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It’s not an emotion, either. Think with your Cerebral Cortex, aka gray matter.

Information Warfare = Propaganda

Two things interest me, History, and things soon to become History.

A Brave New World: “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.” 

link – s k wealth academy DOT substack DOT com – ACCESSED 3-06-2023 – skwealthacademy by J. Kim Referring to Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, written in 1931 and published in 1932, where the “[…] citizens are environmentally engineered into an intelligence-based social hierarchy, […]”

link2source – Substack – S. K. Wealth Academy – The Ideological Subversion of a Nation: From Doves to Hawks in a Single Generation – 03-01-2023

link2source – TUCKER CARLSON LAID A TRAP FOR THE DEEP STATE AND THEY JUST STEPPED IN IT! FULL SHOW 3/7/23 – “Tucker Carlson will be ‘delivering the goodstonight.”

link2source – Glory And Defeat – The Franco-Prussian War 1870/71 (Full Documentary)

link2source – MARCH 7, 2023 NEWS ROUNDUP

link2source – Rogue News – Cuss with Guss – Transmitted 3-08-2023 – Woketopia Deconstructed by the plain-spoken Guss, however, it is still OK to burn the American Flag. Civil Rights, Hate Crimes and the Protected Class, and more explained quite plainly, or, shall I say Frank-ly.

NOTES, chemistry

Chlorine dioxideChlorine dioxide is a chemical compound with the formula ClO2 that exists as yellowish-green gas above 11 °C, a reddish-brown liquid between 11 °C and −59 °C, and as bright orange crystals below −59 °C. – Wikipedia contributors. (2023, February 28). Chlorine dioxide. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 16:45, March 8, 2023


link2TWEET – The protests over pension reform in France are getting tense. Big clashes with the police are breaking out – Wall Street Silver@WallStreetSilv – 4:37 PM · Mar 7, 2023

link2source – RULE OF LAW RETURNS?


link2TWEET – Police in France retreating as protesters throw rocks during pension reform protests. – Wall Street Silver@WallStreetSilv –

link2source – America’s Mayor Live (E97): What Really Happened on January 6th? – Rudy W. Giuliana

link2source – Military Affairs – Observations About the War in Ukraine from the Russian Side –  – ALGORA BLOG

link2source – Zerohedge – “They Lied To Us All”: Tucker Exposes January 6 Fraud And Kangaroo-Court Cover-Up – 03-07-2023

link2source – Reinforce Bakhmut. Scholz says Biden is most skilled. China spy cranes. Bono, Pink, LVIV AID. U/1 – Alex Christoforou

link2source – Blackstone Default & Gold Doping | Andy Schectman LIVE – * BAIL-IN *

link2source – LIVE 🚨 What Oregon’s Collapse Means for Precious Metals

link2source – ‘Demilitarise and denazify’: How Vladimir Putin justifies Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – Desmilitarizar y desnazificar: Cómo justifica Vladimir Putin la invasión de Ucrania por Rusia – FP STAFF – 02-24-2022

link2source – January 6th Tapes DESTROY Insurrection Narratives and Politicians FREAK – Robert Gouveia Esq

link2source – Brave New World – by Aldous Huxley – Ben Shapiro – Brave New World: The Pleasure Principle

link2source – Bakhmut heats up w/Brian Berletic and Gonzalo Lira (Live) – Ukraine-Russian Proxy War – Transmitted 3-07-2023

link2source – It’s Starting To “Reek” Of A Cold War – QTR’s Fringe Finance – “Is there anyone out there that still thinks China is not going to take Taiwan before November 2024?” – Quoth the Raven – 03-07-2023

link2TWEET – We were lost but we’re finding our way back. – Culture Critic@Culture_Crit – * Schofield Building – (previously known as the Euclid Ninth Tower) is a high-rise building in downtown ClevelandOhio. – Wikipedia contributors. (2022, September 20). Schofield Building. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 13:12, March 7, 2023 *

link2source – US [Sanctions] Take Silver Over $50 & Gold Over $2500! 03/06/2023 Gold & Silver Price Report

link2source – MARCH 6, 2023 NEWS ROUNDUP

link2source – “The more we’re winning, the more they’re going to make it seem like we’re losing on the outside.” – KABOOM – JAN 6 TAPES BREAKS THE CAMEL’S BACK GO TUCKER

link2TWEET – Bombs hit Ukrainian positions and warehouses in Avdiivka. Recently, the number of high-precision bombs used by the Russian Aerospace Forces has increased markedly, which cannot but rejoice. – Intel Slava Z – Zlatti71@djuric_zlatko –

link2source – “ROBOT ART, 15-MINUTE CITIES, BIDEN’S BRAIN…” 3/6/23 – Quite Frankly

link2source – The Sudetenland: The Trigger for WWII

link2source – Franz Josef: The Last Great Emperor

link2source – The Utopian Ideology of the Leftists – 05-06-2023 – The Best Film of the Year that Won’t Win Best Picture – The Oscars on Sunday, March 12th, 2023; and we not which film will NOT win! – Woke Hollywood

link2source – Bitcoin STORM Incoming! (Kraken Opens Crypto Bank)

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link2source – Bitcoin: The Immaculate Conception: Bitcoin vs Fiat Standard | Dr. Saifedean Ammous | EP 203 – Jordan B. Peterson – “There are no insiders in Bitcoin.” – The Economics of Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency

link2source – Macron shut down. Bakhmut, very symbolic & very strategic. Bild, blame Elensky. BBC shovels. U/1 – Alex Christoforou

link2source – Alex Christoforou – NYT, ZEIT; Pro-Ukraine group blew up Nord Stream. Tbilisi Euromaidan. CNN, Bakhmut open road. U/1

link2source – Join the Twitch community! – Rogue News – Transmitted 3-07-2023 –

link2source – Crypto: A Ticking Timebomb That’s Waiting To Blow Up | Bob Moriarty

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03 The Trigger for WWIII, not a trigger phrase.


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