Berries Route 45
Berries Route 45


“Perhaps, with Hillary on the ticket, Texas will go Blue in 2016.” -a stranger at a party.

“Although past performance is no guarantee of future result, Texas has historically been in the Red column in regards to presidential politics” -me.

“…Just as long as we have a Democrat in the White House.” -a friend who has lived in San Francisco, CA all his life. (in regards to the election of Obama after he had won the Democratic primaries)

Road Trip

My partner and now-husband for just over a year were on a road trip from Houston to Dallas so that he could attend a conference. This would be November 11th, just 3 days after the election of Trump in one of the greatest upsets in political history.

But not really unexpected if you knew what to read, and, where to read it.

We had already stopped for coffee and a bite near Conroe and were now stopping at a picnic- rest area to change drivers. It was there I would see this specific type of berry for the very first time. It happened when I was going to take a pee.

But first, about that election night. sometimes, in an election, it is more important to decide who will lose rather than select who will win. That is to say, often the losers are more important than the winners. Any election with more than one candidate will have at least one loser. And, as in natural selection, the role that they play is vital.

This past election was one of those times when selecting who would not win was key to our survival. I would like to state here that I am a Jill Stein supporter. The right woman would have been terrific for the job. Stein, also, would be an example of a candidate not winning. However, it is what you do after losing that truly speaks to who you are.

Outdoor Sculpture, Dallas, TX

On the Road

A road trip can be an analogy for life. You have a destination. You make steady progress. America has a long tradition of road trip stories. Perhaps we even invented the genre.

Or, a road trip can symbolize a passage into a new epoch. Democracy can allow for this as well, if the electorate so chooses.

Not getting the job you wanted can sometimes be the best career move. Fate works in unexpected ways. We are pushed to different destinations like so many chess pieces.


A Detour

There was a rejection of the further installation of a meritocracy that has no merit. The usual magical thinking did not work. The voter-enthusiasm factor proved to be all-important.

Globalization is neither inevitable, natural, nor neutral.

America, Earth, and The Veterans do not need more warfare. The Secretary’s record stands for itself as it relates to arms sales at double the usual quantities to certain countries that just happened to contribute money to her foundation.

Polls had consistently shown Bernie Sanders trouncing Trump. The Vermont Senator voted against the Military Invasion of Iraq, while, Clinton had voted in favor of it. This would have been back in the days of “W”, 9-11, etc.

Then there is the prison lobbyist money accepted by Clinton, the foundation that accepts money from foreign governments, etc. See the movie Clinton Cash Video for more.

It has been alleged that there had been serious voter suppression during the Democratic Primaries, beyond the usual restrictive rules governing one’s participation in it.

Progress Towards Our Destination

As I mentioned, I left the car running at the curb in the rest-stop on route 45 between Houston and Dallas, northbound. my husband waited near the car as I wandered off towards the green grass and trees. I wanted to stretch my legs. And, I thought I might need to urinate. So, I walked to the far side, as far from drivers who might be offended as I could. It was overgrown just on the other side of the chain link fence.

I try to not offend people. Although I do not always succeed. To suggest that Hillary lost on her own merits ranks up there with spitting in public in somer circles. Do not underestimate the power of the Echo Chamber.

We Interrupt this Message with Reality

As I approached it, I noticed that the vine on the opposite side of the chain-link fence had berries that were truly purple. I had never seen berries that color anywhere before. And copious. There were plenty of other-worldly-purple berries. And so, I took a picture with my phone.

If you want to lie, do it with statistics.

The pollsters “forgot” to consider the Effect of The Enthusiasm Factor. And so, everyone was taken by surprise.

The Neoliberal Echo Chamber will get you like that. Perhaps it was planned. There are similarities to old USSR propaganda. And now for our next five-year plan. Pure unadulterated fiction.

Hillary suffered her greatest losses with Whites in the areas where Obama did his best in the 2008 and 12 elections. (See Nate Cohn) Black men face grater discrimination than white women. Are we to believe these same white men could not set aside their sexism?

FiveThirtyEight was mistaken. Sort-of accidentally. Again, I think it was planned. Perhpas it was psychological warfare within our own borders.

The person manning the Starbucks counter we visited an hour ago had a course manner, perhaps owing to the fact we were already an hour outside Houston. I truly believe cities can breed civility. And, the cities in Texas vote Blue.

One of my good friends calls me “a true Democrat for life.” I took it as a kind-of backhanded compliment.

Hillary’s 3:00 AM ad which aired in the 2008 primaries against Obama is deemed to be racist by scholarly sources. Racism has been cynically used by many a candidate. If there is a D after you name, you get a pass, it would seem.

A Wake-up-and-smell-the-coffee Moment Arrives

I was not expecting Trump to win that fateful evening. Against my better instincts I checked google for the election results on the evening of the 8th. However, I did expect him to win Florida.

The map supplied by Google showed a dulled red for Florida indicating it was leaning Trump. That is when it occurred to me he might have a chance. I am really not in the know when it comes to skewed statistical models.

Wisconsin was leaning Trump. As the votes came in, his margin increased, generally. And one would expect his margin to shrink as votes came in later from the densely populated areas. But instead, the margin usually increased in his favor.

I thought about who was lucky enough to own the land on the other side of the well maintained chain-link fence. Was this location valuable -131 miles from our hotel in Dallas? Near Route 977 on 45?

The berries are round and abundant, reminding me of America itself, beautiful in its own bounty. Heavy with promise. There is no other light like the sun in Autumn. The green vine held the berries towards the sun. On the other side of 45 was a wide green field. Was this the heartland Trump was appealing to? He won Texas after all.

I was getting ready to take a leak, but, decided not to, somewhere around mid- zipper. Although, no one was around -the last truck having left the curb far behind me. Again, I bend over backwards trying to not offend people.

The Really Un-real

The berries were truly purple. I had never seen this kind before. They are a purple rarely seen in nature.

America will continue being truly great. In Chicago, they will continue protesting the Trump Tower. (If you have ever seen it, you understand why.) And, my good fortune continued as well, as I turned to walk towards the car that would whisk me away to Dallas, with my now-legal husband and all. The picnic area was green and well-mowed. There was no-one offended. In fact, there was no one left at all.

Dallas, TX
Dallas, TX

You see, sometimes it really is more important to chose who will lose, rather than who will win. With laser-like precision the DNC did that for us by nominating Hillary Clinton, leaving the rest of us with the task of deciding who would win. There simply weren’t that many candidates left to choose from making the task that much more difficult.

I voted for Jill Stein on Nov 8th, wanting her to be the first female U.S. President. You can imagine my disappointment. But, the future is not Red, nor Blue, not even Green. It will instead be a spellbinding Purple, as yet unseen. Except by me. And it will be very nearly pissed on.


-by James Legare



Nate Cohn -Clinton suffered her biggest losses in the places where Obama was the strongest among white voters.

Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapon Deals from Hillary Clinton State Department
David Sirota
Andrew Perez
December 2015

International Business Times


And Many of the White Working-Class Voters who supported President Obama Now Favor Mr Trump, Nate Cohn, The New York Times

Link to The Caucus, LGBTQ Rights Organization -of which I have been an active member for a number of years”

Link to the HERO ballot initiative which I wholly supported, financially and otherwise. Also, I voted in favor of it. Unfortunately, it failed by a landslide:,_Texas_Proposition_1,_2015


Clinton Cash Video


further notes
It was the Democrats’ embrace of neoliberalism that won it for Trump
Naomi Klein


further developments

“Republicans are one state legislature away from acquiring the legal authority to call a new constitutional convention under Article V of the Constitution, reports Charles Pierce at Esquire.

recount developments

The Detroit News – Hearing Ends on Michigan Recount

-“Stein’s attorneys argued that the voting machines don’t always work and that there was an increase in voters who didn’t select a candidate for president. The attorney’s noted that 75,335 people in Mich. voted, but not for president -an increase from 2012 of 49,740.”

-“State lawyers accused Stein of waiting too long to request a recount.”

-“they’re gaming the system,” Gordon told the judge.

The argument by Stein, to some extent, boils down to statistical anomalies. A full audit is needed. The machines could have been hacked. There is not much of a standing from the standpoint of Stein being and “aggrieved party.”

J. Alex Halderman -No compelling evidence. Although, he also says other things to suggest otherwise. -“…the polls were systematically wrong.”

Wisconsin: Day 2 of recount -Trump inches further ahead (3 votes), smattering of corrections. There are errors throughout the state. Losses are mostly cancelled out. Remember, Trump won Wisconsin by more than 22,000 votes. Absentee ballots.