From the East Village, Manhattan, to the Castro, San Francisco, and the Montrose, Houston -among many other places, to be queer (LGBTQ) has long meant finding a safe place to be. Although we like to think society has become more accepting of us over the years, every time and again, the Texas Legislature proves us wrong. It is in the spirit of finding a haven for individuals of the LGBTQ community (and their allies) that I publish online. This has long been my objective. Thank you, always, for visiting. -JL

Teas in SF 2017
Tea in SF 2017

Above Photo -From a rainy day in San Francisco, CA Spring, 2017, in a restaurant next door to the MOMA, on Third St. with friends.

Frameline41 Festival
June 15-25, 2017
S.F. International LGBTQ Film Festival
Click on the above link and go to San Francisco this June!

MFAH Photo May 2017
MFAH Photo May 2017

Above Photo – See it at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX

Harvey Milk
Tumblr page

Texas Legislature
HB 3859 -Please passionately oppose this bill while there is still time!
Anti-LGBTQ bill – allows child welfare organizations to discriminate

Queer Voices
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KPFT (Part of the Pacifica Network)
8PM Mondays
with Bryan Hlavinka

May 21, 1990
This moment in history
From lgbt-history-archive
On Tumblr

Please click on the above link to read the article: “Thugs attack LGBTQ activists and police, burn rainbow flag in Ukraine.

LGBTQ-Nation Link

Like People in History -by Felice Picano
Although, I have only listened to the audio-book due to being so short on time, I can recommend this book for anyone who wants to be entertained without fail while receiving an excellent outline, fictionalized of the gay struggle for equality since the 1950s. Without hesitation, I recommend the audio book.

  • The art of drag
  • The AIDS epidemic
  • Disco Hedonism
  • The struggle for political and personal freedom

The story occurs largely in New York and San Francisco. But that is not the only reason this author’s account, again fictionalized, is close to my heart. How clever of Felice Picano to so clearly describe characters I am sure I have known my entire adult life. He makes clear the meaning and ramifications of the term: In the life. And you will adore him for writing it!

-Jim Legare 5-20-17

GLBTQ Petition (Link to my Texas Travel and Leisure website)

…Because life’s too short to spend it in the closet.

Like the balloons escaping from their imprisonment, our spirits cannot be contained. Although, the colors are not the official tones of the Rainbow Flag, let us use our imaginations. We shall change the world.

As the giant pink triangle unfurls over Twin Peaks for the Gay Parade up Market Street, SF, so, too, our multi-toned spirits shall drift skyward. May we all find our place in the stratosphere.

It is merely a matter of following the helium balloons, and your pure imagination -to borrow the term from the late and legendary Gene Wilder.

-James Legare 6-17-17

Take a Page From the South: A Black, Queer, Socialist Practice
-link by Laura Flanders. Murphy Jackson, an organizer with Black Lives Matter Atlanta, works to end systematic oppression.