Introduction 0:58

The Long Emergency 6:33

2008 and Today 10:16

Debt, Russia, & Putin 14:26

Peak Stupidity? 18:10

Green Energy Issues 23:50

Grid Issues & Solutions 26:00

Weather and Farming 29:26

Now What? 31:39

Finding Local Solutions 34:22

Gold, Rubles, and Risk 38:00

Biden, WEF, & Schwab 39:38

Coordinated Crazy? 43:07

U.S. Weakness & China 48:34

Capital & Energy Solutions 52:36

Panic out of dollars? 54:47

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Website: James Howard Kunstler wrote The Geography of Nowhere and The Long Emergency as well as other works.


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bibliomanía – link – Pasión por los libros y manía de adquirirlos.

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True Western Values

Dear Reader

As always, thank you for reading my blog, even if only briefly.

With World War III blazing in Ukraine, and so many of us in The States confused about its true cynical purpose, that of hiding the criminality of a certain illegitimate administration, the only thing that brings me hope is the fact that, evidently, Putin has a better understanding and respect for what are true Western values than most of us in the U.S. This odd turn of events, where the defender of the ideals of human rights is embodied in the former Soviet Union, is evidenced by the fact that Putin, apparently, rejects Globalism and its heinous agenda (see DAVOS and WEF). He may succeed in forcing the other nations into adopting a policy of sound money. (As opposed to debasing their sovereign currencies.)

The illegitimate regime of The States (see the occupant of the Oval Office) is pressing ahead with Central Bank Digital Currencies, or CBDCs, a monetary system any totalitarian would love. Contrast that with what is apparently the monetary policy of Russia: gold or Roubles for oil. This was after Russia was kicked off of the SWIFT system, which in odd turnabout may have helped make the world a safer place for human rights and democracy: out of necessity, countries not aligned with the illegitimate regime (Oval Office) are creating their own gold-backed monetary system.

Destruction of All Personal Autonomy a-la Totalitarian-Style

Putin just may save the world, or at least, the West from its own craven lust for power and control. He may put a stop to the destruction of personal autonomy of any kind, or at least create the conditions necessary to slow down the former Senator from Delaware in his efforts to transform the States in his own image.

And Putin may help to carve out a better place for safety, freedom and peace in the globe called Earth.

The Blue-above-Yellow, or Gold

Now, about ridding Ukraine of the Nazis, a small matter for a great leader like Putin, especially since all the equipment the West sends into Ukraine is obsolete and the soldiers we sneak into Ukraine are woketopian nincompoops.

We could use some leadership in The States, especially D.C., which is locked down like East Berlin during the Cold War.

Regrettably, on this disturbing note, I must leave you , dear reader. May your day be a marvelous one. Don’t let the collapse of Western ideals like freedom of speech (see the former Senator’s new department accurately referred to as The Ministry of Truth) get you down.

Your author and publisher, and editor all wrapped up into one incredible body, JL

This blog post corrected-updated on 4-30-2022 & 5-1-22


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