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Fail Forward!

Joe Biden’s Deep, Philosophical Observations, and Zen-inspired Non-attachment to Reality.

I admire and applaud former-Senator Joe’s ability and enthusiasm with respect to his letting-go of any and all allusions to all that grounds us collectively to the basic laws of physics and the actual workings of the universe, exempli gratia: time and space.

All the traditional laws and customs (of Government as well as the fabric of our Universe), respect and understanding of which keep our civilization functioning, are pure bunk, and Joe knows it! This includes details like: people have to eat, energy is necessary for heat in the winter, etc.

Coherent communication is over-rated. (John Fetterman is making great strides in this subcategory.) The world is past logic and order. We see this from the heights of the grand Universe, to the workings of keeping supermarket shelves empty of any and all affordable merchandise. Don’t thank Joe, he’s just doing his job!

Functioning institutions and integrity are passé. The U.S. Constitution is simply filled with helpful suggestions for how people could have gotten along 200 years ago. Republics are for chumps afraid of the tyranny of the majority, called Democracy.

Embrace failure and take Joe’s example! Really, go with the flow.

Let’s clear out the relics with the dross with our Spring cleaning. Follow Joe’s example. Someone voted for him, I’m sure of it! – James Legare 1-8-2023.

The House Freedom Caucus Stubbornly Insists on…FREEDOM! – 11 VOTES and Counting!

The vax supremacists thank you personally for your unquestioning compliance!

Election of the Speaker-of-the-House: It Keeps Going Until Someone Gets 50% + 1

If all 434 members of Congress attend the vote and announce their support of a specific individual, the magic number is 218 (50% of the attending members plus one). However, if members are absent or vote “present,” the threshold is reduced accordingly.

link – – How many votes are needed to become speaker?


Wagner Group – a Russian paramilitary organization.[3] – Wikipedia contributors. (2023, January 7). Wagner Group. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 14:43, January 8, 2023

link2source – csis DOT org – blogs – post Soviet Post – Band Brothers – Wagner Group and Russian State – “The Russian private military company Wagner Group may appear to be a conventional business company. However, its management and operations are deeply intertwined with the Russian military and intelligence community. ” – ACCESSED 1-8-2023

link2source – new geography DOT com – content – 001274 What Happens When California Defaults ? – “Our governor and legislature used every trick in their books when they created the most recent budget.


The following is from AENN, and Agenda 21 Radio, with Chriss Street and Paul Preston


Vast Financial Fraud

It didn’t take long before we heard from one of our readers that the state of California has defaulted on their repayment to the federal government because of their massive mismanagement (some say money laundering to China) of Employment Development Department which has lead to the loss of over $300 billion dollars over the course of 15 months during the covid hoax pandemic.

New California State Vice President Chriss Street who is the former treasurer of Orange County, CA and was selected as one of 5 County Treasurers to sit on a elite task force during the 2008-2010 financial crisis in California. The task force’s job was to keep California from financial collapse. Street contacted the LAO as early as

Chriss was the first to inform the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) of California that they had a loss of over $3 billion when the pandemic first hit in April of 2020.

Note received on January 7, 2022 at 8:10 pm by AENN from New Californian.

****** End of Message *****

link2source – The Real Ukraine/Russia for Political/Military Insiders – Added 1-8-2023

link2source – JANUARY 7, 2023 STREAM

link2source – * Geopolitics IS NOT in the News, However, it is ALL OVER THE GLOBE! * Colonel Douglas MacGregor: The US is LOSING Ukraine and Taiwan

link2source – kosovo-online DOT com – en

link2source – * The Economy is in the Ditch * Purchasing-manager Indices * Silver Will Soar In Q3, Q4 As Fed Pivots | Craig Hemke

DEFINITION: con·tra·dis·tinc·tion – noun \ ¦kän-trə-di-¦stiŋ(k)-shən – distinction by contrast opposition <to use that term art in contradistinction to science — J. W. Krutch> – SOURCE – “Contradistinction.” Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 8 Jan. 2023.

link2source – Russia On Brink of Capturing Soledar, Ukraine Bakhmut Defences Crumble, West Rushes Weapons, Ukraine – Alexander Mercouris

link2source – Euro Weekly News DOT com – 2023/01/06 Russia Advancing on Soledar – Capturing Bakhmut SKE – UPDATE: Russia’s Wagner Group mercenaries reportedly capture Ukraine’s Soledar – By Matthew Roscoe • 06 January 2023 • 15:23

NOTES, Geography

SoledarSoledar, (Ukrainian: Соледа́р, pronounced [soɫeˈdɑr], lit. ’gift of salt’) formerly known as Karlo-Libknekhtovsk (Ukrainian: Карло-Лібкнехтівськ, romanizedKarlo-Libknekhtivs’k) from 1965 to 1991, is a city in Bakhmut Raion, which is located in Donetsk Oblast of Ukraine. The city lies 18 km from Bakhmut, and its population is 10,490 (2022 est.)[1]. – Wikipedia contributors. (2023, January 7). Soledar. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 20:36, January 7, 2023 – Soledar is located in Donetsk Oblast – link2MAP of OBLAST – Inside the minelink2source –


link2source – blog DOT cornerstone asset metals DOT com – gold to be reclassified in the US as a tier-1 asset

link2source – * Sound Money * U.S. Dollar Hegemony Coming to an End, Gold to Benefit: Andy Schectman * BRICS Nations – Resource-Backed Digital Currency * CBDC

link2source – ny post DOT com – 2022/10/06 electric vehicles catching fire in Florida after hurricane Ian


link2source – the epoch times DOT com – mkt app: Rep Andrew Ogles-reveals-what-concessions-were-made-in-battle-for-speaker-of-the-house_4968315.html?src_src=News&src_cmp=breaking-2023-01-07-1&est=XXR7EymKxWUtw6NeMVabrJqyuG30PW7IfHpwwfpoE5LuK%2Bpp%2BUIvRM4vQhULCNX2YQ%3D%3D

NOTES, Recent History

John BoltonJohn Robert Bolton (born November 20, 1948) is an American attorney, diplomat, Republican consultant, and political commentator.  – Wikipedia contributors. (2023, January 7). John Bolton. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 13:49, January 7, 2023


link2source – American Exceptionalism News Network, JANUARY 6, 2023 – House-Speaker Vote Jan. 6th, 2023

link2source – McCarthy House Battle Continues as Republicans Flips and Gaetz Holds the Line

link2source – America’s Mayor Live (E52): The Race for Speaker—What Will Happen Next?


link2TWEET – Paul Preston, New California State #51 – Agenda 21 Radio, Transmitted 1-6-2023

link2source – Kevin McCarthy Loses 11th Ballot, FINALLY Willing to Make Concessions

link2source – JANUARY 5, 2023 NEWS ROUNDUP

link2source – McCarthy CONCEDES TO MATT GAETZ on Every Demand within Written Deal for Speaker of the House

link2source – Putin Christmas truce. Latvia arrests Sputnik Editor-in-chief. Professor Hillary. CNN Kinzinger. U/1 – Alex Christoforou

LINK2source – 6 Major Predictions for 2023 with John Rubino

link2source – US Admits Russia Bakhmut Advance, Russia Claims Solidar Gains, US France To Provide Light Armour – Alexander Mercouris

link2source – tilln DOT com – season-4 – mouse utopia experiment this experiment tested dangerous behavioral sink

link2source – Rogue News: Hanging with Harley – V & Harley Schlanger – Transmitted Jan. 6th., 2023

link2source – Who is Oklahoma Rep. Kevin Hern? – Jan. 6th., 2023 – Oklahoma Rep. Kevin Hern gets votes for House speaker as Republicans remain fractured – by Chris Casteel – Oklahoman

link2source – LIVE: House Speaker Vote Day 4

link2source – Rogue News: The Algo Cowboy Show – V & Algo Cowboy

link2source – Rogue News: In the Morning – V, CJ & Veles – Transmitted 1-6-2023

link2source –

link2source – * Men Without Work * Record Millions Of US Adults Giving Up On Ever Finding Work | Nicholas Eberstadt

photo of a statue
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link2source – Matt Gaetz twice votes for Donald Trump for House speaker – by Jesse O’neill – ny post DOT com – 2023/01/05 – Matt Gaetz – votes for Donald Trump – for House Speaker

link2source – BREAKING: [President] Donald Trump Gets A Vote For Speaker of The House

link2source – January 4, 2023 News Roundup

link2source – Russia Approaches Remaining Roads in Bakhmut, Ukraine Offensive Fails in Kremennaya, Makeyevka 89 – Alexander Mercouris

link2source – * First Week in 2023 , Ukraine Update * Douglas Macgregor: Ukraine/Russia Update

link2source – Biden, Bradleys to Ukraine. Macron, light tanks. Estonia, seize assets. Poland, WW2 reparations. U/1 – Alex Christoforou * Joe Biden’s Deep, Philosophical Observations *

candlesticks on coffee table in room
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link2source – Lobo Tiggre: The Fed Led Monetary Tightening and Will Lead Easing

link2source – This Is What Would Happen In a Deflationary Collapse. * Deflationary Spiral *

NOTES, ECONOMIC, investopedia

A deflationary spiral is a downward price reaction to an economic crisis leading to lower production, lower wages, decreased demand, and still lower prices. Deflation occurs when general price levels decline, as opposed to inflation which is when general price levels rise.

LINK – – By JULIA KAGAN – Updated August 27, 2021 – Reviewed by MICHAEL J BOYLE – Fact checked by MICHAEL LOGAN

link2source – * Slightly More Palatable Version of Mitch Micconnell, Kevin McCarthy * Uniparty MELTDOWN: House GOP Holdouts Nominate Byron Donalds, Reject Kevin McCarthy Again

link2source – McCarthy DROPS OUT AND SCALISE BECOMES SPEAKER is One Possible Scenario Addressed in The Hill Today – H.A. Goodman

link2source – new bottom line DOT com – gold: capital gains tax

link2source – LIVE: Congress REMAINS in STALEMATE as Kevin McCarthy Doesn’t Have the Votes for Speaker

link2source – Rogue News: The Great Game – Matthew Ehret & V * Bail-In’s and Capital Gains on Gold *

link2source – America’s Mayor Live (E53): Live Coverage of the Fight for Speaker—What Happens Next?

link2source – rumble DOT com – v23x2ca house republicans force the vote on Kevin Mccarthy latest twitter files LATEST BOMB DOT .html

link2source – the epoch times DOT com – despite strong Trump-backing, Mccarthy loses 4th vote for house speaker — DOT html


link2source – * Speaker-of-the-House * McCarthy denied in 3 votes. Twitter’s Russiagate role. Ukraine Intel, deeper strikes in Russia. U/1 * The Coronation Couldn’t Have Gone Worse *

link2source – floridian press DOT com – 2023/01 – Byron Donalds -receives support for speaker of the house

link2source – market watch DOT com – live coverage – house speaker vote – “A fourth round of voting for the speaker election is now underway.” – “Chip Roy of Texas has put forward Republican Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida.”

link2source – Blinken passes message to Lavrov. EU trade with Russia surges. Bolton wants Turkey out of NATO. U/2

link2source – Markets To Fall Into ‘Blind Panic’ As System Breaks & Money Fails In 2023? | John Rubino


Byron DonaldsByron Lowell Donalds (born October 28, 1978)[2] is an American politician and businessman serving as the U.S. representative for Florida’s 19th congressional district since 2021.[3][4] – Wikipedia contributors. (2023, January 4). Byron Donalds. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 17:46, January 4, 2023 – “

In January 2021, Donalds voted to object to the certification of electors from Arizona and Pennsylvania in the 2020 presidential election.[23] ” – ” Donalds was blocked from joining the Congressional Black Caucus.[24][25]” – link2source – orlando sentinel DOT com – politics – Scott Rubio Biden Certification Story DOT html

link2source – Dr. Marc Faber: New Normal Of Higher Inflation For Many Years? Asset Price Bear Market For Many Yrs?

link2source – JANUARY 3, 2023 NEWS ROUNDUP

link2source – LIVE: House Speaker Vote Day 2

link2source – * GOP Populists Retaining their BALLS * KEVIN MCCARTHY [Uni-Party Stooge] … HISTORICAL FAILURE!

link2source – The Financial System Is In Trouble & Banks Know It | Andy Schectman

link2source – Why Is Everyone Buying Gold?! 01/03/23 Gold & Silver Price Report #gold #silver #silverprice


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